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Wednesday, 09/12/2012, 01:54 pm

VIDEO | Vitor Belfort: "Chael Sonnen Doesn't Deserve A Title Shot" | UFC NEWS

Vitor Belfort joins Todd Harris and Kenny Florian on UFC Tonight to discuss his upcoming fight against Jon Jones. Vitor explains why he thinks Chael Sonnen is unworthy of the title shot against “Bones” at UFC 152.


15 Responses to “VIDEO | Vitor Belfort: "Chael Sonnen Doesn't Deserve A Title Shot" | UFC NEWS”

  1. WARDIAZ says:

    Vitor might not want to talk about losing bad to silva he made the video game cover for christ sake lol

  2. tenorhighc says:

    Hey Bitch (Belfort), You say Sonnen doesn’t deserve a shot at Jones because of the manner in which Sonnen lost to Anderson. Are you fucking stupid? Look in the mirror, doofus. You, yourself lost to Silva in the 1st round with a front kick to the face. You were out cold. Sonnen has went total 7 rounds with the dude, you went 1.
    Don’t talk like you’re all that. No one wants to watch you fight Jones.

    • Mrpg says:

      Not trying to start an “internet war” here, but vitor is talking about the anderson fight because it was chael’s last fight, he doesn’ t deserve a titleshot after being stopped in the second round by the champ from a lower division. He is not comparing his performance against anderson to that of chael, because as you say, chael did a lot better, for whatever reason(trt, anderson being hurt). Vitor in the other hand has overcome that loss by knoking out akiyama and stopping johnson, plus his history in the division, having been champion and all ( not to mention he was the ufc heavyweight tournament champ at age 19) He has done a lot more than chael in this sport, so he clearly deserves the shot over chael sonnen, and he might have a bigger chance than most people think.

  3. magoo says:

    You have the toughest fight of your career coming up Vitor, you may want to start channelling some of your useless hate for Chael and directing it positively towards Jones. If you wanted Chael instead I’m sure he and Dana would have obliged you, I’m sure Chael would love to kick your ass after Bones disposes of you!

    • Kingron84 says:

      Other than Stann has Sonnen ever really kicked any ones ass? I mean if you call humping some ones ass for 5 rounds and not finishing them despite being in dominant position for a full fight then yea I am sure Belfort would love to lose that way rather than being TKO’d

  4. SuperSizzle says:

    This so ironic.

  5. old school times says:

    belforts intex cards answers. I come from the old school times, lions, bro, the journey.

  6. Shawn says:

    He may not deserve a title shot, but he was the only guy willing to fight Jones on short notice. What if Jones did agree to fight to save UFC 151? Even if it meant fighting Sonnen, should the fight not happen because Sonnen didn’t earn a title shot? Now that would be just as selfish for those who say Chael shouldn’t fight for the title. Jones got a title shot before he truly earned it. All because he got lucky Evans got injured.

  7. Bjj BB says:

    Thank you vitor!! Finally a fighter with common sense!! All you haters can eat a fat dick that hates below and above my comment!! Watch the haters below in 3, 2, 1…FAGGOTS!!

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