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Monday, 01/21/2013, 09:21 am

VIDEO | Vitor Belfort Blasts “Clown” Chael Sonnen | UFC NEWS

Vitor Belfort proved that he’s still got what it takes to be a top contender in the UFC by KO’ing Michael Bisping with a beautiful head-kick. After a killer performance, Belfort called out both Jon Jones AND Chael Sonnen. Belfort is one ambitious fighter!


7 Responses to “VIDEO | Vitor Belfort Blasts “Clown” Chael Sonnen | UFC NEWS”

  1. dave says:

    LMAO!!! I know he was an ATM for the UFC last year but Sonnen really is a clown I LOVED that Vitor said it for us. Sonnen really needs to go do movies with Steven Seagal he’s much better in pretend.

  2. yelnats5 says:

    Sonnen still made it further than Vitor did in the Silva fight…… Both times. I hope him and Sonnen do fight soon. I would honestly rather prefer to see him and Vitor fight instead of him and Jones.

  3. Karl S says:

    Shut up Vitor, shut up about god, shut up about jesus, and keep Sonnen’s name out your mouth. Just shut up. Sonnen would paste you and he’s getting the title shot cause machida and shogun turned it down when Chael stepped up.

    • ANonYmous says:

      Vitor was doing real well until he got front kicked to the chin, all Chael did was lay on him for the whole fight, which isnt fighting. You should have more respect for a legend in this sport.

  4. Time To Wrestle says:

    Belfort is undergoing some major roid rage. He better hope he cycled off properly on his piss test. Lol!

  5. 757 says:

    Hey Karl S Sonnen has never pasted anyone ……does he even have any knockouts??? Ha Ha Chael knocking someone out ………………..dork

  6. MrT says:

    Who’s he calling a clown with that pscho ward hair cut? Don’t tell me he got the hair remover instead of grey out bottle by mistake? Looks like a meth addict on steriods.

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