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Thursday, 10/04/2012, 09:42 am

VIDEO | Urijah Faber On Bisping: I’d do well in the cage against him, "Let’s do it Bisping" | UFC NEWS

UFC bantamweight, Urijah Faber, takes his opportunity in the spotlight to discuss a variety of topics, including the ongoing feud between his fight team and Michael Bisping.

Hop to page two to check out the full video interview, where Faber not only talks about the Bisping challenge but also reveals that Benavidez was injured in his last fight.


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15 Responses to “VIDEO | Urijah Faber On Bisping: I’d do well in the cage against him, "Let’s do it Bisping" | UFC NEWS”

  1. Faber fan says:

    So Bisping can dish it out, BUT can’t take it? Not surprised. I’d put money on the Cali Kid against the Brit.

  2. Xaninho says:

    Hahaha Faber is so short bisping can soccerkick him in the face while he’s standing on his feet.

  3. the original steve says:

    faber i like you a shitton more than bisping. but he would wreck you in the cage

  4. DMAC says:

    Faber, Bro! If you can’t beat the elite at your own weight why you wanna test a elite 85r? Still my dog but your far out on this one… Haha

  5. The Truth says:

    He must be spending some of his time training in Mendocino, CA. I’ve called out bigger dudes before, and now I am a much smarter player because of it…

  6. me says:

    Faber could beat him :p

  7. john says:

    Whoever it is running around saying that Bisping is elite is crazy. I think the only elite at 185 is a very focused Belfort, Silva of course, and really not sure about any others. Weidman may be but he has to fight someone with some history to be called anything but upcoming.

  8. YA HERD says:

    bisping has won 5 of his last 6 fights… and he lost to the number 2 middelweight in the world,, but alot of people think he won that fight bispings the only guy apart from silva in the division to give sonne a fight.. one would thing bisping would be 100% in the top 4 middleweights in the world i have him 3rd… that would make him elite you idiot!!!!!

    • Nahhhh...not really.... says:

      First off, Bisping has come al looooonnnnggg way since UFC 100. Jon Jones needs to hire Bisping as his publicist because Bisping turned that ship around!!! Once the most hated fighter, Bisping is getting love from the fans, even fans that say they hate him!

      I, on the other hand, went in the opposite direction. I liked Bisping as a TUF coach against Hendo because Bisping was a decent coach and has one-liners that irritate. Irritated the crap out of Hendo, for sure. Don’t like ’em so much now since he kneed Rivera in the head intentionally. I’m waiting for an opponent to do the same to him.

      I reserve “elite” status for fighters who dominate great fighters in the Octagon/ring and are well-respected outsider of the Octagon/ring. Plus, the MW division is Anderson Silva (elite)
      and the rest are great fighters. Bisping hasn’t dominated anyone except Kang (who?), Rivera (illegal knee?) and Mayhem (MMA clown?). Lost to Sonnen (yes, he did lose that fight) and Hendo (meaaaannnnn!). Stann was a victory, but not a dominate victory (and some say he lost!)

      Bring on Anderson! Put this storyline to history because Bisping has no chance in beating Silva.

  9. drew says:

    well be good for mma in a sense were its the ultimte example of the point of martial arts yes to defend yourself but for the small man to concure the bigger obstacle ahead of him or her…but id love to see faber get knocked out by bisping but yet it would be rowdy as fuck if faber ko bisping…be an exciting fight either way lol

  10. 757 says:

    Bisping has a dent in his head from Hendo…Faber just needs to find that Glass jaw once. A baby could knock out Bisping. Now that his skull is dented it’s even worse. The only person who couldn’t knock him out was Sonnen and his punching power has proven to be……marsh mellow. They won’t ever fight but I wish they would. Bisping is stupid and will never be champ anyway. He will get knocked out by someone along the way. Elite please. The only championship he will win is the Ultimate fighter….Ha ha another British fighter who will never be champ. No wonder he grows his hair out now a little it’s to cover the dent

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