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Wednesday, 07/25/2012, 04:33 pm

VIDEO | Urijah Faber Explains Barao Loss, Vents Frustration With Rogan | UFC NEWS

Urijah Faber explains why he was annoyed with Joe Rogan, and why he lost to Renan Barao at UFC 149


34 Responses to “VIDEO | Urijah Faber Explains Barao Loss, Vents Frustration With Rogan | UFC NEWS”

  1. HD says:

    Shut up bum chin

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Rory just needs to make sure he has his cycles down and keep getting the best PED’s in the world available from GSP and shut the hell up. whats funny isyou don’t see Rory or GSP calling anyone out a weight class above them instead of a natural lightweight like BJ. TRISTAR is full of ROIDERS

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        I swore i clicked on Rory calling BJ out of shape sorry

        • Lobo says:

          Why don’t you come and say to their faces. Idiot. Talking sh*t doesn’t make you a man. These guys are professionals and leave everything in the octagon. I guess somebody with so little intelligence wouldn’t know anything about it. Big mouth coward.

      • dogfart says:

        all you talk about is gsp, christ i think you had gay sex with him and he dumped you after he gave you aids

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          GSP lost his nerve and only fights once every few years wehn he isn’t injured. DISGRACE for achamp. For all you NEWBS go back and watch BJ VS GSP infirst fight and see who actually won. GSP went to hoapital Penn went to after party

        • Wes says:

          Last time BJP and GSP fought was at 170 pound class and GSP beat the breaks off BJ. GSP is the best Welterweight champ ever in the UFC. Anyone who says otherwise needs a reality check including you.

      • GoddamnSleepingPill says:

        wrong video, but your very right. tristar nuthuggers will look the other way until they actaully see the needle going in. i hope bj puts a right hand on rory’s chin early and ends that little roiders hype

        • DBKlein69 says:

          hope all u want. bj is gonna get his fat, lazy ass kicked. rory is gonna put a beating on him worse than gsp did.
          @ get rid of fitch, i saw the first fight many times, gsp won that fight 2 rounds to 1, no question. congrats to bj tho for atleast not quitting the fight in between rounds with a water bottle in his face. lol what a pussy!

    • Bahamian says:

      I really like Faber one of my favourite fighters but hahahahahaha bum chin

  2. Bjj Brown Belt says:

    Urijah, I’m a huge fan, but you lost that fight. No questions asked. He had a better gameplan. Had you gone in there and pressured him with your wrestling from round 1, it would of been a different story. I honestly don’t know why your trainers keep telling you to focus on striking. You are a way better wrestler my friend. Utilize what you are good at. You would be winning a lot more fights. Change the gameplan up a bit.

    • B-rad says:

      You know what thats called? Bein a monday morning quarterback.. you see all the things he did wrong and all the things he should have done, but think about it… Do you really think that he didnt want to use his wrestling? Barao was giving him lots of angles and footwork, which didnt allow him to use his grappling.. Since your name is BJJ brown belt i assume your a grappler and you should know this, he wanted to but he just couldnt.. and he works on his striking a lot because he is a smart, well rounded MMA fighter.. If he hasnt been workin hard on his kickboxing, he would have gotten KO’d

    • Jeremy says:

      I agree. Urijahs base is in wrestling. and he has left his base behind. in his wec days he dominated opponents because he took them down imposed his will and ended the fight due to strikes or submission. Hes in the ufc now and all he does and stand and trade. no threat of a takedown…

  3. Bob says:

    Before heading into this fight Faber was 5-4 from his last 9 fights and dana decided to give him another Main event title shot… WTF?? Now he got dominated in all 5 rounds and he is very over rated and I been telling ppl this for years.. Now he is 5-5 in his last 10 fights.. Why the fuck does he keep getting these chances?? Is there only 3 fighters in bantamweight??

    Faber sucks ass and was only good in the smaller leagues. He is 5-5 in his last 10 fights.. Ok lets have him fight a bum then get another title shot right Dana?.. SMDH… If Faber is on another main card again im going to bitch slap someone.

    • Chris says:

      He’s a well known fighter in the lower weight class, which leads to him becoming a gate keeper soon for better up and coming prospects

    • Scotty says:

      Smaller leagues? You sound stupid because this division and the 145 division just moved from the WEC! Its not like Faber came from some other promotion and now is fighting different guys in the UFC.. All these guys were fighting in the WEC and there isnt any real new comers.. He gets these shots because he IS a top guys and beats the top contenders for the shots.. He is big name and helps promote the smaller weight classes.. But i feel he is going to have to go on atleast a 3 fight win streak to get a title shot again.. Unless Cruz beats Barao, maybe another guy and faber has couple wins.. Then the UFC might have them fight to finish the trilogy and make money..

      • Joshua C says:

        haha thank you….little leagues?? WTF

        • Bob says:

          So you faggots are saying it wasnt a little league? WEC was a little league before coming into the UFC. Yes I know UFC owned WEC but it was a gate keeping league you dumb faggots. There are tons of videos out there of Dana along with Faber saying they were working their way into the UFC. It was the “little” league as in working their way to the UFC and all them “little” fighters as well.. You dumb ass fucks..hahahah You guys dont know shit about MMA.

          Also, Faber sucks ass.. Did I mention he was 5-5 in his last 10 fights?? You dumb fucks if you call that great then you dont know shit because he was never a champ in the “BIG” League aka UFC..

          So before you guys get gay over Fabers BUTTTTT chin realize he was never a “GREAT” fighter only a “good” fighter.. He aint did shit in the GREAT LEAGUE aka UFC. Only in the small “league” wec… hahaha you guys are so retarded. I love this website because it proves to me how dumb you fucks are on here about MMA

        • Mike says:

          Seriously man have you forgotten to take your meds, You need to chill the fuck out lol all the shit talking doesn’t make your opinion the right one its just making you sound like a complete keyboard van damme prick :)

        • Agreed says:

          You’re an idiot my friend.. You say everyone else is dumb and doesn’t know anything about mma…. You need to take a look in the mirror

    • hey man says:

      hey bro.. is he 5-5 in his last 10 fights?

  4. Mik says:

    He is right though people are saying Barao dominated the fight, I didn’t feel he dominated like GSP or Jon Jones do to their opponents. He outlanded Faber and maybe had him hurt once in the fight and was no where close to finishing him. If Barao performed similar to Chris Weidman did in his fight against Munoz, it owuld have been a diffrent story, but Barao fought a more conservative fight and just outlanded Faber.

    • Xaninho says:

      Barão did dominate the fight. Did you at any point in the fight have the feeling Faber might win the fight?

      The way I saw it from the moment the first round started Barão was in full control. That is the definition of domination.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Faber knows he will get another 5 shots at the title as the UFC is hell bent on making him champ. I can’t believ he is saying he only lost by a few kicks. Faber got his ass kicked and lost all 5 rounds

  5. Jimmy says:

    the smaller league comment makes no sense he’s still fighting the same names from the WEC. the fighters need to relax on Rogan though every time someone loses the fight they always go talking bout Joe. He is not the one judging the fight.

    • dogfart says:

      indeed, hes someone keeping a long fight entertaining as hes trying to educate people as well as keep people interested.
      Rogan can only call what he sees, if you look hurt you look hurt and he obviously wasnt wrong as he called it and faber shows a broken rib

      faber is gay, im telling you now the whole camp is full of it. hes wierdo striking trainer that wears scissor cut vests and flexes his non existent biceps and shit.

      and why the fk was that douchebag cornering faber? i didnt understand? are they trying to get his rep up so he can be his replacement as they know fabers on his way down?

  6. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Are you talking about that FAGGOT Phil Nurse who GREASED GSP in BJ fight. Yep he is a QUERRRR from the word go. yep Team alpha midget has hired Phil “THE GREASER” Nurse. What about that FAG gook who wears those stupid aviator sunglasses tothe octagon. He has to be the biggest faggott ever and they replaced his FAG ass with phil nurse. GSP fired Phil Nurse for giving him the GREASER reputation

  7. the original steve says:

    he didn’t have frustration with joe. he said he did such good commentary it was disappointing because he was on the bad side of it. stop trying to make a title people would wanna click to read the article or watch the video.

  8. SICK1 says:

    How about unhappyass Faber go roll with Rogan and get his arm taken off….

  9. John says:

    Not sure what the complaints are here. He admitted he lost and that he had no reason to win that fight. Also like he said he did not get beat down. He got out pointed fair and square and he manned up to it.

  10. noone special says:

    After urijah lost those title shots he would beat all the ppl after leading up to getting another shot thts y he’s gotten so many cuz he’s beating all the top 3 ppl besides who the champ is. which no one else is doing.

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