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Thursday, 06/21/2012, 08:36 am

VIDEO | Ultimate Insider Profiles The New Training Camp Of Tito Ortiz | UFC NEWS

Former light heavyweight champion and UFC legend Tito Ortiz gave UFC Ultimate Insider a backstage pass into what his training camps are like. Correspondent Corissa Furr gets the grand tour of Ortiz’s sick training compound in beautiful Bear Bear Lake.

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10 Responses to “VIDEO | Ultimate Insider Profiles The New Training Camp Of Tito Ortiz | UFC NEWS”

  1. Donnybrook says:

    Right on, video is not available in my country… smh

    • jones says:

      same here…this video only avail in america///.cuz now is big enugh it dont neeed everynes support anymore.. anyways who cares whaT THE hell tito is going he cant win anyways…he got lucky as he will ever get with bader..forrest will embarass tito.,, “the peoples champ” does not belong near the octagone///

  2. The Gooch says:

    Tito living the good life. Good for him

  3. Team buffalo says:

    Who says they don’t pay fighters enough. Place is dope

  4. Clay says:

    Tito has my respect. But is anyone else excited to see Forrest win one? Theyre hyping up Tito alot on this site

  5. Mike cannon jr. says:

    Yeah.. It’s kinda like a collectors house.. Sorta like a ball card… In a way..Oscar !..

  6. Str8edge says:

    I Thor he retired after his last embaresmesnt ooloolo washed up old fool is gonna be laid out forhis last fight ever n go out crying like a bitch talking to Joe . Nice win for gump I guess

  7. John M says:

    Tito is still and will be the biggest tool bag. I can’t wait to watch Forrest wreck him.

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