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Wednesday, 09/21/2011, 05:29 pm

VIDEO: Ultimate Fighter Season 14 Preview


7 Responses to “VIDEO: Ultimate Fighter Season 14 Preview”

  1. Medicine Man says:

    This could be the best season of TUF

  2. e says:

    lol @ dana counting out that dude and in the end getting served.

  3. Mazzagati SUCKS. says:

    That Hawaiian dude got kneed in the head while down, but wasn’t given any time to recover and the knee wasn’t deemed illegal. How did they all miss that?

    • Jmad says:

      I thought it looked close but I think it hit him in the shoulder area. There was a nutshot in one of the fights that went unnoticed too.

  4. Xaninho says:

    Top notch fighters. This will be an awesome season again! And Mayhem is fucking crazy hahaha!

  5. Jmad says:

    That was a very impressive season premiere.

  6. Raphael says:

    Wow. When Quinton resorts to maturity, you know he’s really pissed off.

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