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Tuesday, 08/28/2012, 10:31 am

VIDEO | UFC's Carlos Condit Full Workout – Traning Days | UFC NEWS

This is 28 minutes that will make us all want to go to the gym right now. Here is a video detailing of one of UFC Interim Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit’s first days in his training camp to prepare for Georges St. Pierre.

Rarely do we get such an in-depth look at a fighter and his training methods during a training camp, especially from one of the top fighters in the UFC. This video offers a complete exercise-by-exercise breakdown during a grueling training session outdoors and in the pool, along with commentary by Condit and his strength and conditioning coach Adrian Gonzales.


18 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC's Carlos Condit Full Workout – Traning Days | UFC NEWS”

  1. Mo says:

    Day 1 – Run, Day 2 – Dodge, Day 3 – Duck and Move, Day 4 – Avoid all confrontations, Day 5 – Run Backwards for 3 hours….

    • bdizz says:

      HAHAHAHAHH that’s so funny (and unfortunately probably going to be true)

    • UDKS says:

      Yeah maybe he should train backing up against a cage and covering up while someone beats on him for 5 rounds like every other fighter did.Thatd fit right into you Diaz huggers plan,and thats to fight Nick’s gah at which he is better at than you.Funny thing is Im a Diaz fan but I call it the way I see it man. I didnt like how he won either but ….he did win.

      • Snake Charmer says:

        And you suck balls…Diaz should be the one training for the gsp fight. Condits a good fighter but the way that fight went is just shite….Fact!

      • Mo says:

        I was going for Condit in that fight ! You can’t tell me that that’s the way he always fights ! He gets in there and fights his ass off, but not that fight….very disappointed.

    • Nuitari X says:

      Fighter bashers like you make me sick. Carlos is a finisher. Just because of his performance in one fight people hate on him like crazy. If you hate on a man after one performance and if you followed his career and seen that he was a finisher then something is wrong with you mentally or you are just not a true respectful fight fan. Probably a combination of the two most likely.

      • Niko says:

        Thank you…Condits record speaks for itself..look at the amount of finishes he has!! people are just made because nicks antics of talking never played into Condits gameplan…it wasn’t’s called stick and move dumbasses…he’s footwork and ability to land strikes was a thing of beauty…re watch the tape and when he did avoid nicks strikes he followed with his own strikes or started with strikes and moved!

      • Mo says:

        It was a joke….relax !

      • Pobody's Nerfect says:

        Just because a fighter has finished many opponents in the past does not give the fighter the excuse to win one fight by avoiding his opponent and executing a hit and run style.

    • Shadleigh says:


    • 223 says:

      George, round one hump round two hump round …. Hump fest anyone!!! LMAO!!!!

  2. the original steve says:

    well gsp is going to take him down and ruin his running game plan

  3. MMACRAVER says:

    Oh, this is the guy who got Stockton slapped by Diaz

  4. Dee says:

    I don’t think he’s going to run from GSP the way he did with Diaz. Mainly because Jackson wont be in his camp. Also GSP is a different kind of fighter, he wont be able to. I also think he has a great chance of winning, but I’m still disappointed in the way he presumably (I don’t believe he did) beat Diaz. The reason why I feel that way is because it showed me that Carlos is capable of turning into one of those fighters that will B.S. his way around once he become champion. 1 because he wouldn’t fight Diaz. 2. From the way he refused to fight anyone else until he fought GSP. Those actions really made me think differently from him. I examine his behavior and everything that has came out of Greg’s camp recently with the Jon Jones situation, Guida chicken fighting, and GSP’s point fighting (sometime he tries to go for wins, but not all the time).

  5. slacker says:

    Condit will beat GSP – probably finish him.

    As for Nick, why are you going to get into a slug fest with a guy who is high on weed? He ain’t feeling no pain, so he is gonna outlast you. That was the perfect strategy for Diaz.

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