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Tuesday, 11/06/2012, 08:12 am

VIDEO | UFC Stars React To The Recent Drug Testing Failures In The UFC | UFC NEWS

Rampage Jackson: “Honestly I don’t think a person who tests positive for marijuana should be penalized in an athletic sport, because he’s already penalizing himself by taking the marijuana. It don’t enhance your performance. It kind of dulls it, in my opinion. I don’t know, I’ve never even trained [on] marijuana before. You know what I’m saying? I feel like marijuana is an herb, and it’s from the earth, and as long as it’s in its natural, I don’t see nothing wrong with it. As long as you don’t abuse it. That’s my opinion, as long as you don’t abuse it.

“If a fighter or athlete tests positive for marijuana, he already messing up his game. So don’t penalize him.”

Ed Soares: “I don’t have any thoughts. That’s unfortunate for him. I don’t see how marijuana is an enhancing drug.”

Travis Browne: “Whether [marijuana] is a performance enhancing drug or not, it’s not socially acceptable. The mom and pops still aren’t cool with it. And us, as athletes, have a responsibility to take this sport to the next level. When you have guys doing that, it kind of blows it for us.”

Eddie Alvarez: “What’s that, a recreational drug? It’s all drugs. To each his own. Some people smoke weed. Some people do steroids. Some people drink alcohol. Who are we to judge, man?”

Tyrone Spong: “No, no. I’m from Amsterdam. So, next question.”


2 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC Stars React To The Recent Drug Testing Failures In The UFC | UFC NEWS”

  1. DirtbagAnteaterBruin says:

    Rampage makes great points on a technical level. Before someone with no experience with EITHER chronic pain, or the effects of marijuana on pain, chimes in telling us that MJ is RXed for chronic pain patients and therefore if you smoke weed before a fight you don’t feel pain, you are a moron.

    Pot at best eases the anxiety brought on by chronic pain, its not like dipping your body in cocaine or some other ANESTHETIC when you actually ARE numb from most feeling. You can smoke weed and still feel PLENTY of pain from punches, subs, etc. Pot isn’t about to prevent your brain from hitting your skull when you get hit hard enough, causing a KO either. Let’s be sensible. Pot probably will make you a bit lethargic, your reflexes a bit slower, so it really provides no performance enhancement.

    Eddie Alvarez makes the best ethical argument: how many time have we not see on TUF (or at a local bar, party, etc) people getting extremely violent when they drink? Yet, they don’t get suspended for drinking (alcohol IS a drug, but its neither medication, and admittedly not illegal, and its use it not outside of the public norm). I wanna know how many times you’ve seen someone who smoked pot and pot ONLY go nuts like drunks do.

    Of course, that one perceived wrong does not make another perceived wrong any more right. You could argue that alcohol shouldn’t be allowed as well. But this is where Eddie’s point comes in: why are we trying to regulate what consenting adults do with their bodies? As long as people aren’t criminally hurting others, the government should have no right telling you not to take a substance.

    Laws that prevent people from driving intoxicated, penalties that are severe for people who do cause harm under the influence is one thing, as adults should be held responsible for their actions/decisions when said actions hurt someone. If they only hurt themselves, why should big brother tell us what to do?

    Tyrone Spong however, had the best quote!

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