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Saturday, 11/03/2012, 06:19 am

VIDEO | UFC Primetime: St-Pierre vs. Condit – FULL Episode 1 | UFC NEWS

UFC Primetime is back!!

Go inside the personal lives and training camps of welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and interim champion Carlos Condit in the weeks leading up to their title fight at UFC 154.


22 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC Primetime: St-Pierre vs. Condit – FULL Episode 1 | UFC NEWS”

  1. anonymous says:

    it’s gonna be a draw fest. 2 of jackson’s “fighters” who are barely gonna fight. I laugh at the guys who think Condit is gonna finish anyone!

  2. Avatar says:

    I laugh at your ignorance “anonymous”! First of all Carlos condit has finished 26 of his 28 wins. That means only two decision victories, and the only reason you believe he always goes to decision is because you’ve only watched his most recent bout with Diaz. You are a luke warm fan with no knowledge of how dangerous condit is. Second, to put quotations around fighters when you are talking about two of the best welterweights in the world is shameful. Go do some homework before you post on the great bj penns website.

  3. Mandich says:

    That’s funny.They said Carlos picked Nick apart for 5 rds.OOOOOOH K!

  4. maurice says:

    Diaz took the first 2 rnds. But condit did pick diaz apart the last 3 rounds. It was a lil shockin to see diaz get hit repeatedly and not answer back with anythin other tjen a desperate sub attempt. Diaz will meet condit again one day, cant wait

  5. learntoread says:

    The crap stated about the Diaz/Condit fight in this episode was laughable, I mean seriously.

    “…in one of the most talked about fights of the year”… No, it was actually THE most controversial (& opinion divided) fight of the year, by far. People weren’t ‘talking’ about it because of how “awesome” or “exciting” it was, that’s for damn sure.

    “but Condit picked Diaz apart for 5 rounds”…Ahh, no, he didn’t. Let’s be real, we’ve all seen fights that were one sided, where one fighter dominates the other on the feet for the duration and wins a lopsided unanimous decision (50-45)…This fight was NOT one of those. I mean, Seriously.

    And of course WinkelJohn tries to create the allusion that when ever Diaz fights it’s simply “a brawl”, and only “an idiot” would step up and strike with him in the pocket…when himself, Greg Jackson, and Condit were all spouting at the top about how Carlos was the tougher fighter and was going to “finish him” prior to the fight.

    “…at the end of the night, a battered Diaz could only watch as Condit (blah blah)”. Battered? Christ, Nick looked far more “battered” after only a 3 round fight with BJ Penn (and kuddos to BJ for actually coming to scrap). Heck, Nick looked more battered after ONE ROUND with Paul Daley. He looked 5 times as beat up after two rounds with an (in his prime) Takanori Gomie. For a Nick Diaz fight, he looked less “battered” after the Condit fight than he has in years, and it was a full 5 rounds! LOL.

    Condit fans / Jackson Camp fanatics can be such smug human being in these threads, these are the same people who before that fight were going on and on about Condit’s “finish ratio”, how he was obviously the tougher fighter, and were in full agreement with Carlos when he stated repeatedly leading up to the fight that he was going to stop Nick in brutal fashion, yadda yadda bullsh*t…yet, after Carlos stunk up the cage that night with that ‘performance’ (which was basically: leg kick, disengage, repeat in attempt to win the round), the same clan of fans come back to the forums with the ever-convenient change of tune: “ohh, such a smart game-plan!”, “a masterful performance from Condit!”, yadda yadda, bullshit.

    These are fans who are more content with Diaz getting an “L” on his record & not getting his shot at GSP than they are with what actually transpired in the cage that night. They’ll just grin and conveniently give Condit a “free pass”. But for the rest of us, we’ll call a spade a spade, until the point where Carlos enters the cage again and is some semblance of his former fighting self (which fans respected him highly for). Heck, even a couple members of Condit’s own team publicly called him out on his antics that night and basically called it horsesh*t, which speaks volumes.

    Truth is, Condit has been pulling lame BS for awhile now, all starting back at UFC 137 when he declined to fight Josh Koscheck when Kos called him out directly after hearing GSP pulled out of the Main Event. Onward to all the smack he talked about a “dog fight” / “I’m going to bury this MotherF***er”, etc., leading up to UFC 143 only to back away from actually engaging Diaz for the better part of 5 rounds, basically just using leg kicks to keep distance. Then, onto declaring he was not going to actually defend his new “title”, but sit on it. It’s actions like that which speak volumes and is exactly why many hard core MMA fans are, understandably, irked & disappointing with “The Natural Born Killer” at this point in time. His fan-base who somehow can’t grasp any of this, that’s their issue, they shouldn’t be making it everyone elses. Calling people who criticize their fighter “dummies” makes them look even worse.


    • adze says:

      you should replace joe rogan

    • FunkyMonkey says:

      I can get over the criticism of the diaz fight! Yep let’s stand in front of him with no gameplan, that’s how to fight smart! Lets bitch about leg kicks cuz they aren’t used to slow down a strong boxer or anything. He threw plenty but he also threw them mixed into combos that kept nick off balance. I will agree it wasn’t one of his most entertaining fights, maybe a little big-stage fright with interim belt being up for grabs, but had Condit simply boxed Diaz he would’ve lost and he had to realize that and come up with a GAMEPLAN!

      February to November is 9 nine months. Gives us 4 1/2 months in between hypothetical fights had Condit defended the belt before GSP. Sure he could fight and possibly lose. What about a win but a war of a fight that puts him on the medical suspension list for over a month with no training. You really want to train for the fight of your life against one of the p4p greats on a short camp? I can’t blame him for waiting.

      • learntoread says:

        LOL. Great, so now you’re attempting to state that in EVERY OTHER of Condit’s wins inside the cage, (you know, the style that fans had come to love and respect him for), that he had come in with NO GAME PLAN and fought “STUPID”?? Is that what you’re trying to spew here? My point was that Carlos looked nothing remotely like “The Natural Born Killer” (his usual self/style) at UFC 143. Who said anything about Condit needing to abandon any semblance of a game plan and simply needing to stand and box to fight tough? He’s been with Jackson for years now, you actually think there was somehow NO GAME PLAN going into every other UFC fight he had prior to the Diaz fight? You know, fights that were exciting and hard fought (Ellenberger, MacDonald) and showed Condits aggression/in your face style (Hardy, Kim, etc.). It’s looking at every other fight Carlos has ever had (win or loss) that made the Diaz ‘performance’ stink up the cage so much that night, and is one of the main reasons many MMA fans were so disappointing and confused as to why he felt he needed to employ such a lame game plan in order to simply out point his opponent, rather than go in there and TAKE IT, like he always used to against other top tier WW competition (*fighters lots of people in this forum stated would beat Diaz before he re-entered the UFC). You getting this?

        Heck, if Carlos had gone in there and fought his usual tough, grinding scrap, put it on Diaz & came out the victory, very few MMA fans would have had anything to complain about, most would have agreed that the better/tougher fighter had have won and congratulated him on a hard fought fight. There would have been no controversy. But unfortunately, that’s definitely not what transpired in the cage that night. That ‘performance’ was pure mockery of Condits: “dog fight” / “I’m going to bury this MotherF***er” claim. He never even really engaged Diaz during the entire 5 rounds, like he had with every other opponent in the past.

        Nine months is more then enough time for a “champion” to defend his belt. A title means nothing if you don’t defend it, any real champ will tell you that. Furthermore, no one said that Georges wasn’t going to wait for Condit if he had fought to defended his title, of course GSP is going to want to unify the damn titles in his first fight back. The unification bout surely did not necessarily need to happen in Montreal, a long awaited GSP return would sell out basically anywhere in North America. I’m sorry, your logic is flawed. Condit sitting and not defending his title for upwards of a year speaks volumes, and is completely open to criticism from fans, media and fellow fighters. Deal. He also declined to fight Kos at UFC 137 when Josh called him out after GSP withdrew from the Main Event (*Josh would have been fighting with basically no training camp as well).

        • 2tone says:

          See this is the ignorant nonsense that comes from people who have not watched condit fight. He has and always will be a counter/reactionary fighter. When have we seen him come forward and stalk an opponent? The hardy fight for example, he set that hook up by beating that lead leg on the outside until hardy could no longer plant to throw his signature hook and ended up throwing a counter hook with better technique. Watch the Rory fight. Exact same thing… Condit is a reactionary fighter

        • learntoread says:

          @ 2tone:

          Buddy, I have seen all of Condits UFC & WEC fights, I was actually a big fan before UFC 143. I know his style well. If you want to sit here and try to state that the “Natural Born Killers” style wasn’t aggressive and in your face, then it’s you who is mistaken, or confused possibly.

          Secondly, if you’re here trying to say that Carlos fought “like he always had” against Nick, that is BS, and you know it.

        • 2tone says:

          I’m not mistaken as i’ve studied him as well as being a fan of his wec on up. I didn’t say he wasn’t agressive when it called for it but hes never been a pressure fighter like say Diaz. He opens up after he finds a hole in the armor. If he’d hurt Diaz he would have finished but Diaz took everything he gave without getting rocked… Name one striking technique in any of his older fights that he didn’t throw in the Diaz bout. I’ve never seen him throw caution to the wind and just slug it out… His technique is always there and very polished… He threw what he always does the way he’s always done it. Period.

        • learntoread says:

          Buddy, you seem to be in complete DENIAL when it comes to what went down in the Diaz fight (when comparing it to EVERY other Condit win, heck even his losses for that matter).

          Tell me in what other Condit fight did he look as tentative as he did vs. Diaz? In what other Condit fight did he spend the majority of each round continually backing up and/or disengaging? In what other Condit fight did he rely primarily on leg kicks, basically used to keep distance from his opponent?

          We all know that Condit has always been a “technical fighter”, but that definitely doesn’t mean he’s ever fought quite like he did at UFC 143, the truth is he’s NEVER fought that tentative deliberately.

          Listen, no one ever said Carlos was the same style of fighter that Nick Diaz is (*other than his brother Nate, no one really is), but true MMA fans know Condit for being an aggressive / in your face fighter who built a career on taking whatever you had to give and giving it back even better. That Condit DID NOT show up at UFC 143, and that is: A FACT.

        • 2tone says:

          He angled out and battered Diaz. That is FACT. I do not have to defend that. The way he did it is the same way you would expect a polished fighter to beat a brawler.
          There are plenty of fighters that fight going forward in MMA and that smothering boxing heavy attack has a blueprint to be beat that’s been established since man started to develop styles.

          Condit used calculated aggression, which is completely different then being tentative. He threw every strike with bad intentions but didn’t want to be cornered. We all saw what happens when a better muay thai fighter stops angling and brawls in the Nate vs Cowboy fight.

          I’m all for opposing views but you’re ignorant and only remember the finishes and lack there of but completely forget what transpired before then. so in final You are the DELUSIONAL one to believe he would just run out with balled fists and swing with his eyes closed. please educate yourself or go back to your backyard youtube vids.

        • learntoread says:

          Yet again, you conveniently backtrack to the tired: why would Condit “just run out with balled fists and swing with his eyes closed” / “brawler” excuse, when NO ONE HERE ever stated that is what they expected the man to do. Fans who know Condit simply expected him to come out and fight tough, fight hard, aggressive, like he always did (pre UFC 143). Why you CANNOT grasp that notion is beyond me. But really, I could care less, as you have explained nothing of any substance here.

          “battered Diaz”? Seriously, you can end that ignorant noise right now. Like I said earlier, if you want to see a battered Diaz look back at his 3 round fight with BJ Penn (props to BJ for actually coming to scrap). Look at the 2 round fight with an (in his prime) Takanori Gomie. FACT IS, for a Nick Diaz fight, he looked less “battered” after the Condit fight than he has in years, and that was a full 5 round fight! You obnoxious simpleton.

          Joe Rogan commented a couple times during the fight that he thought Condit was fighting hesitantly, but I suppose Rogan must be an “ignorant” dummy in your books too eh? There were also numerous MMA reporters, who watched cage side, who later commented on Carlos’ tentativeness (in comparison to his previous outings).

          When you sit there and attempt to say that Condit “threw every strike with bad intentions”, it makes me wonder if you’ve actually even seen the fight a 2nd time. We’ve seen Diaz fight dangerous strikers (think Gomie, Daley, Zaromskis) in the past and taken their best shots and when they connected “with bad intentions” they hurt Nick and we’ve seen him go down in numerous tough fights. Condit NEVER actually hurt Diaz ONCE during the entire 5 rounds. Carlos missed flying knees and spinning back fists continually during the first few rounds, he wasn’t even close to connecting with them the majority of the time being that he was too tentative to close the distance properly and get into his typical range. Kicks were the only strikes which Condit landed significantly during the fight, (most of which were half powered leg kicks in order to keep distance). Nick out-struck him in arm strikes to both the head and body (you realize that right?). They mouse under Condits eyes after the fight (watch the post fight interviews again for the visual) tell that story easily. But you’ll sit there and act like Nick was the only fighter getting hit, which is BULLSHIT. Nick got out struck to the legs.

          I also love how smug fans like yourself use colorful language like “stick and move!” and “angled out” in defense of how Condit acted in the cage that night. I have watched boxing for over two decades and know full well what stick & move is and have seen countless boxers utilize it to great success. When Condit literally turned his back on his opponent and ran across the octagon, (which he did numerous times throughout), that is IN NO WAY “stick and move”, or even “angling out” as you try and put it, it’s simply called disengaging. It’s considered avoiding your opponent / the fight. You talk tough about polished fighters “mixing it up”, well there are plenty of other techniques Condit could have utilized against Diaz when his back was up against the fence. He could have clinched and went for a reversal, or takedown (both which he’s done successfully against previous opponents). But to literally turn his back to Nick and run across the cage was the epitome of disengaging, and he did it continually throughout the fight. THAT IS FACT. It’s also fact that he never once applied that sort of “technique” in any of his previous fights, fights where he was up against the fence numerous times against very tough opponents, but found a way to tough it out and get the win (usually a finish or some sort).

          But yes, let’s act like every Diaz fan simply wants to watch rockem’ sockem’ robots in the cage, and are in no way a true MMA Fan, because that makes it easier for you to formulate some sort of defense of your fighters antics. LOL. What a joke.

        • 2tone says:

          Ive seen the fight 4 times and I do see him angle out. that plodding style that diaz employs tends to corner people so to disengage and reengage in the middle of the octagon was exactly what happened. and yes I do believe Rogan is pretty off in his commentating. He knows what he is talking about but he clearly has his favorites. Look at the swolen shut right eye and busted up nose if you dont believe he was battered. so in closing you have said nothing that proved he fought a bad fight.

          all I need to prove he was dominated.

  6. Avatar says:

    You know what your problem is? You are making excuses for Diaz. Conduit doesn’t have to go for the knock out in every fight. It was a smart game plan to use superior footwork and quick combinations in route to an obvious decision win. It is Diaz’s job to cut off condits angles and make him engage. If he can’t do that, then he should go work on it and get better. For you fans that think it is somehow condits job to flying knee knock out every opponent now, you are saddly mistaken. His job is to win, and that’s what he does.

    • learntoread says:

      “an obvious decision win”? I think over half of the MMA world would choose to disagree with you there pal.

      It’s actually fans like YOU who continually create convenient excuses for how Condit chose to fight that night.

      No one said Carlos had to necessarily come in and knock Diaz out, fans were simply expecting him to fight the way he always had fought, aggressive and in your face (like he did vs. Ellenberger), you now, ACTUALLY believing in the style that got him to that interim title shot successfully. He did nothing of the sorts, he came out and looked basically tentative for the majority of the fight. He never chose to engage, rather to kick and quickly disengage. That was painfully obvious, sorry pal.

      And for your information, Diaz was trying to engage in the fight basically the entire time…not sure what match you were watching. Your excuses are tired and old man. Feel free to use the whole “a win is a win” motif, the rest of us will call a spade a spade, especially with the way Condit chose to hold himself in the lead up to the fight.

  7. slacker says:

    It was the perfect strategy for Diaz. When so much is on the line, who are we to say Condit should fight this way or that? Diaz did not adapt, so he lost. He tried to eke out a win with a late take – down, but he was basically picked apart and his limited fence – fighting tactics were exploited. I had it 3 rounds to 2 Condit. Good fight. I hope they do it again. I think the next time Condit would swing for the fences more and really hurt him. He can definitely beat him that way too. GSP is going to have a tough time with Condit.

  8. Josiah says:

    diaz had 5 rounds to study condits attack pattern/gameplan and do something about it. but what did diaz do? he carried on with his fighting style even though he knew that condit is dodging it, he knew it’s not very effective with condit. he wasted the entire 5 rounds hoping that condit would brawl with him. which is pretty clear already on the third round that condit wouldn’t. diaz could have taken the early takedown on the 3rd or 4th round and try to finish condit there. after all, he’s a master in the ground. but no..he has too much pride about himself and that caused him..not a diaz hater but just saying…

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