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Thursday, 09/13/2012, 09:10 am

VIDEO | UFC President Explains How These Injuries And Cancellations Are Part Of The Business | UFC NEWS

“Jose Aldo gets hit by a car, screwed up his foot, he’s hurt, he’s out. Rampage Jackson messes up his elbow, he’s hurt, he’s out. The main event and the co-main event on the same day within an hour of each other in two different continents. I don’t know, I gotta fix it now. You know, I gotta fix it. I have time to fix this one. And, you know, we will figure something out. Frankie Edgar is devastated right now man. He’s devastated. He comes off that controversial loss in his last fight, gets another title shot, steps up to the plate, starts investing in another camp and spending money to train again and now Aldo’s hurt. This kid can’t catch a break either. Everybody was pumped up for Frankie vs. Aldo and for Glover vs. Rampage. So, it’s a tough one man, its part of the business. It is what it is and we have to deal with it.”


9 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC President Explains How These Injuries And Cancellations Are Part Of The Business | UFC NEWS”

  1. Mike b says:

    It is what it is????he says that so nonchalantly.injuries happen I understand that but it’s happening too much.the UFC needs to fix it not deal with it.

  2. Mike b says:

    It is what is???he says that so nonchalantly.i understand injuries happen,it’s a part of the sport.but it’s happening too damn much.they need to fix it not deal with it.and I’ll be honest I don’t know how they would fix it.they gotta figure out something.

    • Mike b says:

      I didn’t think my comment went thru.whoops my bad.

      • Ironfist says:

        Lol.i agree I don’t know how they fix it either.its kind of hard to prevent or stop thes injuries.maybe their coaches need to fix this problem.i think the mma coaches could fix this better than the UFC can.i don’t know???but this does need stop.

    • What? says:

      It’s kind of hard to fix something like that. I mean you can’t tell a fighter to train a certain way. However I think there needs to be repercussions for fighters injuring themselves because they are basically breaking their fight contracts. Maybe a cut in pay on their next fight or something I dunno. Something to stop these guys from going crazy in training and messing up fight cards.

  3. ZC says:

    Injuries happen. It’s a contact sport, the toughest one in the world.

    The way you prevent that is to always have backups in place.

    Frankie needs to fight for an interim title. Set it up, make it happen. He shouldn’t have gotten an immediate title shot to begin with. Rampage fight? Grab another 205 talent and throw him in there. Easy solution.

    Always have a back up in place, tell the guy if something falls through then he’s next in line.

    And Aldo getting hit by a car is just dumb. It just sounds dumb. There are ways to prevent cards from being ruined. They also need to make the fighters hold true to contractual obligations. Jon Jones shouldn’t have the ability to turn down a fight when he’s had an entire camp and the other guy hasn’t trained at all and wants to fight that same damn night. I understand career choices, but ruining your reputation as champion because your fans think your a pansy is an awful one.

    • Ironfist says:

      I understand what ur saying.but injuries happen so often it’s at a point right now where they don’t even have replacements.fighters have to be milking this new health plan that the UFC got for them.ever since then injuries been happening like crazy.who knows what the fuck these fighters are doing????????

  4. itsallnonsense says:

    Disappointed that Jackson vs Teixeira isn’t happening. Its clear Rampage doesn’t have the hart for MMA anymore. If Teixeira would of won, it probably would have put him in a decent rank. The guy has 16 consecutive pro wins and hasn’t lost since ’05. He needs a break!

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