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Tuesday, 09/11/2012, 08:21 am

VIDEO | UFC President Discusses His Current Relationship With Jon Jones | UFC NEWS

UFC President tells Inside MMA’s Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten about the strain on his relationship with UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones after the fallout of the cancellation of UFC 151


16 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC President Discusses His Current Relationship With Jon Jones | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bob'O says:

    White: “we will see how it goes”

    Translated = Bones put your ass sucking goggles on.

    LMAO! ~Bob’O

  2. A.James says:

    Jones lost a lot much respect in the sport. What’s worse is that he doesn’t seem to care. How can you get paid if you have no fans? Advertisers want a face people know AND like. Jones is an idiot.

    • bahahah says:

      White and Jones are like 2 best friends on the playground that just got into alittle argument and suddenly Whites like “man! i thought u were my friend, i let you sleep over, we played xbox all night and now you dont wanna share your juice box with me? you’re not my friend anymore!” and Jones is like “(snobs white) i dont care! i got 12 friends on xbox now, i didnt wanna be ur friend anyway!”

    • lolziez says:

      its like Tupac and Biggie all over again….

    • Chicken bone says:

      He didn’t care cos even he didn’t fight he still get pay from Nike , this ass hole is self never think other people . What kind champ didn’t take fight , why are you call yourself champ ? You should call yourself chum , pussy shit

  3. Cody says:

    Dude it doesn’t matter how good r how much he wins if there was a tally of fighters vs Dana and the UFC it’d prob be like Dana 25 fighters 0 and all Jon has been doing is making it easy for Dana to fuck him the one thing Dana can’t really go against is fans and Jon is losing them everytime he talks r types rashad told us what the deal was

  4. Nunya says:

    What Jones did was smart. Everybody wants to say he doesn’t have heart, he is a piece of shit, or he lost respect. Until you all have a UFC LHW Championship belt, signed with Nike, amongst other endorsements, and has kicked everybody’s ass except for Hendo, should just shut the mouth. We may not like his decision to not fight a Chael Sonnen who just came off an embarrassing loss against Sila, who is at a lower weight class, but i dont blame him. No one talks about Machida turning down a rematch or Anderson Silva also turning down a fight against Jones to salvage the event. I dont think Jones should have agreed to fight Vitor who is also in a lower weight class. What i think would have made more sense is fighting Alexander Gustafsson to salvage the event

    • T.DADDY says:

      Man STFU! How do you think jones got the nike deal? Cuz of the ufc.. the ufc made jones ther poster boy and how did he repay them? By duckin Sonnen who wud have been the 1st guy to get a takedown on bones.. and how did bones get his title shot?? Oh because Rashad got hurt and Shogun fought bones as a replacement.. hmmm its funny you didn’t mention none of that when you wrote ur post…lmao! Fukk bones n jackson.. fukkn pu.ssies!

    • C.Kalanta says:

      because Machida isn’t the champ idiot. When you are the champion and your boss asks you to fight a replacement fighter you do it period. it’s idiots like you that are bad for the sport because you dont understand that at the end of the day it’s just a job with an empoyee (jones) and a boss(dana) . How was the loss to Silva embarassing ?? Silva is the best fighter to step into the octogon and Chael dominated him for 6 straight rounds (including the first fight) and he fell after missing a spinning elbow. you really need to whipe your mouth off i see Jones’ nut sauce dripping from your noise hole

    • Bob'O says:

      You need to climb up off of Bones nut-sack bro. Your Floyd Mayweatherism is bad for MMA. ~Bob’O

  5. Nunya says:

    I didnt mention that because he kicked Shoguns ass, he also kicked Rashads ass. You can hate all you want t.mama, it doesnt matter that he replaced Rashad, he wouldve evently got there anyways…what els you got T.MAMA?

  6. Nunya says:

    Let me reiterate. I would like to see Jones choke Sonnen out, but i understand why he turned it down. Jones prepared for Hendo who got injured, and the best they can do is offer him Sonnen? That is a joke. You all like to hate on Jones but he has proven himself as a fighter. You may not like the way he acts, but this record speaks for itself. These ppv events are not cheap, so i would rather watch number 1 go at it against one of the top 5, instead of the choices they have gave him to fight

  7. Xaninho says:

    Sonnen didn’t deserve the shot, but he does draw big PPV’s. Jones said he is in it for the money, he had a full trainingscamp, no injuries. There is no good reason why he refused to fight.

  8. Dick Niaz says:

    @xaninho a good reason would be what you put down on your first sentence on your post

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