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Monday, 09/17/2012, 02:24 pm

VIDEO | UFC President Dana White Releases: "For The Fans" Highlight | UFC NEWS

UFC president Dana White took the time out of his busy schedule to have his team put together this highlight full of spectacular UFC finishes alongside fan reactions.


19 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC President Dana White Releases: "For The Fans" Highlight | UFC NEWS”

    • WTF says:

      God please shut the fuck up.I would’ve abbreviated but you earned the the full show.Why’d you watch it doucheweed? Go train and get rid of al that negative bullshit or beat up a 10 y/o since apparently your so pissed you cant even give a goddamn highlight a chance.Holy shit I cant believe I even responded to you what the fuck am I doing…………..

  1. heh says:

    heh, it showed vitor gettin kicked in the face over n over again by anderson, i didnt see a clip of chael gettin knocked out by silva… and vitor says look at how chael lost to silva, bwahahah look how vitor lost lol

  2. andrew says:

    whats the song!?!

  3. Mug says:

    This video makes me want to find the near living creature and scream in its face, followed by a spinning back fist.

  4. life is meh says:

    What! No Jon Fitch?!?!?!?!

  5. Chaos says:

    Funny stuff!!! Hahaha
    No highlights from gsp finishing someone just a kick and a thank you at the end… Hahaha

  6. slacker says:

    Good video. Could have showed some more Anderson Silva finishes.

  7. Gibby says:

    Apparently the UFC can’t even say thanks without so called “fans” getting upset. Grow up.

    • g Rod says:

      How about Danawhiteboy takes time from his so called busy day and do what’s rightfor once? Why not fix the favorism in the ufc toward people with light skin. Don’t talk about how some champions are black…they had to do it all ON THEIR F***ing OWN. No help from Bitch ass Dana, why because they got no blue eyes and blonde hair like his little favorite bitch boy Faber right? Roussey and that fag GSP have what he wants to present to the WHITE viewers and media. He don’t want Jones in the spotlite but he’s got no choice cause Jones proved himself. Dana would never come out and say shit about his all American bitch Sonnen. Why, maybe his color? He talked sh*t about Jones but Jones does what he wants cause he wont suck white dick like Rashad. F you ufc!!!

      • FunkyMonkey says:

        Really? In a sport dominated by “minorities”? How bout a diatribe on brazilians now… Dana talked shit about jbj because he wanted to blame someone (right or not) for losing millions on 151 & really the anger was directed at Greg Jackson.

      • Gibby says:

        are you for real? i think your the one that needs to step back and realise… one gives a fuck if your black, white, asian, brazillian….if your the best, your the best……youve got issues gay rod :)

        • Brandon says:

          You fools still think the UFC is about finding the BEST fighter? No, it’s a business, about finding the MOST PROFITABLE fighter.

          And so, marketing to specific demographics is essential.

          Remember how much the UFC pushed Cain Velasquez when he was champ? And how they forgot there was a HW division once Dos Santos “upset” him. Remember how pissed Dana was that the mexican lost?

          Same goes for Jon Jones, and african americans.

          The main demographic for UFC is whites ages 24-40. WHITE, EGOCENTRIC, “PATRIOTIC”, FLAG WAVING, BEER DRINKING REDNECKS.

          So, yes, the UFC does want white american champions. These people, the majority of the UFC’s income, don’t want to see black or brazilian (as if there’s any difference to americans) champions.

      • Brend0magic says:

        g Rod is a total idiot.

  8. Great Stuff, do you have a twitter profile?

  9. danielrchargers says:

    hell yeah they showed the punch that made rich franklin sound like he was drunk.

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