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Wednesday, 09/05/2012, 11:18 am

VIDEO | UFC President Dana White "No Regrets" On Jon Jones Rant | UFC NEWS

UFC President Dana White paid a special visit to UFC Tonight analyst Ariel Helwani to discuss the fallout from the UFC 151 cancellation. Dana covers it all and has no regrets, even going as far as to pull Dan Henderson into the mix!


6 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC President Dana White "No Regrets" On Jon Jones Rant | UFC NEWS”

  1. GREENBELT says:

    DANA i love that you are out spoken but you messed up. You need to control your tongue. You don’t disrespect your Champion by putting his business out on the streets. tainting his brand will ultimately just limit the companies growth. but then again you don’t care because you have several different fighters that fight to grow the sport for you. Eventually Jones will lose and then he’s worthless because at the end of the day its all about money. Its also messed up that They are criticized when they act like fighters and are called to be more professional but when they act more professional protecting their brand they should act like fighters. PICK ONE. BEtter yet, deal with the fact that they are both.

  2. This Interview Was On the UFC's terms says:

    This interview should’ve hit harder, meaning Helwani should’ve challenged White more than he did. And then I realized that the show I was watching was “UFC Tonight” and the location of the interview was the UFC Training Center in Las Vegas. Helwani backed off from so many avenues he could’ve taken to get real answers and instead lobbed White so many softballs that White began looking like A-Rod. I also realized that White and the UFC can and have played dirty in terms of “running a business” and manipulation. If you have the opportunity, watch the entire 30 minute interview on Fuel and judge for yourself. The UFC is in control and there isn’t anything fighters, commissions, and fans can do about it. Enjoy the fights!

    • GREENBELT says:

      thanks, i will do that. theres another lil video i guess its fragments of same interview where he says “if people want to see Sonnen Vs. Jones i’ll have to make that happen…” LOL WOW, idk about you but that sounds like a threat to John Jones to me. :-/ SMH UFC is Ruthless. Fighters need to unionize or something. theres just no other avenues for them to go to outside UFC’s MONOPOLY.

  3. Jaimz White says:

    I think the UFC needs a new spokesman. Dana has done a good job, but he handled this and a few other matters in the wrong way. He keeps calling Jones a child by using his age as a reason he made a mistake. I myself would have kept this within house, and put the blame on the true person in this matter. Dan Henderson. He knew for 2 weeks. I need say no more about him. Dana is just mad that Jones sealed a deal with Nike. Nike MMA gear will outsell and outshine all others. Dana knows this, and Im betting he has stake in some MMA gear somewhere. Anyways.. I vote ME for new UFC president and Spokesman. Im 39, mature enough for the job.. And would love to work with Joe R. and all the talent in the UFC.. Move over Dana.. Jaimz is in the house. lol

  4. Dunno says:

    Dana has to blame himself and joe silva as well for making such a weak card.dana kind of looked like an ass with his cry baby ranting and raving…..

  5. CombatRusse says:

    Dana had no regrets after treating his own mother like garbage.
    Why would he have any regrets for Jones or fans or anyone else?

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