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Friday, 05/03/2013, 08:54 am

VIDEO | UFC on FOX: Henderson vs Melendez Phantom Cam Highlights

UFC on FOX: Henderson vs Melendez highlights from the FOX Phantom Cam, a revolutionary high-speed camera rig, shot in mesmerizing super slow-motion. Relive the fight night highlights including Josh Thomson’s TKO of Nate Diaz to Benson Henderson’s successful title defense against Gilbert Melendez in truly mind-blowing slow-mo.


0 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC on FOX: Henderson vs Melendez Phantom Cam Highlights”

  1. Dafak says:

    Melendez got cheated big time in that fight … oh well, old douche Dana has to do what he has to do to show people that his champs were really better then the Strikeforce champs.
    You have to wonder though, what does a guy have to do to beat Dana’s champions ? He basically always “gives them a push”.

    • YoMama says:

      I agree. I think that the last clip in this video of bendo says it all. Even he thought he got lucky.

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