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Wednesday, 07/11/2012, 01:06 am

Video | UFC Munoz vs Weidman Staredown | UFC News

Elite wrestlers and main eventers Mark Munoz and Chris Weidman go back to basics at the UFC on FUEL TV weigh-in staredown.


13 Responses to “Video | UFC Munoz vs Weidman Staredown | UFC News”

  1. zim says:

    thats kool as shit

  2. Mark Munoz is a joke says:

    Straight up faggots
    W 0 finishing ability

  3. Nick says:

    two wrestlers tight would be ironic if they stood a bannged for 25mins

  4. DMAC says:

    Man did Dana say Munoz would get a title shot after beating Weidman? Cuz he keeps pretty much looking past Weidman talking about Silva. If this is the case how weak, Anderson should just retire..

  5. julian671 says:

    Gotta love good sport people, I shed happy tears (yeah f*kn gay right?)

    Munoz All the Way!

  6. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    I want weidman to pull it off hope he wins.

  7. Nightofcolumbus says:

    I think this is going to be like Munoz vs Simpson, only way better.

  8. WrestlingRules says:

    Get used to it boys…Wrestlers are taking over…..

  9. Milkman says:

    Wrestlers are straight up faggots. All American faggots.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Do you hear it???…Listen!!! it;s the rumble, then the shaking then the massive earthquake, WRESTLING WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!!…Sorry got a bit carried away, wrestling just rules mma….Boom.

  10. Milkman says:

    Ya hear me. Wrestlers are straight up faggots. All American faggots.

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