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Saturday, 10/27/2012, 11:54 am

VIDEO | UFC Legend Tank Abbot Discusses The Current State Of MMA & The UFC

Aaron Tru from chats with NHB Legend Tank Abbott at King of the Cage. Tank was the commentated for the night, helping out with the KOTC broadcast. Tru asks Abbott about the difference between NHB and MMA. Tank talks about MMA being more of a sport, as NHB is what he is into; “you go in there..two guys enter and only one guy leaves.”

When asked about the current UFC Champions, Abbott said, “I hardly know who any of them are and that speaks volumes itself.”

When asked about his fight with Scott Ferrizo in the backyard last year, Abbott comments that, “Well that’s happened 100’s of times and usually their isn’t a camera there….there is no weight classes to hide behind, no rules to hide behind and no judges to hide behind…You better do good or you might being going home in a morgue wagon in a van.”

When asked about Tito Ortiz losses 7 of his last 8 fights to end his career, Tank comments, “Everyone got taken by a con man…and I think it’s funny that even for 10 seconds anyone thought he was tough..”

Tru mentions Frank Shamrock’s book during the interview, and Tank “doubts he wrote it himself.” Going on to say, “I’m sure it probably comes with pictures of crayon drawings..and maybe his first finger painting in there.”

When asked if he would ever train for a sanctioned fight again, Tank says, “I love to fight and that’s who makes me who I am…I am probably the closest thing you have ever seen to a true warrior.” “If someone has the right fight for me, I’m whiling to do it.”

The interview ends with Tru asking about UFC 6 and Ultimate Ultimate 98. The back story is that Tank made it to the finals of both UFC tournaments. However, there is a little bit on controversy, in regards to the semi final bouts in both tournaments. He faced Oleg Tarktarov in the finals of UFC 6 and Don Frye in the finals of Ultimate Ultimate 98; both men supposedly faced team mates/friends in the semi finals and were extremely fresh in the night’s final bout; while Abbott had extremely difficult bouts and was spent by the final match of the evening. Tank responds that, “Both of them fought their training partners, who winked and had very easy fights. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that they fought their friends and that their friends laid down..not something that a true warrior would do. Like I said before, these guys aren’t true warriors…it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about the battle.”


44 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC Legend Tank Abbot Discusses The Current State Of MMA & The UFC”

  1. MMACRAVER says:

    WoW, that guy is incredibly ignorant. Doesn’t know who those champs are? Speaks for itself?

    Yea… it shows that tank Abbot is a washed up Emo haired Santa Claus who can’t stand the idea that the sport grew past his abilities.

    “They are out doing there little Martial arts moves… good luck to them” How condescending.. What a little bitch.. All those fighters are making way more money then his fat grizzly Adams ass will ever see again in his life.

    Way to be obviously bitter Tank Abbot.

    • Mike Cannon Jr. says:

      Mmacraver.. Ur name should be cockcraver.. U will notice I’m not using some handle to hide behind.. Like u.. The fact you called tank a bitch.. While doing so.. Speaks volumes…<— about u… And I'm sure will will talk really tuff while hiding behind your keyboard..but any man… Not male.. I'm talking about men.. Not males… Will see you for what you really are…a pahetic joke.. Who talks trash while hiding behind SOMTHING or Nobody knows who the fuq u are…and you talking about tank like u did.. Ahahaha are u jelious much? Little bitter? Cuz your the loser … Speaks volumes.. About u

      • MMACRAVER says:

        Are you on crack dumbass? Rule number one of the internet is don’t use your real name so people cant harass you or try to find additional information on you to attempt identity theft. Not because you’re “afraid” But because THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO…

        If I was interviewing Tank Abbot I would have no problem calling him ignorant. Because what he said CLEARLY IS.

        I’m not hiding from shit because there is NO REASON TO HIDE, dipshit… Tank couldn’t do a fucking thing. This isn’t the wild west, if his slow ass did manage to lay a hand on me he’d be up to his eyeballs in debt from the lawsuit I’d lay on him.

        Jealous of what? Look at the fucking guy. Not only is he disgusting to look at, but I’ll compare bank accounts with tank abbot any fucking day of the week. As far as bitter.. Yea I’m fucking slightly bitter that he was so condescending to MMA, Martial arts, and the current champions of my favorite sport. So what?

        Any “man” will see? So woman are too dumb? What you’re saying is so incredibly stupid.. You must be American.

        He’s a “bitch” because he doesn’t have it in him to respect the fighters that surpassed him and continued on in the UFC. Plain and simple.

        • Ed Bailey says:

          Must be American? That comment must make you British, you twank! What’s a bank account gonna do when you just got punched in you’re big full of self head so hard you couldn’t find your way home? The home, by the way, that thousands upon of 10’s of thousands of Americans saved from being a footnote in history! Those Americans saved you from speakin’ German and bustin’rocks underground somewhere and enabled you to use your smartmouth to talk smack and allowed you to have a bank account to then promptly sue when you were faced to back it up and got beat like a bitch the whole time cryin’ for your Momma! Get some respect!!!!!!!!!

        • Jasplanet says:

          Tank has his oppinions, so fuck*ing what? Ur the one explaining urself with that long ass text

        • MMACRAVER says:

          Is that a lot of text for you to read?

          It took me about 2 minutes to write it. Clearly it took you way longer to read it. Sorry your dumb ass found it a bit much.

      • Ed Bailey says:

        Thank you for dispatchin’ that chump! You got a way with words. Noticed no reply what the fuck could he say? Tank Abbott’s fights were awesome. You knew someone was going to be countin’ the lights when they woke up when he fought.

        • MMACRAVER says:

          No one is debating that Tank Abbot fought some entertaining fights…

          The issue is that he can’t accept the fact the sport went in a different direction and he can’t hang with new competition.

          He is so bitter that when asked about the current champs he claims not to know any of them? Then proceeds to belittle martial arts?

          You can still enjoy someones past fights and think they are a bitter asshole… ESPECIALLY.. when they act like he just did in that video.

          I think if you take your face out of Tank’s nut beard for 2 seconds you will find that MOST people find this interview distasteful.

        • Ed Bailey says:

          I don’t base my thoughts upon other people’s veiws. I’m American I form my own.

        • dw420 says:

          You’re an American…you get to pick between the opinions they chose for you.

        • Mike says:

          Oh my god ur an idiot Ed bailey! “I’m an American I form my own views” my ass! The view that the earth is only 5000 years old, held by 50% of ur nation! Or the shit spouted out by fox or CNN? Censored rhetoric!!!!! That’s probably why u think u won ww2 when the Russians clearly did and got to pick which pieces of land they wanted! What a fool!

        • Ed Bailey says:

          Now, now Mikey. You must be a British twank also. Let’s start your history lesson…The Earth being 5000yrs old? No clue what you’re tryin to say? And the CNN and Fox line, again can’t figure that one out either. Now your ignorance about WWII pisses me off!Sorry this has nothing to do with MMA but this puke needs schooled. Nobody won WWII and I never said America did. How with so much death and destruction could there be winners? What I did say is that your name would be Adolf if it weren’t for our finest fighting and dying for you to know the life you have now. I myself had 2 Great Uncles lose their lives in this war. Both pilots one died practicing landings out at sea and the other when a bomb blew up and took his life. I got the Western Unions and their medals when my parents died. The race to Berlin would have been ‘won’ by both the British and American soldiers. Russiaa was a day and a half behind but Eisenhower held them back so the Russians could be first inside Berlin. Classy act…his reasoning? Because the Russians lost so, so much more and he wanted them to have that. Estimated Russian loses were between 20 to 25 million so much so the Germans ran to us begging surrender because knowing what they did they didn’t want to surrender to the Russians. Finally no surveyors came in and divided up land with liberatin countries fighting over chunks! the Soviet Union’s to the East and democracy to the West. Simple as that. Now you can go back bowin’ to your Queen we got rid of the bitch 220yrs ago and have been formin’ OUR own views since!

  2. MMAMAN says:

    how is NHB not a sport? because there is no rules? so rules constitute a sport? This is fighting not baseball….

  3. Mike Cannon Jr. says:

    Givem hell David !

  4. Sam says:

    I really want to like and respect Tank for being a pioneer, I remember getting excited to watch him fight in middle school, but DAMN this guy is an asshole.

  5. Jack says:

    Tank got beat by Kimbo. Any questions?

  6. NoDoutNOut says:

    Wtf is up with the fuckin constant advertisements??? I can’t even fuckin watch this shit cuz every 20 seconds a stupid ass lysol commerical comes up. wtf dude!!! Could of atleast made it so I could mute it and it stays muted yo. Don’t even fckin put videos up if ya’ll dont want them actually listening to it! Also, Abbot is a dick, all he did this entire interview that I was able to hear was about him talkin shit about everything, from Tito to Frank, from “oh I don’t even know about them” about Silva, jones, GSP, etc…No class what so ever. Maybe Kimbo punched him too hard when Kimbo knocked his ass out.

  7. Garviel says:

    That is such a terrible wig..

  8. Sugar Ponybear says:

    It’s easy to say wins and losses don’t matter when you don’t win. Whatever you have to tell yourself Tank but from what I’ve seen you can’t even win against the worst this sport has to offer. Ignorance should never be condescending, that’s why you don’t have a job…damn ignoramus.

  9. dante080 says:

    Last 2 times I saw him fight. He was koed by kimbo, and lost in under a min to frank mir (his 4th fight) due to ankle lock. tell us again how you are the one true warrior tank

  10. robert Barton says:

    Tank was an oversize Bully which is why he does’nt like weight limits. He was used to beating up smaller guys. Tito would kick his ass. Abbott has a BS reputation picking on drunks. Mir made him tap and he could not hang with the MMA guys he disparages.

  11. Monke says:

    Hard to listen to the video when the damn ads are playing non stop and cannot turn them off but mute them for a few seconds only. Fix that shit please.

  12. Nunya says:

    I don’t understand posting a vid of Tank’s opinions. Maybe for people to make fun of Tank on his appearance or irrelevant comments. Does he look like an idiot, in my opinion , yes he foes. Is his comments stupid & nobody should care about them, I say, yes. But in the beginning of UFC, before the real talent. He was entertains to watch. In no way shape or form Tank should talk shit on something that is evolving to a great sport & profession for elite fighters that in time will take over boxing.

  13. George says:

    Tank Abbot
    Thought he was dead

  14. bkg2117 says:

    This guy is old as hell and has been hit in his head millions of times. You expect some kind of insightful interview on the current status of MMA. He’s a grumpy old man. I expect nothing less from and old school brawler.

  15. abbot is apussy says:

    hahahahaa this fucking guy got kd but fucking KIMBO KIMBO SLICE lmao hes a dumb fucking bitch and would get killed BY ANYONE in the ufc I bet i could fucking kick his old fat ass

  16. Jimmyjoe says:

    Tank is always prepaired to fight, hence he’s wearing a helmet. Thought it was strange he said that other fighters ” hide behind weight class’s ” isn’t he heavyweight ?

  17. stephen riddle says:

    He looks like a old forrest griffin!!! He trained zero, always ran on empty after a couple mins. And they Always over hyped him in the ufc.

  18. Westside Daddy says:

    Holy shit this guy is such a fat pathetic joke look at his fucking toupee he looks like elton john and hagrid from harry potter had a fuckchild. Btw for all you pussies defending this washed up alcoholic tomato can, when Tank Abbott claims he had hardass fights at the old UFC events and his oponenets Don Frye and Oleg Taktarov had easy fights in the semifinals, Abbott fought some fucking cans that were worse than he ever was and he fought less than 5 min total in all those fights combined he just had the worst cardio on the planet and lost his fights. And he’s got to be the most sorryass bitter fuck talking about the UFC champs like he doesn’t know their names, bitch please your fatass goes to sleep thinking about those succesful richass motherfuckers. Some one tell this fucking lardass failure that his wig looks like an animal died on his head and to go back to working at home depot or wherever the fuck he kicks cans nowadays. And I’m throwin up peace signs to these fuckboys

  19. Drew says:

    Yooo Abbott any Man nowadays that wears a toupee is a bitch were more proud then ever to be bald. Your an ignorant bitch. And yes I would say that to his face for anybody tryn to defend him.

  20. Jay says:

    Tank is still fucking badass

  21. mikey da boss says:

    mma craver is lame who waste here time writing long ass text tank is gay but u r just as if not more. you care a whole lot to b a baller who can whoop anyone. real tuf guy lol

  22. Dana is Greedy says:

    I have ran into Tank and he absolutely doesn’t seem treating at all he isn’t as big and quite out of shape top it off was afraid to make eye contact when approached…Tito actually went to school in Santa Ana, Ca then his family moved to HB he used to get picked on at Carr Jr High..And Tank saying theres no one like him in HB is crazy cuz unlike him I know a few dudes that would KO him in a heartbeat with no rules involed..My point being just cuz their fighters don’t make him tuff in real life…

  23. AJ says:

    He sounds half retarded. He didn’t grasp the questions asked of him, and half of his answers made no sense. The guy has a 10 – 14 record…So all of you guys who are saying how “bad ass” Tank is/was, really look at those numbers, how many times he got put out, and that he has only 6 KO’s in his career (while the champions he claims to know nothing about have more), you may want to get off his jock. Then again, he probably likes it…

  24. Shadleigh says:

    If tank was in his prime, fighting in the heavyweight division today HE WOULD NOT WIN ONE FIGHT! NOT A SINGLE FUKKING ONE!!!!! Matter of fact I bet most middleweights would whoop his ass. I used to like him, but after seeing how disrespectful he is towards the fighters of the present it makes me hate him. Tank is just a bitter old fart. BTW Tito would whoop his ass all day long. I hate TIto, but tank would get his ass beat back in the day, present and future if the two were to fight!

  25. robert bylock says:

    blah,blah, blah tank was there when ufc first started and he was a part of its success (small part) i say this because back then who didnt wanna see him start swinging when the bell rang? he was a character thjat some loved and some hated. true hes not a world class mma fighter, hes a brawler, he benched about 500 so he was strong and in his flurry of wild swings if he connected he could knock any man out cold.tank had the nuts to get out there with ufc legends, everyone watching ufc tasted his name in their mouth. he was a part of the beginning of the only real fighting sport.fact is tank is a legend so give him props or shut the fuuucck up! i never liked tank but i did like to see him fight, i was always rooting for the lil guy to beat him with skill.hes old and left his mark on ufc forever. thank you tank abbott for being you.

  26. american says:

    for the guy that left the comment about america. regardless of what country you r from, as an american i want you to get your country out from under americas skirt and see how long before some third world country takes your shittt.

    • Drew says:

      I agree with American. People don’t wanna admit it but china and America own the world but mostly china hence why I said them first. They funded the war in Iraq for 1 trillion dollars. We are technically financially owned by china but that’s just one number we owe them for

  27. Ted says:

    40 comments? the fact that their is 40 plus comments here shows the importance of this man in hand to hand combat he brought the realism. All of the people that bash Tank on a computer are nothing but cowards who hide behind a computer, you are afraid of this man and what he was and still is about so you make yourself feel better by typing negative stuff about him and having other lame individuals just like yourselves agree.

  28. Fred says:

    I know Tank would kick my ass, but I’d yank that stupid hair hat off his head anyway.

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