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Thursday, 04/19/2012, 07:32 am

Video | UFC How Would You Define A Great Athlete ?

Jones narrates in a Morgan Freeman like manner as well as featuring in a short promotional video for the UFC. The video suggests factors which are taken into account when defining a great athlete.

The video features the likes of Jon Jones, Vitor Belfort, Carlos Condit, Georges St Pierre, Nick Diaz, Junior Dos Santos, Michael Bisping, Cain Velasquez, Chuck Liddell, Rashad Evans.

How would you define a great athlete ?


8 Responses to “Video | UFC How Would You Define A Great Athlete ?”

  1. Tom A says:

    Haha JJ is freeman ! ….. I would say explosive and hardworking and dominant for a great athlete

  2. danielrchargers says:

    man Jones you are such a loser. NO JOKE (his jobs fighting, hes a pussy in HIS job not mine)
    JACK UP YOUR FUCKING CHICKEN LEGS AND STOP UISING THOSE FUCKIUNG CHOPSTICKS AS A CRUTCH TO MAKE 205 and BEAT UP ON SMALLER FIGHTERS. Jone’s is a fucking heavy weight and i cannot wait untill he stops being a pussy and fights up in weight class. (yeah ok hes tryed and dana denied, but still that Arrogant P.O.S thinks hes the best, doesnt understand his standup is fucking shwag against people who wont be scared of his height EXAMPLE??? the entire top 10 heavyweight roster.

    • KneesAndElbows says:

      That you, Rashad? Haha! Hey, I don’t like his cocky attitude either and it sounds like he needs a humbling BUT he is the champ and until someone takes that belt from him, he has every right to think highly of himself.

  3. danielrchargers says:

    same with Alex G he’s taller and wider, but look at his body type. Jon obviously works harder. but still HES A FUCKING HEAVY WEIGHT. after this Rashad fight, IF he wins hes going to cry about how badly it hurts to throw leg kicks, i wonder why. your legs are 5 pds each FUCK YOU you little princess bitch.

  4. danielrchargers says:

    Random Rant #3 someone on this site made the best ovservation that when this smeagol gets frustrated in the stand up game he just uses his long ass HW limbs to “trip” his opponant. no judo just trips. no judo throws or momentum tosses just pussy trips that can only be acheived with legs that are as long as the rest of you’re body. once again FUCK YOU :] now to go get acupuncture and hate on Jones more with my doctor, who hates jones too!

  5. Best part of promo says:

    was BJ stepping into his Octagon to train! But, great promo. Where was Cruz, Aldo, Edgar, Bendo, Anderson?

  6. Dan says:

    Mohammad Ali now Morgan Freeman??? Christ this guy is pretty ok with himself isn’t he??!!

  7. I would define you as Jonny “Chicken Bones” Jones ….lol

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