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Monday, 10/08/2012, 11:26 am

VIDEO | UFC Heavyweight Pat Barry Confronts Heckling UFC on FX 5 Fan | UFC NEWS

In the featured photo, UFC heavyweight fighter, Pat “HD” Barry took to a heckling fan last weekend during the UFC on FX 5 main card.

Turn the page to hear his explanation of the highly publicized event.


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20 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC Heavyweight Pat Barry Confronts Heckling UFC on FX 5 Fan | UFC NEWS”

  1. Waiting on Aldo vs. Edgar says:

    Good content, but the hair?

    • ian mearns says:

      I met Pat Barry in Seattle and he was awesome. I follow him a lot on his twitter and everything. He promised his coach that he would not cut his hair until he was able to get a submission win

  2. Unarmed Spectator says:

    Much respect… Pat Barry fixing the world one fan at a time. The best part of the video is how he says he calls people out on why they called someone pussy, thus making the heckler turn into a pussy themselves…

  3. Aaron says:

    So, this guy lost his house but had money to have floor seats to a UFC event?

  4. “Doctors…politicians”
    Does Pat Barry have a hatred for the highly paid or does he really not realize that the guy making an ass of himself probably worked a shit job–probably neither of the above in profession(as neither would lose their house)–and painfully uneducated.
    Yeah, those people are out there. But they’re the scum of society, not your leaders and people saving your life.

  5. Sean Plunkett says:

    Ignorance is bliss, wish more people were like this to ask There are so many people like that its sad…!!

  6. Tyler Smith says:

    wow pretty funny that pat barry would even consider commenting on some heckler this is UFC you PUSSY i hate pat barry and he is the worst heavyweight in the division in my opinion i would love to call him a PUSSY to his face and tell him what i think of his MMA career. hit me up barry upside down sunglass wearing pussy!!!!!

  7. Nunya says:

    Get rid of The B crew announcing UFC on Fox, Fuel…Put Pat in there!!!

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