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Monday, 08/19/2013, 07:06 am

VIDEO | UFC Fight Night 26: Travis Browne KO’s Overeem In the First

Travis Browne shot his way through the rankings on Fox Sports 1 last weekend when he front kicked Alistair Overeem and stopped him in his tracks.

If you missed the fight, check out the highlights above!

Siler vs. Brown
McDonald vs. Picket
Brown vs. Pyle
Faber vs. Alcantara
Browne vs. Overeem
Sonnen vs. Shogun


0 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC Fight Night 26: Travis Browne KO’s Overeem In the First”

  1. Jon Lazar says:

    Browne was great in hanging in there Overeem.. there were many time that he could have folded the tent and gave up… He did not !! He showed alot, and that was awesome to see… the same kick time and time again !

    UNREAL ! Congrat Browne !!

  2. Aha says:

    Rheem is proving to be a one hit wonder without his juice and looked more like a heat pump than a professional mma fighter. He somehow unlearned any skills he had to begin with and is now a one dimensional knee and elbow punching bag who sings take on me just before he goes to sleep.

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