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Tuesday, 12/31/2013, 11:38 am

VIDEO | UFC 168 Mystery Farter Exposed: Camera Man #4 To Blame For Broadcast Incident

Breaking news coming out of the UFC offices today.

With the 2013 year winding down to a close, the mystery of the UFC 168 farter has been solved.

The man responsible the the pay-per-view flatchulence is non-other than camera man number 4.

UFC President Dana White solved the mystery.

Dana White: @DanaWhite
“OMFG fart of the night will surely will go to cameraman 4, night is young tho! #UFC168″


0 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC 168 Mystery Farter Exposed: Camera Man #4 To Blame For Broadcast Incident”

  1. magoo says:

    Lol…. I thought that’s what I heard when I was watching.

  2. Miguel de la Pena says:

    Funny. I thought it was a fighter when i hard it.

  3. TypeYaName says:

    Anyone who says the second round went just like the first round shows how stupid they are. Silva was in motion in the second round and was throwing hard AFFFFFFFFFF shots! He also dodged a takedown if my memory serves right and if the second round continued, I woulda guaranteed that Silva woulda won. All of Silva’s first round against wrestlers looked just like it did here and the second round went the way it usually does which is he begins to stuff shots and be more explosive with his shots, picking and hesitating less and less, while getting more and more dangerous.

    • Nix says:

      Your f’n dumb and delusional….

      • TypeYaName says:

        And you have nothing to back up what you say, sooooo I guess that sort of solves the mystery of whether retards know if they’re retarded because you obviously don’t realize you’re too retarded to call anyone dumb and delusional. I woulda loved for you explain how i’m “dumb and delusional”, but it’s obvious you have the mindstate of a middle school child and can’t actually socialize in a mature manner. Anti Social ass bitchhhhhh LOL!

        • XxChAoS32xX says:

          You’re “dumb and delusional” because its obvious that you are an A.Silva fanboy, and fanboy’s are always delusional.

          It’s not like Silva fell down and broke his leg on the way to the cage. He misjudged Weidman’s leg kick defense, kicked at Weidman way too hard, Weidman checked the kick, Anderson’s leg broke. If Weidman had not trained specifically to defend against Anderson’s leg kicks, then the injury would have never happened.

          If you can’t acknowledge that the breaking of Silva’s leg was Weidman’s doing, then you are a “dumb and delusional” fanboy.

        • TypeYaName says:

          LOL! You’re a Weidman dick rider, stop lying to yourself. You’re obviously retarded. You touched NOTHING I said and your expertise at dick riding was shown in such a profound manner, look at yourself. No shit Silva broke his leg because Weidman checked the kick, Dumb Nut. You can’t even comprehend the entire shit I just said smh you’re retarded, let me dumb shit down for you now.
          Anderson Silva is 38 years old, 6 year, 16 fight win streak against the best of the best. He’s been fighting way before 1997.
          Then all of a sudden, in one year, he somehow turns the wrong way from a punch and is KO’d that quickly, then he throws a kick which he has thrown THOUSANDS of times and which has been checked THOUSANDS of times, yet he breaks his leg this time. KO + Leg broken. It’s pretty obvious that his body is beginning to fail and ANYONE who does not see this has just had a dick rider’s license for years and they’re now riding Weidman. Silva is 38 years old, 39 in 3 more months. If you seriously fuckin think that had nothing to do with that, then I want nothing to do with you because you’re obviously the “dumb and delusional fanboy” and are just projecting yourself through me. Now try to contradict what I just said, you can’t, know why? Cuz I speak FACTS.

  4. Jon Bugner says:

    OK 5 posts from BJ in the last 10mins and not one of them was serious in it’s MMA content goodbye BJ

  5. Ricky Chambers says:

    The quality of articles on this site has dive-bombed. A cameraman farting isn’t MMA news. Weidman having an open shirt isn’t MMA news, we don’t need to read the same Anderson Silva broke his leg story eight times. Wtf is going on?

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