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Thursday, 06/27/2013, 09:19 am


VIDEO | UFC 162: Anderson Silva One-On-One

Anderson Silva gets a one-on-one session of BJJ from heavyweight Fabricio Werdum and discusses the legacy of jiu-jitsu in both Brazil and MMA.


3 Comments to VIDEO | UFC 162: Anderson Silva One-On-One

  1. Semtex says:

    First – this is veeeeery old. Second – it’a s learning session from Werdum as the description has made it seem to be. Anderson just visits Cordeiro’s gym and they trade techniques. There’s a much longer video, in which Anderson is actually showing them tricky bjj moves and both Werdum and Cordeiro were shocked. Rafael even said Werdum: “Wow, Anderson is tough black belt, man!”. And Werdum was like “wow, he is”.

  2. Semtex says:

    NOT a learning session* – something f*cked up

  3. GRT 3000 says:

    looks like an awesome life man – warriors, good on em’…

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