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Thursday, 03/14/2013, 09:19 am


VIDEO | UFC 158: Jake Ellenberger Pre-Fight Interview | UFC NEWS

UFC welterweight Jake Ellenberger, who faces Nate Marquardt Saturday at UFC 158, believes his original opponent in Johny Hendricks took the easiest path forward by accepting a replacement fight with Carlos Condit instead of him.


One Comment to VIDEO | UFC 158: Jake Ellenberger Pre-Fight Interview | UFC NEWS

  1. Ddddddd says:

    I’m growing tired of his bitching. Did he see the way Woodley nuked Heiron? Compared to Jakes performance Woodleys was sweet. It would have made me make the same move if I was Henricks. Finally someone’s “corporate” enough a man to step up to a nasty matchup because Condit is one savy fighter that’s not just gonna stand in the pocket with no back and forth head movement and he would benefit in a big way outsmarting the guy that beat a guy that beat him last up.
    I’m a fan of Hendricks and Condit and I believe that they deserve to fight each other and Ellenberger got the matchup that made sense although I wish it would have been Woodley. If you consider what Nate did to Woodley I think you’ll realize why Ellenberger doesn’t want this fight.

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