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Wednesday, 01/30/2013, 11:36 am

VIDEO | UFC 158 CAMP: Georges St-Pierre (GSP) Gymnastics Training | UFC NEWS

UFC welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre, shows off his training routine on the tumbling mats.


16 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC 158 CAMP: Georges St-Pierre (GSP) Gymnastics Training | UFC NEWS”

  1. magoo says:

    The guys a freak… In a good way.I can see him landing a big shin to the cranium of Diaz!

  2. JOSE says:

    I really would have expected him to move better than he demonstrates on this video. I know how gifted of a fighter the guy is and all. I’m just surprised.

  3. IZrides says:

    This is only one of the reasons his knee will wear out faster than normal. One awkward landing on that mat, and next stop retirement.

    • Jaydee says:

      First of all, his knee is stronger than before the surgery.
      Second thing, have you ever stepped on this type of surface? It’s kind of soft and it’s much harder to injure yourself compared to a regular floor.
      This is less dangerous than regular training (wrestling, muay thai, etc.)

      • John M says:

        Jaydee the floor he is on may seem soft but don’t be fooled. I come from Springfield College where we have a strong womens and mens gymnastics teams’. The spring board floor can produce some of the nastiest injuries ever. In the last year we had three guys tear their ACL’s. Yes it may seem like a soft surface but the amount of force that is applied to ones body when they land during tumbling is about 300% of their normal body weight. GSP needs to be careful.

      • hendoooo says:

        soft, unstable floors are where some of the worst injuries can occur, especially when you are fatigued like GSP seems to be. Not bending the knees at the right time could make his foot slip and tear his MCL straight away. What John M has said is quite true, any plyometric exercise has to be done under extreme caution.

    • Nick says:

      You have to take highly precautioned risks to be that good.. Maybe thats why he looks like he’s moving with such caution. He’s getting the benefits while minimizing risks.. smart

  4. funk says:

    he does look slow, kinda like cj from gta

  5. Pijan says:

    Gymnastics is actually a pretty smart move for MMA training. Along with Capoeira. Two of the most underrated training techniques.

  6. Cam says:

    Maybe, he is moving slow to make sure he doesn’t injure his knee. Anyone who has seen GSP fight knows he is fast.

  7. Rick James Bioch says:

    This video could also have been taken when it was the 20th rep and not the 1st. Not a GSP fan but I’m just saying…

  8. meanjoejitsu says:

    Wow, I’m more impressed with his trainer, Firaz, doing a flip at the end….

  9. Jake the snake says:

    I guys, don’t usually comment but I do some casual mma/bjj training and have over the past 3 months been doing a gymnastic workout once a week for about an hour and have never felt more athletic or coordinated before. BJJ techniques come easier takedowns etc are easier and I am so much lighter on my feet during stand up.

    I highly reccomend gymnastics to everyone, just go slowly and dont try to do too much all at once.

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