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Monday, 12/31/2012, 10:30 am

VIDEO | UFC 155: JDS vs. Velasquez Full Fight Highlights | UFC NEWS

FUEL TV’s Karyn Bryant, Kenny Florian, and Daniel Cormier analyze an incredible night of fights at UFC 155 in Las Vegas, headlined by heavyweight sluggers Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez.


2 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC 155: JDS vs. Velasquez Full Fight Highlights | UFC NEWS”

  1. Charticus.. says:

    Say it ain’t so! Cain won the fight.. BUHAHAHAHA! Told ya jr was one dimensional Cain proved that and outstruck him! Hey junkie .. Who told u so boy!

  2. Yeah, not hearing too much from the JDS fans says:

    JDS,nice guy, was outclassed by the better all around fighter. someone said that if they fight 10x, they would split the victories….WRONG….Cain got caught at UFC on Fox 1. Cain will NOT ever get caught again. He may be beaten by a better fighter. But he won’t get caught. Cain is better than JDS, period.

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