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Monday, 09/10/2012, 10:44 am

VIDEO | UFC 153 Preview – The Killer Elite | UFC NEWS

This fan made trailer highlights the upcoming UFC 153 pay-per-view and is worth three-minutes of your time.

Hyped about this super fight betweent Edgar and Aldo?


8 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC 153 Preview – The Killer Elite | UFC NEWS”

  1. finally says:

    its not a superfight

  2. finally says:

    it’s not a superfight

    • Me says:

      How can you say its not a super fight? Sure the fight won’t be as big as a Anderson/GSP or Jones/Anderson but that’s because the lighter weight classes don’t get the respect they deserve. Frankie is a guy that has beaten BJ Penn twice, Knocked out Gray Manyard and in my opinion (aswell as a lot of peoples opinion) he won his last fight with Benson therefore it really is like a champion vs champion fight, sure Frankie may not have the belt but its still a super fight in my eyes and its a fight I’ve been waiting for!

      • MellowFellow says:

        its no how a superfight edgar won the title defended once to bj got in a draw his 2nd fight defended the 3rd lost it in the 4th people keep sayin he won. how so? all the stats show ben won fare & square both times. aldo has cleaned out his division frankie didnt come close. silva vs gsp is a superfight bkuz they have both ran there division for a very long tme. this is gunna be a great a fight but call it what it is. JUST A FIGHT

      • MellowFellow says:

        Its not a superfight by any means a great fight yes but Frankie defended his title 4 times & won twice & got in a draw he didnt come close to clearing his division didnt run it or anything & he lost twice to Benson no matter what anybody thinks the stats show Benson won twice fare & square. Now Aldo vs Cruz is a superfight they cleared there division just as dominant as Silva & GSP. a great fight hell yes but call it what it is JUST A FIGHT

  3. Devon says:

    Should be a great scrap. If Frankie Edgar can get out of rounds 1 and 2 and use his extreme cardio to work Aldo he might have a chance to get the split decision. But i see Aldo winning this fight because of his speed, kicks and TDD!

  4. d-squad says:

    it would be cool if aldos bbj came out in this fight and he got a submission and show why hes a bjj world champion

  5. FitchIsAGreedyCoward says:

    Aldo will get mauled and then move up weight classes against boring Benson.

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