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Saturday, 09/08/2012, 11:07 am

VIDEO | UFC 152: Jon Jones Pre-Fight Interview

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones says his UFC 152 opponent Vitor Belfort lacks versatility, but is a proven winner. Watch UFC 152 to witness what Jones says will be a “magnificent display of martial arts.”


40 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC 152: Jon Jones Pre-Fight Interview”

  1. Brent says:

    Hope jones gets KO’d

  2. Kenshiro says:

    Its gonna be a Magnificent KNOCK OUT for Vitor…

  3. JuST A FAN says:

    I hope (PUSSY) Jones gets his Head Pushed in!!!

  4. ballsackface says:

    lanky kimbo

  5. Pride > says:

    GOO VITOR !!!!!!

  6. Shadleigh says:

    Fukk JBJ!!!!

  7. Jayric says:


  8. Mr. Smith says:

    Vitor by punching hole through the skull!! Fuq Jones!

  9. Yosamitee Sus says:

    You guy’s are fucking delusional. No matter how much you may hate Jon jones, you know damn well he’s gonna finish Vitor Belfort. Just like Vera,Bader,Shogun,Rampage,Machida, and Evans barely made it 5 rds. I dont have any personal feelings towards Any pro athlete, nore do I let it blind my judgement of pure talent. A lot of you guys aren’t even real MMA fans. A real MMA fan is the fan that’s been watching long before the UFC started airing on spike. A real MMA fan respects a fighter based on skill, talent, and accomplishment. You guys need to grow the fuck up.

    • Zack says:

      dude. chill out. just because they started in later than you, doesn’t mean they are less of fans than you are. in that case, all of boston was never really a true fan of the sox if they weren’t born before 1901. before it was aired on national television…stop trying to prove how legit you are. no one give a f*^k

      • Yosamitee Sus says:

        I personally don’t give a fuck about how long any of you have been watching MMA,the Boston redsox,or how legit of an MMA fan I am. You completely missed my point. My point was that a real fan of MMA bases their opinion on objective reality and fact, as well as the god given talent of the fighter. You guys discredit great fighters based on your personal feelings toward them. How can you honestly voice your opinion on a sport that you don’t know the history of? You guys aren’t fans you’re MMA groupies.

        • Unarmed Spectator says:

          @Yosamitee Sus With that kind of logic everyone should follow JBJ, GSP, Aldo, JDS And AS. That’s retarded! Let people pick who they want to follow, if it wasn’t for diversity and character, MMA would be Kimbo Slice fighting some bum on the Internet. I hate people defending JBJ because he’s talented, so fucken what he’s talented be a role model. Help a fucken kid take the right track and make the world better.

  10. Drew says:

    Jones all the way vitor is older and slower do iv said from day one on this match the only chance vitor is slamming some kicks on bones legs buttt to finish jones if really like to see vitor get pushed up against the cage and try to push jones just enough were he can explode his hands on his jaw… If he doesn’t do these two things vitor will loose.

  11. Poopsmacjer says:

    Poop in a scoop

  12. Bjj BB says:

    I like jbj haters! Not only do i get to talk shit to them, there also making jbj more famous, no matter what he does in life and you haters not agreeing with him, as long as he keeps beating every1, thats all that matters cause he’s only here to fight and win! Ima huge fan of vitor, been since day one, but jbj’s range will be a huge problem and if jbj takes him down, well we all know vitor does bad when fighting a wrestler, this fight will end with vitor getting knocked out or vitor tapping, mark my words!!!!

    • korean jesus says:

      jones haters just lookin at something to look forward too. it aint rocket science that jones got a huge advantage over vitor. u dont have to be a prophet too…

  13. Bahamian says:

    Vitor by hulk smash

  14. sarge1_87 says:

    JBJ’s biggest advantages are god-given but thats not all he is….beneath that he is a Warrior which makes him even more phenominal then the Phenom and virtually unbeatable…but maybe the strategy you haters are trying to implement may help…maybe if he keeps reading all this hate mail it may make him get depressed and feel down on himself and not perform to his full potential and lose one day but I dont think it will be against Vitor

    • Unarmed Spectator says:

      @Sarge1_87 You might be a warrior as your screen name implies, but your wrong about JBJ. He is no Warrior, he’s a business man and he’s even said it himself. I don’t think he has Heart. I see fear in his eyes when he steps into the ring. He showed fear against Rashad thats why he didn’t finish him. That boy is scared, but is scary talented and that why he’s famous and champion. No warrior there bro.

      • Unarmed Spectator says:

        Hate it when that happens… Sorry I tend to stutter…

      • He’s scared because he only finished six fighters out of his last seven? Where was this fear you’re talking about when he finished Vera, Matyushenko, Bader, Shogun, Rampage, and Machida? Your logic is flawed bro. If you don’t like Jones that’s cool but your argument is stupid.

        • Unarmed Spectator says:

          @michaelrichardson I never questioned his talent, or his greatness. I said he’s not a warrior. Look into the eyes of some of the other UFC fighters, some you see craziness, some you see fear, some you see that burning desire to win. Those fighters with the desire rarely have the talent to compliment the heart. Size and strength does not make a fighter a warrior, just makes him a great fighter, add some character and heart that makes a warrior. Thats what I meant.

    • Unarmed Spectator says:

      Sarge1_87 You may be a warrior as your screen name implies, but your wrong about JBJ. He’s no warrior he’s a businessman, which he’s even said so himself. Every time he get in that ring I see fear in his eyes. He showed it against Rashad, that’s why he couldn’t finish him. JBJ is scared, but he’s scary talented, and that why he’s famous and champion. He no warrior.

  15. Jimmy joe says:

    All the people who hate jbj’s have a reason , he’s not humble, he’s arrogant , he drinks and drives, he chooses who he fights ?

  16. ASER says:

    I fuken Hate this dude, and im.not exactly sure whAt it is about him?

  17. Johny Ringo says:

    Either hes going for an omish beard or trying to copy Kimbo’s beard

  18. Danny says:

    Dudes rich as fuck, why he looking like a full on hobo.

  19. 123 says:

    I Think There Is Going To Be A Massive Upset, Vitor Belfort Will Knock Him Out & Then Jon Jones Will Get A Rematch & Destroy Him.

  20. Mike b says:

    Jones will not strike with vitor,no way….jones will try to utilize the same game plan that Tito and randy did.get him on the ground and break his will.i see Jon destroying vitor on the ground.not saying I’m rooting for jones at all but I just don’t see vitor hoping vitor can catch him and ko this coward…..

  21. Ddddddd says:

    The thing that sucks the most for
    me is John is debatably the most
    dominant champion we’ve had as
    Americans in a minute and I was
    hopin of all time. The tone that
    surrounds him is “ya John will
    win but I don’t really want him to”.
    Everyone believes in John as a
    winner but he seems like the hero
    that feels he’s to good to save us
    as MMA fans. I think everyone has
    high hopes for him and when his
    personalitie falls short it’s depressing
    not because he owes anyone but
    because it would be Awsome.
    I think everyone knows he could
    be not only the best fighter but the
    classiest American champ. Sorry
    for believing in you so much John.

  22. Shane says:

    Lol he thinks he fought higher caliper fighters the vitor HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  23. Bull4 says:

    Listen fuck that I hope vitor win 13-1 underdog $100 to win $500 I ‘ll take those odds anyday go vitor.

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