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Thursday, 09/20/2012, 09:25 am

VIDEO | UFC 152: Jon Jones Forgives Dana White Despite Never Receiving an Apology | UFC NEWS

At the UFC 152 open workouts, Jon Jones talks about his upcoming meeting with Dana White, why he forgives the UFC president already and much more


32 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC 152: Jon Jones Forgives Dana White Despite Never Receiving an Apology | UFC NEWS”

  1. makaveli says:

    Jones is a complete jackass! He should be the one who should b asking for forgivness from mma fans. This punk has no heart what so ever. He should be stripped of the belt for being a coward. He is a disgrace to the ufc and mma.

    • asdf says:

      Disagree..He is the champ he took the fight for Dan if dan had to cancel than he is under NO obligation to fight some one else!

      Good for Jon for standing up to the Man that doesn’t pay his fighters shit!

    • WildChild says:

      Makaveli you are full of shit! This is a sport where smart decisions have to be made, and not some back alley street brawl which you may think it to be to say such a stupid comment. Do you really think John Jones is afraid to fight? He’s a world champion you #$^$. It is not his responsibility to produce a PPV event and definitely not his fault that Dana White sets up only 1 good headline fight to sell a string of bad under cards.

  2. life is meh says:

    And I forgive you Jon Jones. It’s ok, we all make mistakes.

  3. Brend0magic says:

    Jones looks oddly relaxed and genuine here. And he comes off as a way bigger douche imo lol.

  4. Mike says:

    God he is an idiot. Dana has no reason to apologise. Jones just cant say intellegent things can he? Just a dumb kid.

  5. Po says:

    Seriously I didn’t even care about this shit head anymore , he is very a noise and dumb ass . But I will love listed to chael sonnen talk shit about this idiot

  6. Dan Rod says:

    That beard should be illegal.

  7. Jason says:

    What’s with this guy? He forgives Dana White for what? Wake up Bones, Dana signs your fucking paycheck. Dana needs to give him some tough love like he did with Anderson Silva. This guy is getting too cocky for his own good.

    • JON_BON_IS_RIGHT says:

      Dana signs his paycheck – but he earns his paycheck!! don’t just reiterate what every else has already saying – get a mind of your own. Dana gains more from Jones than vice-versa…

      • jordan says:

        sry bro but ur wrong on that one… dana has nothin to worry about he is the president of the ufc lol wat do most of u not understand? if shit hits the fan guess who doesnt get fucked ovr? DANA jones can talk his shit jus as evry1 else can but at the end of the day dana DOES hand ovr the checks and has one of the biggest say so’s in wat happens to the fighters. sum ppl jus need to accept the fact that they r employees and need to do wtf they r told to do like ne other EMPLOYEE would do

        • And some people says:

          gotta accept the fact that not all people listen blindly and let their employers walk all over them. If you’re an employee that allows that, hey that’s on you. But don’t try to bring down the guy who speaks his mind against his employer. Rampage was one. Tito another. Jones. Even BJ spoke up in the past.

          So if you’re a p ussy, stay that way if you want. But don’t make everyone else be like you.

  8. Graham Wardle says:

    Why do people hate Jon Jones. . What has he done? I’m totally confused, the same confusion when I saw lots of people hating on Rory Mcdonald. . WHY? Is it because they’re talented, successful and great at what they do? That’s the only thing I can think of. . I watch lots of interviews and strongly follow MMA and I never see anything that makes me want to hate this guy. Some people aren’t happy unless they’re hating on someone. . That’s obviously because hating is the only thing they’re talented at. . My advice, get a fucking life. . Moron’s!!!

    • life is meh says:

      Just because you disagree and don’t like someone’s attitude does not equate with hate. To not step up to a fight is dissapointing, regardless of whether you are required to or not. You may appreciate their attitudes, other people obviously don’t. You shouldn’t assume hate and jealousy and claim we are morons.

      • But it IS hate says:

        explain why Jones has received a tsunami of negative comments just because he decided not to take a fight on 8 days notice. When logic and reason fails to clarify the situation, hate is all that remains.

        Dude, it is truly hate. Not “dislike” either. It is hate. But props to Jon for not falling after all he’s been through. A lesser man would’ve fell. Jon is standing strong, and it’s easy when he sticks with truth, logic, and reason.

        Bring on the hatred.

        • life is meh says:

          Some of those negative comments are certainly due to hate, but many of them aren’t. Negative comments follow from what people view as negative actions. Whether you think it was a negative action or not, some people do. That’s clearly a rational reason, so turning to hate is premature. Learn to separate negative comments from total absolute disgust at anything the fighter does. If you look hard enough you can see anything you want to, that doesn’t mean you are being realistic or rational yourself.

  9. itsallnonsense says:

    I don’t see Dana apologizing sincerely.

  10. livingengine says:

    Did he say he is a Muslim?

    I was on his side, but that’s is not funny.

    BOOOOOOOOO on Bones.

  11. Shaolin_Guard says:

    You serious. from Christianity to Islam, with a biblical scripture written all over hes chest. . . . .you are becoming one massive living hypocrite Jones. let me Down. all through out your run youv e been praising Jesus etc now Allah. you really are becoming a douche. i hope vitor does smash his face in. for everything hes done so far.

  12. Dick Diaz says:

    i didn’t watch the video. i came on to here to comment on how hideous that beard looks…

  13. Mug says:

    Jones is a bellend, and some many people bitch about Dana, this wouldn’t even exist without him.

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