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Monday, 08/13/2012, 02:36 am

Video | UFC 151 Jones vs. Henderson Trailer | UFC News

UFC 151 Jones vs Henderson Trailer.

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14 Responses to “Video | UFC 151 Jones vs. Henderson Trailer | UFC News”

  1. fist says:

    you’re dead hendo..

  2. Xaninho says:

    Realistically this fight will have Jones as the winner. I’m hoping Hendo can drop a bomb and pull off an upset though. He’s one of the toughest out there.

  3. Tommy gunnz says:

    Hope hendo ko’s this motherfucker.

  4. Ryan Prieur says:

    I think jones will more than likely take this fight, but never count out Henderson! He rises wile in the roll of under dog and is the king of upsets.

  5. d-squad says:

    shitty card

  6. Irie nation says:

    Although jones will probably win cuz he’s good at keeping distance….I hope Hendo wins….guys a true American warrior

  7. Rob says:

    I think hendo goin land that bomb right on the glass jaw of jones

  8. stevo the great says:

    HENDO!!!!!! Please land that H-Bomb.

  9. David Rees says:

    it will be a good fight but a lot of people thought he was going to lose when he fought rampage , and he beat Henderson

  10. I remember when Hendo jumped on the jealous train and said that Jones isn’t genuine and he bashed his fight with Rashad just because it was the first one that went the distance. Afterwards Jones said “let’s keep it classy” and that he didn’t want to deal with the constant insults that he had to go through with Rashad and then all the haters were saying “there he goes again being arrogant because Hendo wouldn’t do that” even though he did and the video is even online. Of course though they’d rather ignore it because they want to have a reason to hate the guy on top. Fake ass mma fans love guys on the way up but hate them once they’re champ. Joe Rogan said it best when he bashed you angry at life losers. THE H BOMP ISN’T GONNA HAPPEN! I can’t wait for you lame ass excuse makers to come out.

  11. Pancho says:

    Lol so true. I don’t see a reason to hate Jones, he’s not even cocky

  12. Boom Boom says:

    Jones is a beast. Definitely favored by many in this one, and with good reason. But I’ll be more stoked about a Hendo upset and will be rootin’ for him. One of my fav fighters. Badass dude. Don’t ever count this guy out!

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