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Saturday, 08/18/2012, 02:58 am

Video | UFC 151: Dan Henderson Pre-Fight Interview | UFC News

Two belts in Pride. The light heavyweight belt in Strikeforce. There’s only one title missing from Dan Henderson’s mantle: The UFC light heavyweight crown. Hear why “Hendo” is confident he’ll take the crown from Jon Jones at UFC 151.

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21 Responses to “Video | UFC 151: Dan Henderson Pre-Fight Interview | UFC News”

  1. Dan Jenkins says:

    Come on hendo ya old bastard

  2. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    If i was a betting man i put my money on jones, but i want Hendo to win. I know Jon willbget it but i hope hendo finds a way to win.

  3. Bahamian says:

    He is an absolute weapon

  4. 757 says:

    He has the fighter mentality and personality that Jones should but will never have. That is why Jones will never be the greatest. He is always trying to put that in people’s mind by saying it. Guys like Hendo have put in people’s mind by just doing it and not acting like an arrogant entitled prick. Maybe after the fight they can go have a beer……….ah maybe that’s not such a good idea .

  5. R4j4 says:

    Really hope Hendo gets the win, bones losing his title to him won’t damage his career to him in any way cos he young and can win it back from him. Hendo winning the fight gotta put him as one of the best seen as he would have then be the only guy to win in a title in every top organisation. Hendo to finish with the h bomb, what a story that would be

  6. ctyn says:

    how cool would it be if Hendo did win and then dropped to fight Silva again and won that rematch? Yeah, I know, not going to happen, but that would be one hell of a story.

  7. RamRod says:

    I would love for Hendo to win and finish Jones in this fight. It would be perfect. But I know I will be watching this fight on mute since I get tired of Joe Rogans commentary since all he does is talk about how great and wonder Jones is. its sickening how he kisses this kids ass, Joe R is one of the reasons Jones is so cocky.

  8. danielrchargers says:

    Hell yeah, from the tiny clips i saw here, he is doing alot of Short, Explosive work outs.
    You know what that means? Take down defense baby… DAN IS KNOCKING THIS KID OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!

  9. Maru the Cat says:

    All I got say is “Watch out for the H-BOMB!” Once he connects, it’s lights out!

    Hendo seriously is one of my favorite fighters simply cause he’s so exciting to watch. He doesn’t go in there to win with points but to land his H-BOMB and KO the other guy. Just like Mirko back in the day.

  10. KIDD433 says:

    Hopefully Hendo can ko that dipshit and send him to the heavyweight division where he belongs.really doubt it tho,Jones is probably gonna win against another much smaller man in a mismatched fight.bullshit dana.feed him to Dos Santos!

  11. Clint says:

    Hopefully Hendo wins, Silva would move up to light hvywht for that fight bc that’s all he’s interested in is big fights with someone he knows he can possibly beat to take both titles. He knows he can’t beat Bones.

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  12. stoney says:

    I really hope hendo beats bones, but i don’t thing that will happend , hendo will come out strong trying to land h-bomb , damn i hope it connects .he’ll probably punch himself out get tired get taken down, eat a little bit of elbows and get submitted.

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