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Friday, 07/27/2012, 03:40 am

Video | UFC 150: Henderson vs Edgar Extended Preview | UFC News

Frankie Edgar wants his belt back but Benson Henderson isn’t planning on giving it to anyone – watch the rematch of their amazing first fight at UFC 150. Plus, Jake Shields and Ed Herman both want to crack the upper echelon of the middleweight division.

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19 Responses to “Video | UFC 150: Henderson vs Edgar Extended Preview | UFC News”

  1. Xaninho says:

    Frankie ‘the Rematch’ Edgar is going to get KTFO.

  2. StopandThink says:

    Frankie Edgar has proven one thing to me over the last few years, DONT COUNT HIM OUT!

  3. Bd says:

    Ahhhh .. The UFC jersey shore days .. Frankie was used as a marketing tool for guidos .. Nothing more .. Now that they lost relevance … Frankie did too

  4. Josh says:

    Anybody else hear Joe Rogan say Shields (whom I’m a huge fan) is the best grappler at 185? I think Rousimar Palhares would have something to say about that.

  5. Brend0magic says:

    Sheilds couldn’t do it at 170, doubt he’ll do it at 185 since Anderson would most likely kill GreaSP.

  6. What? says:

    Isn’t it hilarious that the losers of the fights would call it controversial? Sorry Frankie but I just don’t see it happening…

  7. 808 says:

    I think we’ve all noticed that Edgar powers up during rematches. The reason being is that his corner gets an opportunity to see what works/doesn’t work on the other guy. With world class coaches like Nurse and Almeida, they come up with the perfect game plan for Edgar to remain unpredictable with his striking and wrestling set ups.

    I was never really impressed with Henderson’s striking. He truly shines when trading shots while in the pocket but his outside striking is limited to that peppering jab and follow up leg kicks. The reason his kicks were caught in the first fight is because he was too predictable. Unfortunately for Edgar, he has very little room for error given the the 30lb weight difference between the two fighters; the guy has to work more for the damage.

    I had Benson winning the first one, but I’m seeing Frankie taking back the title. As long as he brings quick hands, good head movement, fancy feet, this fight should be money.

  8. Tincat says:

    Joe Rogan “Jake shields is in my opinion the very best brazilian jiujitsu guy fighting in the 185 division”

    I guess Mia, Jacare, and Roger Gracie have retired?

    Joe’s hype machine strikes again.

  9. Rondo says:

    Frankie’s da man he’s gonna finish Benson just like he did to Maynard the second time around. Ben ain’t giving Frankie much respect…. Bad mistake! That up kick was the turning point in the first fight, this time Bendos gonna have to work for the W.

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