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Friday, 07/20/2012, 06:05 pm

VIDEO | UFC 149: Nick Ring Talks About Stopping Mugging in Calgary | UFC NEWS

Nick Ring discusses stopping a “cowardly act” last month in Calgary, fighting in his hometown, his fight with Court McGee and more.


9 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC 149: Nick Ring Talks About Stopping Mugging in Calgary | UFC NEWS”

  1. B-rad says:

    wasnt a big fan of this guy when he was on TUF.. But after takin care of business with some dumbass kids… “I did it because it needed to be done” fuckin word!!!

  2. ballsackface says:

    he looks ill

  3. ry tay says:

    i’m glad he stopped those people but… am i the only one who thinks this dude is gay? not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  4. Pijan says:

    Took down 10 muggers….badass, dudes legit, if only he could fight better in the ring. (I also got a hint of gayness from him).

  5. Nuge Higger says:

    Hmm…not sure if he is gay or just canadian..

  6. Gabi says:

    I like that “either your brave or your not”. Lol.

  7. B-rad says:

    I bet he layed down the ass whoopin on some punk ass kids.. Probably snaped a few jaws and re shapend their noses! REAL LIFE SUPER HEROS: MILITARY, MARTIAL ARTISTS, and of course batman!!!!!!! cuzhetalklikehecantshitandthatscoolasfuck

  8. Xaninho says:

    Good guy. He might talk funny but he seems like a really nice guy.

    He helped those two people without thinking of his own health, or life even. What if one of those shitheads had a gun?

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