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Friday, 07/20/2012, 06:07 pm

VIDEO | UFC 149: Court McGee Wants Praise for Replacing Neighbor's Water Heater | UFC NEWS

Court McGee talks about his upcoming UFC 149 fight against Nick Ring, whether this fight will resemble their first fight on The Ultimate Fighter, why replacing his neighbor’s water heater deserves praise, fighting Ring in his hometown, and rebounding from his first UFC loss.


9 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC 149: Court McGee Wants Praise for Replacing Neighbor's Water Heater | UFC NEWS”

  1. Milkman says:

    You suck at fighting, go take up plumbing.

    • g says:

      He WAS a plumber – he wouldn’t need to “Take up” plumbing. Now kindly go fuck yourself

    • ry tay says:

      make yourself useful and go blow the homeless you fucktard

    • B-rad says:

      Yeah he definitly sucks,, so how many pro fights have YOU won? how many seasons of the ultimate fighter have YOU won? How many sponser deals have YOU gotton? Must be a lot if you feel that your so superior to a UFC vet, go play with a gun little boy

  2. ry tay says:

    love this dude. one of the coolest guys from the house.
    oh and i was at the last Australian UFC where court had a loss. some fucking people were yelling out some really disrespectful shit calling him a junkie and this and that. fuck them . i don’t blame him for not fighting up to his potential.

  3. Xaninho says:

    hahaha he’s funny.

  4. B-rad says:

    Court is a cool customer.. i was a big fan of him when he was on TUF, not the best fighter in the world but hes classy and respectful, and always comes to fight, how could anyone not like this guy?

  5. Randy says:

    Haha, gotta love the guy.

  6. Fuck this guy says:


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