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Friday, 07/20/2012, 06:35 pm

VIDEO | UFC 149: Cheick Kongo Blames ‘Worries’ for Mark Hunt Loss | UFC NEWS

Cheick Kongo talks about his loss to Mark Hunt at UFC 144, his upcoming opponent, Shawn Jordan, at UFC 149 and much more.


10 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC 149: Cheick Kongo Blames ‘Worries’ for Mark Hunt Loss | UFC NEWS”

  1. Tim says:

    Hes not really claiming worries for the loss. He is simply stating his mind set during his loss. Him and Mark hunt are friends. He wouldnt make any excuses. He congratulates Mark for the win.

  2. Clay says:

    I wonder if Kongo would do better at 205

  3. YeahRightMan says:

    This guy is just an awkward interviewer. Dumb questions, putting words in the persons mouth and you can tell by the looks of him he’s never played a contact sport in his life. In fact it’s a general trend across MMA media particularly at the press conferences to just generally be annoying and try to get a rise out of the fighters, and then miss quote them in the titles.

    • Robby says:

      Ariel Helwani is the best MMA reporter in the game. He did not make the title, the editor on this site is the one who made this title. Ariel gets the answers people are looking for.

      • YeahRightMan says:

        Lol, What answers people are looking for? Grilling him about his hunt loss for 5 minutes? No one wants to hear that, Congo has had many losses, why don’t we just get him to list everyone he’s ever lost to and what he could have done better? I’ll tell you why because he’s a nice guy and an entertaining fighter. This guy (hawani or whatever hes called) deliberately and obviously annoys him (and others) to try and provoke him to say something that will be worthy of a title that will get web clicks, when the reality is he’s(congo) talking to an annoying pen pusher who will put words in his mouth if he doesnt say anything headline worthy

  4. Brandon Nicholas says:

    I am impressed by Cheick Kongo’s character. He seems in touch with his feelings, is soft spoken yet clearly understood, and kicks ass! Such a relief after listening to Chael Sonnen’s rants. Although, perhaps I wouldn’t be as impressed if there wasn’t the contrast.

    In regards to the interviewer, his rephrasing of “worried” into “distracted” was kind, even if the two words feel different when embodied. Yet later, the verlierer plants some seeds of doubt by pointing out to Cheick that he has everything to lose, because of his fame, while Cheick’s opponent has nothing to lose, with only one UFC fight so far.
    I only noticed how horrible this reporter is last week, with him kissing Steven Seagal’s ass, and later criticizing Cung Lee’s asked for opinion that Seagal has done nothing for MMA.

  5. B-rad says:

    This man has single handedly changed a lot of stereotypes for French people!! LMAO its hard to say their all pussies when big bad Cheick is lurkin around there somewhere lol.. Always liked this guy, but he doest do well with wrestlers. He crushed Cain Velasquez in striking but got mauled with GnP.. If hes been workin on his TDD which he better be fighting shawn jordan, he will pulp up Jordans face by the end of the night

    • Mike cannon jr. says:

      I see.. Lol.. Translation.. Problems.. Who is this guy askIng these questions…..?.. Don’t friggin answer that… I’m gonna go outta my way not to know.!

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