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Friday, 07/06/2012, 11:24 pm

Video | UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen Weigh-In Silva Checks Sonnen’s Chin | UFC News

Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen weigh-in for the UFC 148 main event.

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131 Responses to “Video | UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen Weigh-In Silva Checks Sonnen’s Chin | UFC News”

  1. Some Guy says:

    Bitch move Anderson. Did Sensei Boobs teach you that one?

  2. Jon says:

    Wow, cheap shot. Can’t wait for this fight though. Sonnen looks good for someone who had to ditch 20 pounds. I wasn’t sure whether to buy into that or not though, but either way he looks a lot better than against Bisping.

    • Xaninho says:

      He has permission to roid up now. He was off the roids in his fight against Bisping.

      • T.DADDY says:

        Its funny how u say roids when it was TRT… He uses it just like the other. Fighters use is so STFU!

        • Xaninho says:

          He abused it before and he’s abusing it now.

        • lol Xaninho says:

          And you would know how? Dont tell me a friend of a friend’s cousin talked to him personally and he confessed right? Regardless none of that teaches you to wrestle or in fact out strike a striker….like he did.To take away credit where its do shows that youe probably never stepped foot in a gym unless it was Silva’s lockeroom to sniff Andy’s panties

      • ughhh... says:

        ur stupid bro…….. everyone brings up the bisping fight like its the only fight he had after the Anderson fight, remember Brian stan big boy? he was off the “TRT” for that fight to… dumbass.

        • Xaninho says:

          No he wasn’t.

        • nuthugger says:

          get Silva’s balls out your mouth… Dude, every single one of your comments are about Silva and how he is the best and how Sonnen is nothing but a roid head. Are you like a stalker or something??? I wish we could look at ALL of your comments and see just how sad of a nuthugger your are. I have never seen someone so hung up on a single fighter in my ENTIRE LIFE!! Thats sad.. are you in love with MMA, or just Silva’s balls??

        • Blake says:

          He’s never or or off trt he alway has to take it or he’ll die! And how the fuck would he abuse trt when he’s cutting weight….

  3. GRT 3000 says:

    That shoulder check was fuckin’ awesome! Chael’s going to be curled up in a ball crying now. ‘That hurt, I thought this was just a big show :( owiiiee!’

    Just little taste of more to come. WAR Anderson!

    • T.DADDY says:

      That was a fukkn bitch move.. I don’t care how much shit chael talks he didn’t hit anderson anytime but in the octagon.. looks like chael got in andersons head… Chael wins by tko in the 3rd

      • Zack says:

        No looks like chael got punked and froze up.

        • its a trap says:

          No, it looks like Silva tried to pull a cheap shot to get Chael to do something and get the fight called off. He did it at the press conference and now, an actual shoulder strike to someone who wasn’t ecpecting it?? It looked like to me that Chael wanted to kill him, but kept his cool because he isn’t gonna blow his chance of dominating this little cheap shot punk and snatching that belt from that bitch of a champ.

        • its a trap says:

          No, it looks like Silva tried to pull a cheap shot to get Chael to do something and get the fight called off. He did it at the press conference and now, an actual shoulder strike to someone who wasn’t ecpecting it?? It looked like to me that Chael wanted to kill him, but kept his cool because he isn’t gonna blow his chance of dominating this little cheap shot punk and snatching that belt from that bi*ch of a champ.

        • zack is a faggot says:

          Yeah… cuz Chael got punked and froze up his first fight with Anderson. He must be soooo scared of him…STFU you dumb piece of shit.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          looks like you can cram all your bullshit Chael theories up your crack. The GOAT just slapped your fake hero silly.

      • Sergio says:

        War is a war! bitch move is talk talk talk, Champ’s do that face to face!

  4. Milkman says:

    Cheap shot, good thing Chael didn’t bow!

  5. Chaelisdead says:

    Look at all of u little bitches crying talkin about cheap shot hahaha. U want some news? This is a cage fight not ballet. You all know and chael knows too that silva will fuck him up. Chael looks so scared he prob wish he didnt insult aybody now cause silva will make him pay. And chael will piss in a tube the rest of his life..

    • Majestyk says:

      @ Chaelisdead…We know it’s a “cagefight”, dumbass. It’s called that because the fight takes place in the CAGE, not at the weigh-in. I suppose since Silva knew he’d be spending the entire fight on his back, he might not have another opportunity to land a shot. He saw an opening, and he took it. Anderson’s chances of winning are even less than your chances of ever making an intelligent comment: None at all.

  6. Isaiah D says:

    Why the F have PPL allowed Steven Seagal the ability to weasel his way on stage?

  7. Yo Papi says:

    Bitch move. There’s the real Anderson for you.

  8. Wrestler66 says:

    Paul Daley got fired for less !

    • Anthony says:


      However, Silva should lose some pay over it. Sonnen did well not to retaliate.

      I can’t wait for this fight.

    • Nick says:

      Since when was a punch in the mouth worse than a shrug to the chin?

      • Wrestler66 says:

        Daley was all hyped up from the fight still and frustrated and Silva just thought he would try randomly attack Chael !

        • Xaninho says:

          No Sonnen has been insulting Silva, his family and friends and his whole country for two years while Silva kept silent and tried to keep it classy.

          After two years Silva has his adrenaline pumping and his hands are itching.

        • hazza says:

          If you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen

        • Xaninho says:

          True, Sonnen will be fighting his last fight today. After this he will no longer want to fight.

  9. blacksheep says:

    Silva kept all that sonnen trash talk build up inside him . and he’s letting it all out at once. im a fan of silva but even though he shouldnt have done that; it’s not surprising. someone talking about your wife, country, playing in the mud, opponents, fake belt. i think he handled himself well until the last minute.

  10. Xaninho says:

    He shouldn’t have done that. It’s not a good sign for how he will fight inside the cage. If he can’t control his emotions at the weigh-ins I’m not convinced he can in the fight.

    That aside I can understand he can’t wait to bust Sonnen’s face up. He almost knocked that sissy out with that shoulder check lol..

  11. Ufa says:

    Get ready for a GNP. Saliva will get a beat down again! All he learned is a shoulder check. What a puss!

  12. Bjj BB says:

    @ UFA, UFA you pussy!! Wow!! People saying thats a cheap shot is amazing, the man started talking shit! Then got personal, then took it wayyyyyyy past any line you should not cross, what does silvas wife or brazil have to do with them fighting? I understand promoting the fight but really?!! He went far and got chin checked for doing so, how is that a cheap shot? Sonnen was looking right at silva so its not like silva did it when he was not looking, FUCK CHAEL AND HIS PUSSY ASS FANS!!

  13. Nuitari X says:

    Anyone know what Silva said to Sonnen at the end of that clip?

  14. Paul Harris says:

    Chael looked like he was gonna cry

  15. mmaislandjunkie says:

    Sonnen went into that weigh in like an amateur with his hands down and Anderson treated him like an amateur. Sonnen better expect more pain where that came from.

    • what da fuq? says:

      “he went into that weigh in like an amateur”??? wtf are you talking about? He had his hands up for a STAND OFF, not the fight. This is the first time I have EVER seen a “champ” do something this disrespectful in the UFC or MMA in general. Its something that some meathead boxer would do in a stand off. This is a shame and the people who are rooting for this should be ashamed of calling themselves MMA fans at all. You want to see shit like this then just go watch a boxing press conference or WWE show…. gtfo

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        Just using chaels own words against him. No man should provoke another man for as long as chael did to Anderson and expect respect from him, that’s just pure nonsense. Was what Anderson did wrong? Absolutely. But its completely understandable and for chael to not expect something shows how clueless he actually is. Besides it was just a shoulder tap, if Anderson really wanted to be cheap he could have khtfo right there but he just wanted to send chael a message, and chael got the message loud and clear, he better be ready for a world of hurt.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          what up @island! some good scraps tonight. moment of truth for all these Chael psychos I’d say.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          wat up 3000?!?! glad to see the intraweb with less sonnen trolls! god is great lmao.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        what are you some churchy little bitch? quit crying. He gave the most disrespectful asshole on the planet a shoulder check. no less than he deserves after being such a prick for the last 2 years.

      • Xaninho says:

        Are you comforting Sonnen already?

  16. Judge Dreadz says:

    LOL@ Chael fans.. Thats what he gets for 2yrs Silva kept his cool with ppl asking him same questions about a clown that tapped. Disrespecting the Wife and Country= shouldercheck Ko… some “gangster” he didnt even push back now Silva’s in his head he had it coming now he’s innocent GTFOH! Sonnen already to scared now Andy just went Curitba on his ass lol dont cry now u dumb ass WWE Sonnen fans. (sorry for grammar just type dammit)

  17. Dave says:

    No TRT/Juice for Chael this time around he looks so small in comparison to last time lol. Better be on something esle or this fight aint going the distance.

  18. warrior808 says:

    Sonnen deserved it. I dont blame silva for what he did especially after all the shit sonnen has said about his family. cant wait for this fight!

  19. rondo says:

    enough of the idle chit chat,beat the clown down,no mercy just a relentless assault don’t give the man a second to breath,make him quit make him say uncle Chael,send this douchebag back to California or Brazil or where ever the fuck he says hes from…..WAR SONNEN!

  20. Tapitout21 says:

    What’s with the bitching stuff like that happens all the time at weigh ins it just doesn’t garner the attention cause it’s usually not one of the most hyped fights in mma history…this is not going to be a war style fight, this will either be a boring lay and pepper (Chael has no pound he can only pepper) with Chael going for a decision or it’s gonna be the Maia/silva fight all over again with Anderson taunting him and refusing to finish to prolong the embarrassment.

  21. F--K These B-tches says:

    Sonnen and silva have been blown out of proportion my man Lombard is gonna come in and show the UFC Middleweight Division for what it is paper thin !!!!!!

  22. wide frame says:

    Silva that was a Lame move. Fight in the cage. Clown hope you get your face caved in.

  23. tim says:

    1 of 3 of seagals moves

  24. DMAC says:

    Gotta love couch potatoes refer to fighters actions as “bitch moves”. Man the fuck up and stop acting like pussies, he shoulder checked him and Chael didn’t do shit about it, not even a attempt. I’m sure he’ll be fined cuz all the less then men are up in arms about a shoulder check but I’m glad he did that.

  25. Tim says:

    1 of 3 moves seagal taugh him

  26. Ptriple says:

    It was a cheap shot but not a big deal.
    I don’t get the fuss. I am a sonnen fan but oh no he shoulder checked him.
    I am surprised at how uncharacteristic silva is in the lead up.
    I think the shoulder shot heard round the world was cool. It was even cooler that sonnen just stood there in pose like nothing happened

    • Xaninho says:

      He was trying to keep on his feet… the chump almost got KO’d by that little shoulder shove. Talking to Rogan setting his chin straight lol

  27. Judge Dreadz says:

    Yea ppl if you think it was bogus watch again and keep rewinding at shoulder check part and think back how long he’s been talkin trash while doing so you’ll LOL!! Fuck that he deserved it lol ..Think about it my fellow Americans what if it was Silva disrespecting America….taunting Sonnen’s wife and family for fucking years .

    • not the place says:

      Never has a champ ever done some crap like this. Sorry, but if you hold the belt then you need to take it our in the cage and not at a prefight stand off. That’s come boxing crap crap right there. I understand that Sonnen has talked about his country and family but he did all of that before the first fight. I think that Silva is just trying to find a way out this fight. He cheap shotted him hoping that Sonnen would fall into the trap and start swinging and get DQ’d before the fight. He did the same crap in the press conference. I’m sorry but he is laughing and smiling all before this fight, but now all of a sudden he is Mr.Crazy with head and shoulder butts in both pre fight showdowns?? gtfo.. hes a scared little punk that deserves too get this beatdown tonight and all you little silva nuthuggers and go cry yourselves too sleep.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        looks to me that your the only little fruit crying in here…tk. it easy there choir boy. witto Sonnen’s gonna live after that big mean shoulder check. & remember he got approved for super juice, so he’s buzzing & prob. can’t feel a thing.

  28. Ptriple says:

    It doesn’t matter that sonnen was talking shit it’s a weigh in. They have a fight tonight. That’s when you hit him.
    It’s not a big deal but to act like its justified is stupid. Anderson said he was going to cripple him basically. Being that Anderson is the gfoat sonnen may be scared and justified in kneecapping him with a bat at the weigh in by the logic here.
    The indignation on both sides is gay.
    Sonnen by 5 rounds of hump n pump

  29. Tapitout21 says:

    Here’s the bigger question…where the fuck did all these whinning Sonnen fans come from? I didn’t here anyone defending him when he was getting choked out in seconds by Maia…bottom line is people are front runners and when Chael loses they’ll all jump on some one else’s band wagon. The only chance Sonnen has is to lnp he has no ability to finish. Anderson can finish at any time from any position. Lastly Chael fans claim he has worked his sub def and never think Anderson has worked his tdd. Biggest change no roids and a healthy silva… Chael I just hope one people realize Chael is a good guy off camera he just took the talk to far and had to take a beating now

  30. Ptriple says:

    I like sonnens schtick. Exciting in the cage he is not.
    I’ve been rooting against silva since the lietes fight. If he lost that division becomes so much more interesting

  31. James says:

    The excuses for Anderson have already started

  32. m says:

    More impressive is how many people showed up for the weigh ins. Looks like a sellout in there.

    And I gotta say, it’s a little bit of a bitch move but makes for good drama.

  33. momo says:

    wow like come on ppl Sonnen is not some average Joe he can f****ing take a shoulder check. everyone is acting like Anderson hit with with a wild right hook like come on now. even though i think Anderson will win i don’t think he will be KOing Chael with a shoulder check anytime soon let alone hurting him with it.

  34. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    The CHAMP is here everyone! The CHAMP is here! (in my Bundini Brown voice) Looks like Mr. Anderson wanted to send a message to let him know that the time is here after all that has been said, gone on and went down it looks like he is more focused than ever before with a heart full of fire. Here’s to the Brazilian for going gangsta’…WAR SPIDER WAR!!! One love from central cali’s “NO”.

  35. NovaUniao says:

    Whats up with all these pussies talking “Bitch Move” and “Cheap Shot”!? I can tell none of you have been in a fight! No real man would let a guy talk shit about his wife and be Ok with it while standing infront of him, unless your a pussy! Fucking grow some balls! Stop acting like all you fags know what to do when shit gets heated. Go play your video games or something and live in your fantasy world, fightings to real for you pussies!

    • Majestyk says:

      @NovaUniao….This is the UFC. It’s a professional MMA organization. That means that there are rules to be obeyed, and protocols to be followed. The fighters sign contracts which, not only specify purse size, but outline promotional obligations, and behavioral expectations both in and out of the octagon. According to your adolescent logic, “real men” shouldn’t control their temper, show decorum, or behave in a professional manner if they’ve been insulted. In fact, it’s just the opposite. A real man would demonstrate patience and self-control, and wait to inflict damage at the pre-determined time. You’re probably one of those people who saw nothing wrong with Diaz, when he decided to skip his contractually obligated press conference. Silva will probably be fined, but I also wish the Commission could fine YOU for being such an ignorant dumbass.

  36. WrestlingRules says:

    Come on man..that was just a little bitty love bump. That wasn’t anything. Silva is scared and trying to get an edge. Sonnen has dealt with bitches like Silva his whole life. He got in his head and now Silva is getting a worse beating than Sonnen gave Fihlo…..Oh and Silva DESERVES every punch and plant and head bouncing on the canvas he is going to get tonight. RIP…Silva FalsaDoom is no more…..HooRah!!

    • You Cant Be Serious says:

      Youre so dilusional. Sonnen has handled bitches like Silva his entire life? Its how you completely avoid the fact that Silva WON the last fight. Sonnen is an over hyped bum, whose let his mouth get him to where he is today. Silva is going to win again tonight. Od be willing to bet you, and all the CHAEL COCK SWALLOWERS will change your handle on this forum. IM NOT SURE WHATS MORE ANNOYING, CHAELS DILUSIONAL FANS, OR CHAEL HIMSELF.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        WRONG…I will use my same name Sunday and give you the brilliance of my analysis NO MATTER who wins. If Silva can somehow win, then I will agree that he is the BEST MENTALLY STRONG fighter in the UFC .. Will you do the same if Sonnen wins???

        • Nuitari X says:

          OMG, I can’t wait for your delusional analysis of andersons win. Who’s with me on this one? WAR SILVA!!!! and after you beat chaels ass make him cook you a steak WELL DONE!!!!!!

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Hey there husband of the year boy….and when Sonnen wins let’s hear your lucid analysis…..rofl….

  37. some dude says:

    Thats the only solid shot silva will land all weeked. That was a move of a coward.

  38. Opinion says:

    Anderson hasnt got where he is by being a dumb fighter who cannot control his emotions. I think he is pulling a reverse psicology to Sonnen. This was his taunt to get into Sonnens head, and I think it worked. Same as the one at the press conference and that whole speach about breaking his bones. This whole thing has been planned between him and his team.

  39. maurice says:

    after all this shit sonnen spoke about anderson, his family and his country, he’s lucky all he got was a shoulder and not a foot in his fucking mouth. anderson shoulder checks chael ONE time. which u can call cheap. chael punched anderson in the head over 300 times when his testosterone level was more then the hulks. i think wat chael did was much worse. lol

  40. Bjj BB says:

    @ majestyk! Your a crying lil bitch!! You talk about it being a cheap shot, the reason y i said chael was looking right at silva when silva did it cuz when chael took his trt juice no1 knew about it until after the fight, so you add up silvas lil love tap to what chael did with the trt and all the other illegal bullshit he did then tell me who broke more rules? And da fact that chael talked about his wife and brazil, but yet you wanna talk about mma rules and cheap shots? Stfu and stop crying about something this white trash, sister fucking, mother fucking, str8 country pussy as white boy had coming to him!! Id love to open hand bitch slap you for crying about this!!

    • Majestyk says:

      @Bjj BB…I’m not crying, I’m just laughing and shaking my head in disbelief at how ignorant you are. First, Chael never used trt “illegally”. Second, a conviction for money laundering is NOT analagous to taking a cheap, cowardly shot during a staredown, so it has zero relevance. Lastly, your weak attempt at justifying his unprofessional behavior because Chael insulted him is just a repeat of the same bullshit logic you used in an earlier post. Start getting your excuses ready. I’ll be back tomorrow to celebrate Sonnen’s win!

  41. Magicjohnson32 says:

    Okay we all know it was a little shoulder check! It was wrong for Silva to do that. They are professional athletes and grown men, they should know better! What Silva did was wrong he gives MMA and the UFC a bad look. There is also a reason they call it a “weigh-in”. The actual fight is for physical actions. It was wrong for Chael to say such things about Anderson’s wife and his country Brazil but few people actually know that he doesn’t mean any of this! Chael says such things to promote fights and get in his opponents head so they cant handle their emotions. If Anderson can keep his emotions under control at the weigh in, then just picture him fighting tonight! What Silva did was a crime and should be fined and kicked out of the UFC. That stuff is for inside the ring not the damn weigh-ins. I have never seen any UFC Champion do that before ever! If you think about it Anderson did that a day before the fight. If Anderson and his pansy fans think that he will crush Chael in the ring why didn’t he just wait? Anderson obviously is trying to call the fight off by trying to make Chael react in a physical harmful way towards him. (Him as in Anderson.) What Anderson did was wrong! End of story.

  42. maurice says:

    if anderson wanted the fight off he would have decked cheal right then in @MagicJohnson32. chael has a chance just like everyone else to beat anderson. but to act like the legendary anderson silva is scared of any man coming after his belt is nonsense. only thing good u said in ur post was

    “If Anderson can keep his emotions under control at the weigh in, then just picture him fighting tonight!”

    i forgot for atleast 30 mins straight about the fight tonight until i read this. LETS GO ANDERSON! PUNISH CHAEL AND MAKE HIM QUIT B4 ROUND 3.

  43. WrestlingRules says:

    What Silva did was his true character. He is a bully and that’s what bullies do. When Chael talks trash, its to get in Silva’s head and hype a fight. It’s not his real character. When Sonnen acts respectful and kind, that is his real character. When Silva acts like a respectful person that is not his real character and when he acts like a bully he is revealing his true self. That’s the difference between the two.

  44. Bjj BB says:

    @ Majesdicksucker! BUWAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA!! wow!! your such a hypocrite faggot!! so your saying that using trt at the rate of 16 to 1 is not in the rules of mma? and the whole money thing has nothing to do with him being in the ufc? then why was his license taken away dumbass? look i get, ur a fan of white trash and of course ur gonna back him up but the fact that u brought up rules in the ufc and say it has nothing to do with chael is fucking sad, thats like saying jon jones crash had nothing to do with the ufc, sonnen cheated with 16 to one and still taped like a lil white female, and got bought for the whole money thing, and anderson shoulder checked sonnen, buuuuuu fucking whooooooooo!! get over it, but don’t ever bring up this being a professional sport and all that when defending a guy who used try to cheat and got cough’t for other illegal shit, as long as your with the ufc, u have to carry yourself in a professional manner in and out of the ring! PERIOD!! so stop with your third grade lectures!!

  45. Sergio says:


  46. Bjj BB says:

    Aaaaahahahaha!! Bitch!! Chael lost like a bitch!! Now wat faggots!! Let me guess? They stoped the fight to early? Buwaaaaaaahahaha!! Fuck chael!!

  47. Sergio says:

    He ís so weak, Anderson give him just one punch and he lay down, SO FAKE, like Anderson said 1 year ago he did’t deserve the title shot…. STIIIIIIIIIILLLLL THE CHAMPHION!

  48. You Cant Be Serious says:


  49. Bjj BB says:

    I know right!! where the fuck are they, i bet wrestlingsgay and majesdicksucker are gonna change there name and act like there some1 else, CHAEL”S A BITCH!!

  50. Jpeech says:

    I wanted Chael to win, but I have to say Anderson showed why he is the best. I thought the shot looked illegal, but it wasnt just a great knee. I have heard that he was greasing and saw him pull on shorts, but that doesn’t change the fact that Chael got hit with a knee and got finished. Good first round for Chael but Silva finished

  51. Shameful says:

    Wait a bit. The Chael fans are gonna swear the knee was illegal and that it was a bad stoppage.

  52. Chael's syringe says:

    Damn! All legally juiced up and a shorter fight with the same result.

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