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Wednesday, 06/27/2012, 09:28 am

VIDEO | UFC 148: Silva vs Sonnen II Extended Preview | UFC NEWS

Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen, Forrest Griffin and Tito Ortiz – Four UFC superstars, two epic rivalries settled at UFC 148.


22 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC 148: Silva vs Sonnen II Extended Preview | UFC NEWS”

  1. rondo says:

    Nice the ass clown wants to speak English all of a sudden, should come in real handy when he's telling the ref to stoppa the fight,Chael win I no takea no more,my wife cooks the steaks for Chaels mediums raers,pleases stops da fiights….lmao

  2. James says:

    Sonnen is going to bring that belt home to American soil!!! War Sonnen, bring that front right out of silva!!

    • WrestlingSuxballs says:

      Chael SUX BALLS!!!

    • WrestlingSuxballs says:

      Chael sux balls!

      • WrestlingRules says:

        You’re afraid of me aren’t you decker?

        • James says:

          Can you go any deeper on silva’s nuts wrestlingsuxballs?? And to you wrestlingrules… I am far from a little liberal POS… I can’t wait to see Sonnen rip silva’s face off and eat it… Most of all, I can’t wait to hear all the excuses his little nut suckers are gonna make for him… I can hear it now, “Silva was injured”.. Silva’s only injury is gonna be his pussy gettin pounded in by Sonnen…

        • James says:

          Another thing…. Weak and coward, these words dont exist in my vocabulary

        • Clay says:

          Your pretty passionate about making a point that your not liberal. And that “weak and coward” aren’t in your vocab. Its because you’re overcompensating. We all know the truth

        • James says:

          Don’t even say shit clay. I’m sure since your name is Clay the running will come with the name…. You must be a liberal pussy since it sparks your interests so much.

        • Clay says:

          Attacking someones name (or grammar) is the easiest way to insult them. It’s like making fun of someone because of their skin color. It’s what you say when you’re not smart enough to come up with an actual intelligent insult.. Lol good one

    • HIIIPower716 says:

      chael is gonna get fucked up

  3. WrestlingRules says:

    Damn James…It’s beginning to annoy me that I have been agreeing with you now and then. I always that you were a weak, coward, liberal, eyebrow waxing homosexual, but I am beginning to think I might be wrong…..But you DID admit, on this forum, waxing that unibrow and I just can’t get over that. It just gives me the willies to think a guy waxes his eyebrows!!

    • WrestlingSuxballs says:

      You have got to be a closet homo! And Chael also suc balls!!!!!!!

      • WrestlingRules says:

        How does it feel to be you??? Do you still feel ashamed of yourself? Were you abused when you were a child? What makes you a coward? Why do you have so much self hatred? Go see a priest and learn to love yourself.

    • James says:

      I don’t wax… My girl cleans my shit up for me. I just said there is no problem with it

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Cool…I’ve come to see that I was wrong from the get go….I was pretty much a prick about it because you weren’t backing down and being an alpha, you know how we are!! Besides, I could probably use a bit of a cleaning up to… I know sometimes we’ll do things for our girls that we normally wouldn’t do..Peace…

        But I believe you like striking above wrestling, so I will still beat you up about how wrestling is the most dominant aspect of an mma fight!!!

  4. Night-Wind says:

    The truth is that it was THE JUICE what made the difference at their first fight. Sonnen was the same like he was against Nate. When he fought Bisping, he was a whole different man – when that Sonnen meets 100% Anderson Silva = THAT’S WHAT MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!

  5. -TheSilverSpider- says:

    LISTEN. Sonnen is talking WAY to much crap about Silva. He crossed the line way to far. Silva is now going to be putting a lot of hate behind his punches & kicks. I don’t think Sonnen will last long with him…He’s gonna get wrecked.

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