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Thursday, 06/28/2012, 11:11 am

VIDEO | UFC 148: It's Personal | UFC NEWS

Anderson Silva has fired back with his own trash talk and with less than two weeks left before the fight, this rivalry has reached an all time high. Watch the rematch between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen, Live on Pay-Per-View and on Saturday, July 7th at 10/7pm ET/PT.

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68 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC 148: It's Personal | UFC NEWS”

  1. mean170 says:

    ‘What has Anderson done that’s so impressive?’ He wins all the time, and will go down as the greatest fighter ever, no big deal.

    • danielrchargers says:

      yeah he only scares the living crap out of every fighter he faces and either Finished Every fight or Dominates it.
      hmmm i think Chael might even be close to double didget loses…. i dont keep track of him so i would not be able to tell you.
      Chael S. is such stooge kook boy.
      i dont know how Good Ol’ Jim Romme likes this fuck.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Did you realize that Sonnen beat the shit out of Silva their last fight??? Silva spent most of the fight on his back like the dominated bitch he is……So Sonnen sucks huh? then I suppose Silva sucks more by your reasoning??? dipshit.

        • Clay says:


        • Gabi says:

          Actually he said he was goin to submit him in that fight and did, he wasn’t fighting for his UFC belt, he has that on lock, he was more worried about getting his BJJ black belt. Anderson did what he said he was going to do and on a world stage, talk about no pressure right, and w messed up ribs (somewere broken right). He even called the submission. And that was what he did. He let Chael take him down at will because he was looking to get his sub in. Oh yea, the fighter who’s dick your riding was extremely roided out. A 16:1 ratio. Lol. He had the testosterone of 16 men and still couldn’t win. Lol that’s an even funnier failure. Why do you guys forget that minor detail? But when someone else uses its a disgrace. Lol. And I have no idea why he’s even being allowed to use again.

        • Xaninho says:

          Silva was fighting from his back and doing more damage from his back than Sonnen did during the whole time he spent on top. The mere fact he spent all that time on top without finishing Silva just shows how weak Sonnen and his game are.

        • JONES says:

          @wrestling loser nice name,,and all your comments are always soo fukin stupid…what has cheal done in his career? 1/3 OF HIS FIGHTS are losses…actually better then 1/3 i just cant do math 11 losses and 27 wins,..most his wins from decision..he is about dangerous as jake sheilds…typical wrestler//as soon as gsp turned into a wrestler is when he starting going to decision and suking like shit…he fought in shit club after shit club cuz nobody wanted his boring ass..then wec was taken by ufc and cheal big mouth was born…had the wec mw never came to ufc cheal would still be nobody bitch///the guys a loser felon

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          who won that fight? Sonnen will be hospital bound by second round at most. half the fighter when he’s not FULLY ROIDED UP. 3400 testosterone levl last time which equates to a 16.9 to 1 ratio which just a year ago was thought to be impossible. The man is biggest CHEATING SCUMBAG to ever set foot in cage. yes he will still be able to have massive elavated JUICE levls of 6 to 1 but he will be less than one third the fighter he was in last Silva fight even though he looked like he was hit by a freight train. look up what Silva looked like after fight compared to Sonnen. By the way Sonnen nuthuggers Sonnen lost the last fight despite thye nonsense you spew

        • WrestlingRules says:

          This obsession you and the Silva Zombies have on testosterone levels is really telling. What, do you think an elevated testosterone level makes someone an X-man??? Like Super Human or something. Your ignorance to make a point is pathetic. Have you been around people training and using steroids?? It doesn’t make you a super human. I know you want to believe that, but just because your ignorance wants to believe that doesn’t make it so. You whinny little bitches seem to think that someone takes a steroid and it puts them at 17:1 ratio and then they BECOME Godzilla??? You people are really clueless about this stuff. It’s just your feeble little zombie brain trying to figure out how Sonnen dominated your fake hero for 5 rounds. Let me clue you in zombies, IT WASN’T THE 17:1 ratio, IT WAS THAT SONNEN IS JUST BETTER THAN SILVA….

        • Kraig says:

          WrestlingRules, you really have no idea what you’re talking about… Are you seriously going to sit back and say that elevated testosterone levels are not going to give Sonnen an edge in the fight? Why do you think the NSAC bans these substances? Because they give an unfair advantage to fighters… Why do you think Overeem got suspended and couldn’t fight JDS? (with lower levels than what Sonnen produced)… If Anderson was to juice up before this fight, he’d probably punch a hole through Sonnen’s face. After Saturday, you’d best stop posting on here, because you’re going to look more ignorant than you already do. You should really invest some time in watching MMA, better yet, go back to watching WWE. I’m sure you’re a big Lesnar fan too

        • Kraig says:

          Hahaha… You’re seriously diluted my friend… Just because Silva was on his back, you think Chael dominated him? He sat on top of him, didn’t advance past Silva’s full guard, and pillow fisted him for 4 1/2 rounds. Go watch Hendo vs Silva, and see how Hendo did more damage in 1 round of ground and pound than Sonnen did in 5… If you believe this Saturday will be anything like their first meeting, I’m sorry my friend but you’re delusional. And to think that Anderson has never spoken out as aggressive as he has before this fight, Chael has got to be worried. I know deep down he knows what’s to come… Sonnen isn’t even an accomplished fighter in the UFC… he barely scraped by Bisping in a debatable win, he got himself to the position he’s in by trash talking and winning over the media and casual MMA fans. Because he beat Nate Marquardt he got a title shot? Where is Marquardt now? Oh yeah… Strikeforce… That speaks volumes.

  2. some dude says:

    I cant wait for sonnen to get the belt and get a real challenge this fight is way to easy for chael I dont even think im going to watch it I mean it will be sonnen beating a dead horse.

  3. truths says:

    Chael is fucked.

  4. Lino says:

    Chael talks all this shit, and can’t even look Anderson in the eyes in the stare downs and in the cage. Phael knows he has already lost!

  5. maurice says:

    chael loses and goes back into his hole. anderson wins and its just another day in the office.

  6. SONNEN1 says:

    MEDIUM RARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Xaninho says:

    It’s on like Donkey Kong! lol

    • WrestlingRules says:

      I cannot believe you dug up an 80’s slogan…lmao..

      • Xaninho says:

        Haha! I know it’s cheesy as fuck, but it sounded appropriate and funny.

        People have all gotten a bit too serious on here about this subject, me included ofcourse.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          I literally laughed out load…I couldn’t believe you were actually being funny about this topic….It was a nice change…….Sonnen will still retire this one trick spider pony…hehehehehehe

        • Xaninho says:

          Well I guess you’re right….

          He does do only one thing in every fight….Winning the fight!

          I bet you’d like Sonnen to have the same trick under his sleeve, but he hasn’t..

          Sonnen’s best trick is tapping and losing the fight.

        • JONES says:

          1 trick yo fag…he wins by sub and ko…not to mention fukin cheal should not even be getting another shot,nooo not cuz he is a cheat and juicer but because he lost to bisbitch…bisbitch should be getting his ass kicked by silva…im worred silva is just going get dq cuz he want to hurt this fag so bad….he is going use steven seagal movie shit

        • WrestlingRules says:

          @JONES – I just like reading your posts man. I REALLY would like to see the Seagal move shit moves in this fight…That would be awesome. It would really make my day, punk.

  8. Str8edge says:

    Anderson makes some weak threats that have to be translated cause he’s too stupid to speak English and all of a sudden people think his skills are magically gonna get better. Lol all I hear is a pissed Anderson bitching n shit talking cause he’s afraid to get roughed again.

    • Xaninho says:

      So I guess besides English you speak 4 more languages?

      Ofcourse a man of the world like you must be smart enough to eloquently speak your mind in more than just English!

  9. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    So becuase A. Silva ahsn’t adopted our language that in your SIMPLE mind that makes him stupid. I guess you had no problem learning Portugues then or the maybe it is you that is STUPID. A. Silva has more class and skill in his pinky finger than you could muster up in 1000 lifetimes. Look in the mirror and read what it says LOSER

    This may be first time we get to see someone actually die in the UFC cage. A. Silva is going crush CHEAT ROIDER Sonnen but we should all pray the ref doesn’t stop it too fast. A silva is going break bones and make Sonnen scream like a bitch

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Are you an American??? Yes, then WTF is wrong with you rooting for narcissitic one trick pony? Are you a fuckin’ traitor bitch??? You disgust me you coward. You don’t love America and American fighters than GTFO!!!

      If you are not an American, then never mind, please disregard above comment.

      • Twotone says:

        I don’t see how you keep calling Silva one trick. There are alot more ways for him to win. Its sad that Sonnen’s best chance to win is to survive for 25 mins against a REAL fighter

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Survive huh? Is that what he did last time? I don’t even care if Sonnen wins or loses, I just want to see Silva get beat up for 22.5 minutes or 24 minutes or 25 minutes. With Sonnen pounding on him again. How does a Silva Zombie like you get over the fact that you think Silva is the best of all time and a guy that you think stinks beat him up for 5 rounds?? How does you mind process that without exploding? BTW I’ll be in Vegas late August and I WILL look you up. Perhaps I can learn something from you about fighting. Mica Gym right?

      • Sheeple says:

        Im ashamed to be an american. This is prime example of how america brainwashes its ppl.

        • Sheeple says:

          Response to wrestlingrules @ 4:37

        • WrestlingRules says:

          no the brainwashing is thinking that America isn’t the BEST in THE WORLD….Have you ever read our Constitution? I already know you haven’t because you would have never said what you did. I am ashamed of you as an American to be so unpatriotic. You obviously have ZERO idea what it is like around the world. If you had, you would scream from the highest mountain HOW GREAT AMERICA IS!!! No, the brainwashing is that you have accepted all the liberal bullshit that has been fed to you your whole life. You have been given liberal poison and now you are ashamed of America. You are the brainwashed one kid..wake up before its too late..

        • Gabi says:

          And you would know that dumb asses like you are the reason we are hated everywhere right. And it says that all men are created equal in the constitution right? So are people from other countries not men? (side note Anderson lives in the US most of the time so he pays taxes just like you and I so it is diffenitly not a US vs Brazil at all) Your lover has to juice just to be able to fight and be normal man. Lol. That means he’s a pussy. Like people who drink and get liquid courage. Lol. Admit it Chael is a dumbass, cheater, biggot/racist, and over all sub par fighter. And this has nothing to do about being a patriot blah blah blah. It’s a fight between 2 men (one man and the other isn’t a man because he needs roids to just be a man and admits it). Country shouldn’t matter at all in this fight, if anything it’s become a personal affire because Chael has made that way w attacks on his family and saying most ignorant things about Brazil (things that aren’t even close to true, like if Brazil is some shit hole country in Africa). Sure Brazil has some rural third world parts just the the US had its parts that are pretty close, those parts in Brazil are set aside for the indigenous Indians, they didn’t get so exploited like ours did, the Portuguese were a little more kind, that’s just historical fact. You know what I’m talking about. We all live in the Americas in the first place as well as it not an Olympic event or a US vs Brazil. Not being hyped as that at all. The last US vs Brazil themed event was in Brazil. It’s just a fight in the UFC nothing more to it, so stop making it more then it is. How chicks make everything more then it is. Like Chael you have a women’s mentality. Making something out of nothing and taking it to an extreme as well as being ok w a person using some medical thing to gain an advantage. He needs no TRT really. You can say because your on the lower end of what’s acceptable to get trt’s w the right doc. It’s simple, he lost the first fight and lost while on roids at an extreme level not needed for any man. And coming into the second fight he’s still using roids and is being allowed too. He gets nice rich people/superstar (even though he’s not) treatment, even w the criminal act he committed. I have no clue how he avoided jail time (and any other fighter who gets into legal problems for something less is a disgrace, how does he get a pass?) So your rooting for a criminal, roid abuser. And bigit/racist

        • WrestlingRules says:

          @Gabi – would you shorten your responses some. I start reading them and then I just kind of nod off and go huh, what, and then quit reading. I have a question for you, you can sure write, in real life are you like quiet as mouse??

      • Nuitari X says:

        I’m an American and if Chael Sonnen is who we have representing our country on the world’s stage then its a sad day for this country. The bottom line is: Chael Sonnen is probably one of the best things to ever happen to this sport as far as promoting and selling tickets however, he is probably the WORST thing to ever happen as far as making the sport look respectful and making Americans look respectful. This isn’t WWE Sonnen, and you are not a true fighter. Get ready to fall off the map.

      • You Cant Be Serious says:

        One trick pony? Cmon i know you hate the guy but even you dont really mean that. Hes got the best Boxing in MMA. The best Muay Thai in MMA. His clinch game is one of the best. Hes the most accurate striker, and his BJJ is a ridiculously high level. He said he was gonna make Sonnen tap weeks before the 1st fight, and we all saw how it ended. Its great that you root for any american, very admirable. If any fighter in thos fight is a one trick pony, its Sonnen. Hes a wreslter, and thats it. Hes a phenominal wrestler no doubt. Silva will win this fight.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Silva is a good fighter, very reactive and quick. He is not the best boxer in mma, but is a very good counter-striker. He is not the best MT fighter, NOR the best juijitsu fighter. He sucks as a wrestler (btw: all you zombies, That is ALL he has been doing in this camp, matter of fact, that is ALL the Brazilians are doing lately) Silva is very very good at transitions maybe the best. You have to admit that during Silva’s time at MW, it has been one of the weakest until Sonnen came and beat him up. There is no way he will be considered the best, because he fought weaker fighters. It will be GSP, he has fought the toughest and its been the best division in his time. Jones may be the next.

          Silva has one of the worst Characters of all the champs, As a human being he is a douchebag. That;s what I don’t like. It is his beliefs. not him.

  10. ya herd says:

    so much hype, just fight and thats, that!

  11. SONNEN1 says:

    AFTER the win Mrs. Silva will give Sonnen his stake MEDIUM RARE!!!!!

  12. SONNEN1 says:

    MEDIUM RARE, to celebrate W

  13. some dude says:

    Dont you all remember the first fight sonnen has the record for most punches landed in a fight against silva, silva got lucky and now his time is up.

    • Doos says:

      hahah all those hits and he still lost

    • majestyk says:

      Not only the most strikes (320), but DOUBLE the strikes landed by all of Silva’s previous opponents COMBINED. That’s called “octagon control”. A last second triangle is simply luck, and Silva’s has run out.

      • Nuitari X says:

        Don’t you people get it? It’s not about anderson, chael or any fighter in particular. It’s about the art of fighting, a man can get beat on for a long as he can stand, 25 minutes or otherwise but if you get caught in a choke even if you wanna call it lucky then that’s all it takes. It means GAME OVER. It means if it were on the street you’d be DEAD. That’s real fighting and that’s all that matters.

      • Xaninho says:

        I laughed out loud when I read your comment. You keep calling those bitchass pitterpatter slaps ‘strikes’ !

        300 ‘strikes’ and he still couldn’t finish him? That’s cause he’s WEAK, even juiced up he is too WEAK to finish Silva with 300 strikes hahahah! Man you only prove how weak Sonnen is with your stats.

      • Rodriguez says:

        @majestyk Are you stupid or something? Submissions take a lot of technique and skill to be able to do! You don’t just grab someones head and immediatley submit them dumbass! It’s not like a knockout where you can land a lucky punch (ex: Franklin vs. Liddel) There is no such thing as a lucky submission! Bitch!

  14. Nuitari X says:

    Don’t you people get it? It’s not about anderson, chael, or any other fighter in particular. It’s about the art of fighting. A man can get beat on for 25 minutes or how ever long he can stand, but if you get caught in a choke whether you wanna call it lucky or not then it’s GAME OVER. If it were on the street it wouldn’t matter if he got beat on for 2 hours cause once that triangle sunk in the man would be DEAD. In a fight this is all that matters kill or be killed. WAR SPIDER!!!!!!!

    • Nuitari X says:

      WTF is up with this site lately? I post a comment and it doesn’t show up for like 10 minutes, so I go and post another one cause I think it’s not going to and all of a sudden after I do then BAM there’s my other post.

    • Kong says:

      They don’t get it. A steroid abusing piece of shit beat up a guy with a broken rib. These people have respect for a cheater it’s pathetic. And the UFC is trying to call this garbage the American gangster haha, that pussy ain’t never gang banged in his life. He has probably been gang banged in the throat a few times.

  15. Captain Crunch says:

    I don’t care who wins. I’m just hoping to see a five round war!

  16. WrestlingSucks says:

    Yeah Silva was laying on his back for 5 rounds and didn’t even have a scratch on him when the fight ended, while Sonnen face was cut up and leaking blood all over. LMFAO!!!!

  17. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    If americans are anything like Sonnen or wrestling sucks then its a sad day to be an american

  18. dave says:

    silva is ging to kill sonnen…i believ he was hurt,,and silva under estimated sonnen and did not take him that serious (like all his fights) but after ast fight anderson has trained very hard and is mtivated…and i have talk to some people very very very close to anderson and he has promised that if he loses this fight that he will retire,,unless he is dq,,he is planning on getting dq he just wants to end sonnen career…he is ready giveup foghting now anyways the way ufc let sonnen run his mouth…if anderson losses farily and cant mame cheal he is goiung retire…this is inside info

    • Nuitari X says:

      The dumbest thing anderson could ever do for his legacy is to purposely get disqualified in this match. I know he said a lot of shit about breaking bones and teeth but he better get a hold of himself come fight night. If he wants to give sonnen a real beating and humiliate him then fine, I think he can and will, but if he crosses the line and does some dumb shit it’s gonna be a sad day for anderson and mma fans everywhere.

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  20. Get Rid Of Bitch (right now) says:

    Get a life you pathetic loser, your on this site posting every second on every article like this shit is Facebook. LMFAO. Loooooooooooooooooser

  21. Bruna Zepeda says:

    Sonnen won against Bisping but by a narrow margin. Bisping is no contender. If I wanted to watch someone get smothered then i would be watching wrestling. if i wanted to watch wrestling i would be watching WWF. This clown has no power in his punches, I think his words hurt more than his punches. if you watch his fights he gets choked out in most of his losses and then cries about it. He pretty much taps out and then cries to the ref telling him he wasnt tapping out. He chokes out Brian Stann and he cries that being choked out by Silva is not a loss. What a little bitch. I dont know why takedowns are marked as points in favor, seems to me all you have to do is take someone down and sit on him for most of the fight and you win, not something I like to watch. This clown needs to go back to the wrestling organizations. Thats where roided out clowns belong. and if they are still letting him use roids then there ya have it, and thats why he can smother his opponents and punch them with his bitch punches that never really hurt his opponents, and never get tired out the way we see normal mma fighters get tired. Im tired of watching this clown and its going to be a pleasure to watch him get knocked back into the wwf or wherever he came from just like Lesnar. Dana White needs to concentrate on looking for better more skilled fighters. but Clowns like this guy is fun to watch get beat up if only for a little while. I dont care what country you come from. theres a lot to learn from all cultres. we should frown on racist people like this and not applaud them. Thats definateley why the UFC is not taken seriously and its because of clowns like this being left to run their mouth. Sonnen will probably win but only if he roids up a little more than hes allowed. theres only one way that someone can have cardio forever, theres only one way that someone can eat a knee to the face and not be fazed, and theres only one way that someone can survive chokes like Sonnen and thats by roiding up. even though he taps out he still looks like he can go another round. only druged up people can keep on going even they have part of their face missing. if you look at his record youll see why silva said submission. and if you watch his fight videos youll see that he never learns and he always gets choked out in almost the same way always. thats probably why cops beat down on people who are on drugs

  22. WrestlingSucks says:

    Damn you guys really have no lives do you? LMFAO!

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