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Monday, 07/09/2012, 03:54 pm

VIDEO | UFC 148 Highlights | UFC NEWS

Relive every punch, kick, takedown and knockout from the historic UFC 148


9 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC 148 Highlights | UFC NEWS”

  1. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Typical. Anderson cheated he rubbed the grease from his face to his body, then he pulled Chael sonnen’s shorts. Anderson knew he couldnt beat Chael without cheating so he cheated.

  2. Fuck chael p says:

    Chael fans can eat a dick n die

  3. I'm a dork says:

    Man, even I can beat Chael Sonnen. Forget learning martial arts, everyone. The ONLY things you need is 50 cent vaseline and to grab his shorts for a second. Then you can win.

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