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Friday, 07/06/2012, 05:35 am

Video | UFC 148: Cung Le Thinks Seagal Has Done Nothing For MMA And Frank Shamrock Should Be In The Hall Of Fame | UFC News

At the UFC 148 workouts, Cung Le discusses his upcoming fight against Patrick Cote, Steven Seagal’s role in MMA and more with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani. Le also believes Frank Shamrock should be in the UFC Hall of Fame.

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46 Responses to “Video | UFC 148: Cung Le Thinks Seagal Has Done Nothing For MMA And Frank Shamrock Should Be In The Hall Of Fame | UFC News”

  1. Papi says:

    Cung: Thats uhhhhhhh Steven Seagal
    Helwani: ‘Sensei Seagal’ (and I am licking his balls while I say it)

    I agree with Cung, I could be wrong though. Helwanis dick sucking just irked me and I want to blast that nose…

    • Reality says:

      For real though.. Helwani asked him a question and he gave his honest opinion. Never disrespected anyone though. Ariel looked like a jackass there. If he asked his thoughts on how legit he thought he was there may have been a different answer. I think Segal is legit but I understand and respect Cung Le’s response…he’s actually right. As for Segal taking credit for certain things in SIlva and Machida’s camps I can’t disagree since SIlva and Machida did not disagree.


      did this pussy ass little bitch just tell Cung Le he was disrespectful? Boy shut that bigass fuckin beak nose of yours before an alpha male spinning kicks that huge jewnose off along with your fuckin head. fucking faggotass bitch helwani how does this fool have this job he must have blown off hella fighters and producers hahah this pussy is a joke hes a little bitch and would get broken into pieces and raped by anybody this fools a little beta bitch. no wonder every fighter hates this little weasel jew fuckin toucan sam looking motherfucker show some respect to a real motherfucker that can knock your teeth down your esophagus and put you in a coma you little bitchass get that hugeass nose outa seagal fat asshole. fuck ariel helwani im out.

    • california grown says:

      traditionally, only a student of a master would call them ‘sensei’.
      the wannabe ‘student’ prolly repeatedly watched ‘hard to kill’ or one of the other three word title ‘action’ films staring fat bastard.
      if the ‘master’ was teaching the ‘student’ anything, the small joints in his hands would be so busted up he wouldn’t be able to hold the mic.

      thank you for reading, and please keep the violent racist comments to yourself.

  2. fedor sucks says:

    This interview showed how big of a toolbag Helwani is.

  3. NiggerDick says:

    Seagal hasn’t done shit for mma, all he’s done is worm his way into the Black House inner circle and took credit for a couple of kicks, he’s a fucking joke just like his bullshit movies.

  4. Xaninho says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as giving Seagal credit for some of the eovlution MMA is undergoing.

    I can imagine he’s giving Anderson and the rest of the guys at Blackhouse a few new perspectives on some underexposed techniques that are pretty useful in MMA though.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      WHAT…that front kick is a basic kick in all karate!!!! What the hell do you train at all??? You are a karatee fantasy boy aren’t you??? Holy Crap. I can’t believe you said that shit!!! I wrestle and box and that is a basic front kick dude…get OFF that shit you sell…..

      • Xaninho says:

        I know it’s a basic kick. I never said it was something special, but it was also a highly underutilized kick in MMA.

        Sometimes people that have been in a form of martial arts competition for a long time tend to forget about simple techniques that could be very useful.

        Ever since Anderson knocked out Vitor with it, you see at least one frontkick thrown every fight. Seagal might be the outsider with a fresh look on the subject. Just reminding fighters about some little things.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          The reason it is underutilized is because IT SUCKS. It is irrelevant to a good takedown or a punch on the face. I give Silva and his team credit for practicing that but it was only because the gameplanning they did by watching Vitor film and seeing where he bends forward with low hands and wide open. How many punches were thrown in the the first 3 minutes of that fight? Like 3. Vitor had no idea that you don’t give a counter-puncher time to sync in your movements, Sonnen isn’t going to let Silva time him. He’s going to pressure him and take him down and then he’ll tko that dude in the second Silva will be so drained from his anger that he will get ragdolled and beat up. It’s going to be a worse beating than what Sonnen did to Fihlo.

          That front kick is a wrestlers dream dude….

        • Reality says:

          Not that front kick. Nobody in the cage has accomplished a KO from a front kick except SIlva in that fight. It’s not a typical attack. Everybody saw it so now they’ll look out for it. I doubt he would use it on Sonnen tomorrow night just because I’m sure Sonnen will do everything in his power to avoid it.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          That’s what I mean, it’s irrelevant otherwise people would be using it all the time. It is a freak move of a fight and he lucked out on Belfort, He times it and he was lucky Vitor had no idea and frickin gave him over 3 minutes to get his timing down. Vitor just danced around him and that bitch Silva won’t engage, he waits for the other guy. I don’t see how you guys like this coward.

        • Twotone says:

          A takedown would definitely be stopped by a front kick but the “downed opponent” rule saves you crotch sniffers… Its embarrasing watching you guys in 3-point stances because youre fuckin puss and couldnt defend it

        • Xaninho says:

          Wrestlers are done in MMA. They’re one trick pony’s, the real fighters have their number now.

          All you need is a good takedown defense and a bit of mediocre stand-up skills to beat a wrestler.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          @TwoTone, its obvious you have no clue. That front kick is an EASY handle to dump any fool who tries it on a wrestler. Also, aren’t you a juijitsu player? Dude, you talking about wrestlers?? The juijitsu boys look like one person there so up in each other’s shit!!! Rolling around with each other…Come on now… JuiJitsu is such a feminine discipline. Whereas wrestling is such a masculine discipline. It’s a yin-yang thing….You disagree???

  5. charlie says:

    Ariel. I get the joke. Im sorry the other commenters failed to.
    Helwani was obviously playing the part of the naive mma fan in order to get a response out of le. He made that very clear when he joked “now its going to be awkward between us”

  6. Kryptonite says:

    I was kind of thinking that he might have been joking but it was awkward and he didint let up. Im thinking Ariel was actually offended. Did he maybe train with Seagul??????

    • Reality says:

      Nah, I think he just likes him a lot and has heard others(who are probably not as credible as Cung Le) make comments about him too. Cung Le’s answer was respectable though. He’s actually a traditional martial artist and I think Ariel should have asked a different question more pertaining to his thoughts on Seagal rather than his impact on the MMA world.

  7. mj says:

    Guys, Charlie is right. Ariel is not a fan of Segal and if anything is “off put” by his weird character that he tries to project every interview. Just watch the Ariel/Segal interview and you will see how he feels. lmao. Oh and Segal is a joke, taught Anderson Jack S%#T and has never worked with anyone in NAVSPEC, NSW or the community to my knowledge. No cool having us shot down so you can save the day ya dick.

    • Reality says:

      That’s not necessarily true. Refer to the MMA Hour when Seagal was on the show. Then check Ariel’s twitter from that timeframe. He’s into Seagal.

  8. Magog says:

    well not to nit pick,

    but the truth can be very disrespectful. ever try and tell a girl the truth? No go tell a girl the truth for 24 hours. And make sure you through in “no dis respect.”


  9. KPS says:

    I think that was brilliant dry humor. He stayed in character the whole time. “The honorable Sensai Segall,” LOL! The best is seeing Ariel talk to Devalued the same way. Ariel is making fun of Segall to his face in that interview, then even at the expense of other fighters (this Le here) just to continue the joke. I hate Helwani as a serious journalist, but this schtick is pretty good. That being said, if I’m way off and he really is on the level, then he should be banished from from all aspects MMA forever.

  10. Brend0magic says:

    Pure comedy from Ariel. Good shit. He was joking when he said Cung was being disrespectful people!

  11. B-rad says:

    Le’s right Steven Segal hasnt done shit to build MMA, that was the question and he answered it right…

  12. Mike b says:

    Respect to Cung for being a stand up guy.most fighters would say otherwise cause they don’t want no criticism.he spoke his mind and didn’t care what the fuck other people would think of him.ariel is a fuckin comedian now or what.

  13. GRT 3000 says:

    wtf was that?! sensei Steven Segal – Helwani hardly has his nose buried in sensei’s ars. I agree that big Steve has a lot more credentials as a martial artist than his shitty movies imply, but Cung is right…he didn’t contribute much to making MMA what it is today. no more than any other trainer.

  14. Peter Parker says:

    wow! helwani?!?! really? yeah, like others said in prior posts: “can you lick segal’s balls any harder?” damn….and then to say that you’re going to steer clear of that line of questioning because things will get awkward between you and cung le???!! really??!?!?! and call Le disrespectful??? excuse me, have you ever trained a day in your life in MMA??? instead of standing on the sidelines and offering commentary on a subject that you really know nothing about, tuck that giant Jew nose of yours in, pull up your panties, and put in the work…otherwise, don’t disrespect the rest of us who do train and know that it’s the real MMA fighters that have made the UFC what it is, not glorified movie stars, the upper brass in fancy suits, or weak ass media outlets/reporters (i.e. ariel helwani). ’nuff said.

  15. Dee says:

    So are we throwing professionalism out the window now ?

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