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Friday, 05/11/2012, 01:39 pm

Video | UFC 146 Dos Santos vs. Mir Extended Preview

UFC 146 Dos Santos vs. Mir extended preview.


17 Responses to “Video | UFC 146 Dos Santos vs. Mir Extended Preview”

  1. Dan ganir says:

    Whos the man???!! JDS!!!’ not!!’n Mir!!!

  2. Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

    First time JDS’s fist touches Mir’s chin the fight is over. I doubt this fight lasts much longer than Cain/JDS. Yes Mir will prob have a “Greg jackson esk” gamplan to run away and wait for JDS to get frustrated and Mir will dive for a leg. Everyone thought Cain was going to take JDS out and we all saw have that ended. Mir can’t beat Cain so his chances IMO are even less to beat JDS. I think the fan support for this fight is going to be really low and its not the UFC’s fault its Overeems fault. This coming from a big fan of Overeem. Any bets the Nevada Athletic commission doesn’t surprise test the biggest CHEATER in all MMA Sonnen or dana will make sure Sonnen knows in plenty of time. I heard if someone is taking large dosages of testosterone they can drink mass amounts of cocunut juice and some otehr things and it will amke results normal. I just think its unfair that only the heavyweights have been surprise tested. Maybe thats the mentality of these commission members that only the big boys JUICE. I’m sure Dana and all the UFC brass have put a mountain of pressure on the Commiosn to leave Sonnen alone because of the HUGE loss of revenue that Vegas will lose if the Silva/Sonnen rematch was to be screwed up by nailing Sonnen. I would bet every dime to my name that Sonnen is still training with massive levels of testosterone like he always has. Anyone who has been caught cheating should not be able to have a CHEATER CARD or TRT exemption. He has already showed the world by having a testosterone level of 3400 for a title fight that he couldn’t careless about the rules. Not to mention he’s been convicted FELONY FRAUD in a FEDERAL court. If all that doesn’t show someones TRUR charactor i don’t know does.

    • A.James says:

      Yup Sonnen is a piece of shit and Dana doesn’t care because he’s going to bring in the cash. The UFC doesn’t have too many interesting fights to offer this year.

  3. jrog says:

    JDS has the best boxing in MMA piriod. Good thing this isnt a boxing match Mir needs to get the clinch feed him knees and elbos take him down and pull off a limb.Sounds easy but we will see

  4. andy2311 says:

    I second jrog it’s mma not boxing Mir can take anyone out if it goes down his way

  5. Attention Whore says:

    I find it hysterical that people do not know how to spell and/or use proper grammar.

    • Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

      I find even more funny you even care about spelling and grammar on this site because its not the LA times for god sake. You sir are a spelling and grammar troll, GROW UP!!!

  6. 1 says:

    yeah seriously who gives a fuck about spelling u fuckin goofs who ever complains about that shit needs to get a life

  7. Brend0magic says:

    JDS has this unless Mir can get him down.

  8. Clay says:

    I think JDS via knockout will win in round 1. But JDS has had short time to train submission defense. He’s gotta bring it

  9. HBCsniper says:

    Why does everyone think that if Mir gets this to the ground he’ll pull of a sub or something!? He isn’t a world class BJJ guy, never was and never will be. JDS trains with some of the top BJJ guys in the world and has his brown belt. Mir got destroyed on points by Big Country a couple years at a grapplers quest! It won’t go to the ground but if it does JDS will be alright.

  10. stephen Riddle says:

    I think nick diaz has the best boxing in the game

  11. Sergio says:

    JDS has terrible spelling and grammar
    I believe Mir’s grammar will get him the W

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