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Thursday, 02/16/2012, 02:53 pm

Video| UFC 145 Pre-Fight Press Conference | Jones vs. Evans (Full Archive)

UFC 145 is set to go down from Atlanta’s Phillips Arena on April 21, in the main event light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones will attempt to defend his UFC title against bitter rival Rashad Evans.

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13 Responses to “Video| UFC 145 Pre-Fight Press Conference | Jones vs. Evans (Full Archive)”

  1. joegun says:

    i hope rashad knocks chicken legs out…even though rashad looked kinda rusty in the last one against davis i know his camp will work out the kinks and get him up to par vs. jones.. people talking about bones being a legend and the g.o.a.t.. if he beats rashad dramatically then i would @ least put him in the conversation.. but so far hes only beaten an out of shape shogun,a fading rampage,and a confused machida.. i think rashads is gonna where him out with the wrestling or catch him slipping for the k.o.

  2. danriverapv says:

    (like a gay guy) yeahh babby! 0:05.
    even when in the moment he sounds like a queer

  3. chrisk says:

    These guys pretend not to like each other. I wont put money on this fight but i’d bet they hug it out after the fight.

  4. chrisk says:

    Dana says Hendo needs 13 weeks to train… I think he means he needs 13 weeks to come of a TRT cycle

  5. Frekklz says:

    Blackzilians baby! haha that guy wouldn’t shut up.

  6. cody says:

    god i hope rashad can do it but jones always makes me eat my words

  7. slacker says:

    I hope Rashad humbles this guy. He is an incredibly skilled fighter, but his attitude has just gotten to be too much. I believe Rashad will give him his first take – down in the UFC.

  8. Night-Wind says:

    Jones got this, as always.

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