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Monday, 10/10/2011, 05:17 pm

VIDEO: UFC 137 Preview, Featuring Condit, GSP, Penn & Diaz


40 Responses to “VIDEO: UFC 137 Preview, Featuring Condit, GSP, Penn & Diaz”

  1. Lex w says:

    Bj smashes nick, gsp vs condit…. who cares

  2. JGrenke says:

    . . . fight fans.


    You might be underestimating Nicks work rate & cardio. Not to say BJ isn’t dangerous the entire fight but Nicks efficiency and willingness to stay in the pocket might pose a few problems for Baby J.

  4. jaime m says:

    BJ, I love you man, and would be rooting for you against any other fighter but diaz….. U all are my #1 and #2 fav fighters…. On a good note, you’re so lucky this isn’t a 5 rounder (which I think is bs btw and nick deserves this as champ….. You have a good shot at winning 2 out of 3, or at the very least 1 and 3 mins of the second with your wrestling…… But plain and simple, nick wins 9 times out of 10 in a 5 rounder…. I see a 3 rounder as a 50/50 so will be entertaining….. Regardless of what happens I hope they give nick gsp or Condit as his next match………… Btw… You guys (among others on my top fav fighters) are all TRUE inside the cage and out…. They don’t put up a front for the fans to get attention, they are just themselves, and that’s my fav characteristic in a fighter.. And the best thing… THEY DON’T BOW DOWN TO NOONE, EVEN IF YOU’RE DANA FUCKING WHITE!(Screw that guy).. Nick, Nate, BJ, Ortiz, Hendo,…… But I hate FAKES like Sonnen, Forrest Griffin, GSP, Amir, Barry……. Ok, rant off…

    • jaime m says:

      Oh, and can’t forget about Jon Jones and Rashad in my dislike list….

      • MMA All Day says:

        K, so you hate black fighters then, good stuff. When’s the next clan rally there jim-bob?

        • MMA I'm Gay says:

          you’re here too??? yaaaaaaahhhh !

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  5. White Lightning says:

    Gotta love the UFC production team, i was excited as hell for these fights as it is.. this video is icing on the cake (:

  6. MMA All Day says:

    GSP will hold Condit to the outside and out strike him – yawn. BJ Penn will come out like an animal and destroy Diaz.

  7. A-Stripes says:

    Thats kinda disrespecting BJ by showing BJ getting punched by GSP since BJ is also fighting that night.

  8. aaxantonio says:

    i cant see bj losing to nick diaz, bj has some heavy ass hands the stockton slap wont do shit to him and if bj wants he will take him down and submit him, i know diaz is a black belt but bj’s bjj is just ridiculous. im hoping condit knocks out gsp but unfortunately i dont see it happening, I expect a lay n pray decision win for gsp

    • Eduardo says:

      Are you serious? Nick Diaz has better boxing, a granite chin and is not only has a black belt, but has it under Cesar Gracie only 2 other men can say that. BJ Penn hasn’t submitted anyone in a long time, you know why? Because that rubber gaurd crap doesn’t work in MMA anymore. Nick Diaz bjj is much better adapted to MMA. Nick Diaz is going to tko BJ in the 2 round. 4 inch reach on him, he’ll be ripping the body shots. He’s taken hits from heavier hitters than BJ.

      • krafty11 says:

        Can Nick Diaz say he was the First non-Brazilian to win the gold medal in black belt division of the Mundial World Championships? or receive his Black belt in only 3 years? And by the way, look at Diaz’s opponents vs the guys BJ has faced in his career. I would have to say that BJ has fought much better competition.. And Diaz has better boxing?? Didnt Freddie Roach(who I think prob knows more about boxing than most people on here)say BJ had some of the best boxing in MMA?? Sure Nick Diaz is a great fighter, but come Oct 29th, we will see BJ’s hand raised as the winner of that fight.. for realz.. then you can rethink your statement…

  9. Ryan says:

    (Bruce Buffer after GSP vs Condit) – After 5 rounds of action, we go to the judges score cards……lol

  10. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Without Greg Jackson, GSP will finish this fight.

  11. tom mandich says:

    I always get a kick out of people on these sites.Most of them are not logical MMA minds.They just like their fighter like little kids and not really say much intelligent.Condit will knock Diaz out in the first! Stupid shit like that.6th grade man.

  12. Twayne says:



  13. Jrock says:

    Big gsp fan but at the end of this figt he’s going to figure out C

  14. PEPE says:

    BJ PENN V DIAZ Should be the main event, i love GSP but now he’s boring to watch

  15. MFbrian88 says:

    I want to see Condit KO GSP….blahhh we will see


    Nick will prove he is the best WW in the world after beating BJ then Condit.

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