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Thursday, 10/13/2011, 05:47 pm

VIDEO: UFC 137 Extended Preview


22 Responses to “VIDEO: UFC 137 Extended Preview”

  1. WarWest says:

    GSP should be called one of the p4p best point fighters in the world

    Diaz, Condit, and Penn, those are real killers

  2. tim says:

    Its strange.. but I dont care at all about the GSP fight… One thing that is true from Nick Diaz… is that GSP just bent over to Dana and didnt still demand to fight him. Regardless if diaz would lose to gsp or not… that was the fight we wanted to see. Bjpenn fighting diaz.. saved the card

    • JBJ sucks says:

      I so agree with you. I am sad to see this fight I love both Penn and Diaz, well if I had to pick it would be Penn as my favorite. Diaz vs GSP was much better than GSP vs Condit in my opinion. Plus I wanted to see put a whopping on Condit oh well I guess he will have to do it to Diaz now.

  3. Fortyb4five says:

    I want to say Carlos by ko but its hard to pick Gsp cause he dominates every time and proves me wrong.

    • Cheecho says:

      I think he’ll do the same again. There’s no question about GSP being a talented fighter, but I’d like to see him get in there and engage like he use to. Beating Condit by keeping him to the outside and winning off points is the prediction; and that likely to be the case makes the fight a bit boring to think about. Totally stoked about Penn and Diaz though. Penn is my fav. fighter so I’m behind him 100%. Go Penn!

      • BCel says:

        GSP is a different fighter ever since the Matt Serra KO, so now he is just one of the best guys who goes and sticks to his game plan, which is why he wins. I want Penn to win but will be sad for a Diaz loss because I really want to see a Diaz vs GSP fight, terrible swap of fights. Penn said he hasn’t reached his potential, no one will beat him if he does get there.

  4. e says:


  5. stonedtodeath says:

    I can’t wait. I hope Condit beats GSP!

  6. aaron freitas says:

    pierre light heavy weight fighting a bunch of welter weights

  7. Abuka says:

    I really want BJ to win any opponent he fights in MMA. But, BJ does not look as solid as usual, I hope he comes in good shape.

  8. Twayne says:



  9. And The Fighters I Think Will Win Are: says:

    1. GSP
    2. BJ
    3. Mitrione
    4. Big Country
    5. Hioki
    6. Cerrone
    7. Tyson
    8. Tavares
    9. Curan
    10. Vera
    11. Nijem
    12. Camozzi

    Good card from top to bottom.

  10. chon209 says:

    dont know if that shot with bj next to the punching bag was recent but if it is I am disappointed because I want to see them fight at there best, saw a recent pic of nick and he is in awsome shape….. its unusual to see nick not talking $h*t about his opponent but dont think he will hold back in the fight its going to be a classic

  11. Dosan says:

    I don’t even give a shit about the other fights. I’ll by the PPV just for 1 fight: Penn vs Diaz. Motherfuckin’ PRODIGY!!!!!!!!

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