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Wednesday, 10/05/2011, 09:00 am

VIDEO: UFC 136 Countdown Show (Full Episode)


12 Responses to “VIDEO: UFC 136 Countdown Show (Full Episode)”

    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      For a sec, I thought I was watching “jersey shore” not the UFC countdown! Dude all they were missing was “snooki”….freaking annoying show! LOL

  1. Sorry boys, but Sonnen v Stann will be the main event! I’m a fan of both, but I got the Chaelmonster FTW ..

  2. Kalaeboi! says:

    Damn Maynard, ever hear of a choke! U wouldnt be here now doing this fight…

  3. TheDeen says:

    i don’t understand how ppl just 4get that sonnen is a cheater. he cheated in the silva fight and still lost and he acts like he didn’t tap what ever…. dude is a dick for that. u tap thats it

  4. Eugene says:

    Seriously, Maynard makes an excellent point. Dropping a guy should count a lot more than a takedown or a slam that doesn’t lead anywhere. I like Edgar but this whole take down nonsense is stupid, box a little – take down – box – take down ad infinitum is boring and’s why no one thinks Jon Fitch is worth anything…take down, hump and pepper with love taps for 5 rounds?

    • chris says:

      agreed, since fighting started centuries ago, Gettin dropped was prob the best thing you could do!!! this was also the case in the Cruz v Faber fight, I thought faber shouldve won, but meh

  5. Jacob G says:

    i agree Chael is a cheater. Edgar is a peice of shit and he wouldve never been where he was if the judges knew wtf they were doing when he fought BJ Penn for the first time.

  6. Steven says:

    Edgars got this


    Chart gonna be a boring ass fight..

  8. fif son says:

    aldo is the man, he will smash florian, or anybody else who wants sum

  9. Hightimes99 says:

    haha Maynard has no friends

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