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Friday, 09/23/2011, 04:31 am

VIDEO: UFC 135 Pre Fight Interviews


12 Responses to “VIDEO: UFC 135 Pre Fight Interviews”

  1. TheDEEN88 says:

    Love bones but he seems a lil different the way he talks since got the belt, but maybe its all in my head.

    • Xaninho says:

      No you’re right he isn’t genuine …

      • jacob lee says:

        why dont ya’ll just chill. the man is young and still doesn’t know what to do with himself. He probably feels akward beating stephan bohner,ryan bader, and shogun so easy. people think he is cocky but he is just confident. They hate on him for the same reason they hate on every other champion….cuz he wins to much. i think he knows he can rule the division for a long time and probably wantsto be a jerk like rampage, and ortiz but he isdifferent than the other guys in his division. and as soonas he tries to stand up for himself beacause he is verbaly abused all the time, people wanna hate and call him cocky. but if it was someone else it would be differnt. i think he is legit, honest and genuine and the only reason it looks like he is changing is because we didn’t really know him until he became in the mix. know hes hounded by the media and tells it like it is, he hasn’t changed he is the sam guy.

        • chris says:

          they should just chill? your the one typing the big ass paragraph hahahaah!

        • Xaninho says:

          I think very high of champion Anderson Silva…I think he’s winning alot right? Cain Velazquez is another one I like and don’t hate on. Also a winner right? Jose Aldo another one, and the list goes on….

          It has nothing to do with whether a fighter is winning everything or not. It’s about attitude…I mean JDS is such a nice, respectful and humble guy..I know he isn’t a champion (yet) but damn that Jon Jones can learn a few things about being a beast in the cage and a nice humanbeing outside of it….

        • rebel213 says:

          homie you dont even know wtf ur talking about!! so shut the fuck up……

  2. jimmyslicks says:

    lol That’s gonna be a hilarious shopping trip if Browne and Rampage win

  3. shoe says:

    cocky confindent scared or gay who cares, aren’t we all here just to see a fight?

  4. CHART...the faggot says:

    arieal is prob one of the best. anyone would have a hard time interviewing rampage. lmao at when rampage bridged to the other camera men

  5. Bobby says:

    Anyone else notice Rampage’s right eye?

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