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Sunday, 09/25/2011, 11:50 am

VIDEO: UFC 135 Post Fight Interviews


31 Responses to “VIDEO: UFC 135 Post Fight Interviews”

  1. Pete says:

    Seagal is a pathological liar, easier to confirm. Why give this legend in his own mind five seconds?

    Especially, why defer to him like he is some kind of big deal in this interview? Pathetic.

  2. Dan says:

    hhhhhaaa haha i think Seagal is funny guy

  3. james says:

    rampage and ariel = awkward and awesome at the same time

  4. Isaiah D says:

    Ariel seemed to take it personal and a bit serious when Rampage brought up the name frank as the person he was with. Is he gay or maybe hes with a fertitta. That would explain how hes the only one who gets the inside scoop.

  5. H S M says:

    Quinton looks like a metro now with that big gash/stitches over his left eye !!! haha

  6. JAT says:

    jews and blacks gotta stick together! hahahaha that shits comical lol

  7. Ben says:

    I would love to see seagal fight.. Training and being in a actual fight is 2 completely different things.

  8. Kaja says:

    I gotta say, Rampage is funnier than I thought. Even after the loss, he’s got class and a sense of humor. I hope he’s successful in getting that belt back one day!

  9. Creature says:

    Fucking Seagal needs to just stop talking.. Or Joe Rogan needs to crack him in the mouth and shut him up lol

  10. DMG777 says:


    • krafty11 says:

      really?? even with a brown belt in BJJ, and Seagal being a geriatric, he still couldnt handle Seagal.. He might be old and out of shape, but Seagal is no joke… Rogans only hope would be for Seagal to gas out, which could be a real possibilty. lolz..

  11. jacob lee says:

    Well looks like jones proved once again he isnt all hype. He also proved is humble and respectful. i can’t wait to see what skumbag calls him cocky next. I see Jon Jones destroying rashad. Machida hasnthe skills to bneat him or at least make it an exciting fight. But I would love to see Chael Sonnen take on jones, because he will walk through all jones strikes like he did silva’s and try to wrestle with jones. As long as he takes his “testosterone” he should be ok (wink wink). I hate when people bring up the Jones Silva match, it is such an easy fight for jones. Jones has the striking of Anderson, and a phenominal wrestling background…..easy win.

    • CL0 says:

      Easy win against Anderson? Your high right? First of all Jones’ performance against Rampage really wasn’t all that impressive. Rampage had very good head movement in this match(I think it’s safe to say Anderson has 5 times better head movement) and when Jones missed a shot he either found himself racing across the ring or clinching because he did not want to get hit. If you watch the fight he landed more kicks than punches. His reach was the story of the fight, and Rampage stuffed more takedowns then anybody ever has against him. Jones has nowhere near the striking that Anderson has. His kicks are on point but still need work and his hands need alot of work if he even wants to think about hanging with Anderson in the striking. Not to mention if you really compare there standup game Anderson is alot faster. I mean you don’t drop guys with jabs for no reason. Anderson displayed just that on the griffin and okami fight. Don’t get me wrong, Jones is a talented guy and maybe one day he does surpass Anderson but to say its an easy win is a bit foolish on your part. Why don’t you go watch some more fights and really compare there standup. As for his wrestling yahh it MAY BE be an advantage, but with submission victories over guys like hendo and sonnen on TRT, I don’t think Anderson would be too worried about his ground game. Not to mention his black belt from the Noguiera bros. Why don’t we wait until Jones builds a resume somewhere near Anderson’s. Then maybe we can go about making foolish statements like its an “easy win” for Jones.

  12. Michael Williams says:

    I never saw Jones loosing this fight and it shows he’s a class above anyone at LHW. I think fighing Rashad will have the same outcome, I want to see him and Machida.That would be an interesting fight becasue Machida is very elusive and good on the outside. Still back Jones to win but woulc make a good fight. Rampage is still class and a very funny guy. Maybe when Jones get bored of beating on all the other contenders Dana will make him bulk up and step up to HW to fight…

  13. Jmad says:

    Jones is good but would not easily beat Silva, that is stupid. And how about that fight between Ben Rothwell and Mark Hunt. That was pretty funny when Rothwell just went to the corner and leaned over with his hands on his knees, resting. Then Mark Hunt slowly walks over to kick him in the face. lol. They must not have been ready for that altitude.

  14. bdizz says:

    Rampage is so funny…

  15. MFbrian88 says:

    “Jon is kinda a friend…” Idiot….

  16. jacob lee says:

    Ok Anderson does have better movement but my personal opinion is some of the things he pulls off in fights is pure luck……but now that i think bout it jones will need a fight or two more before he fights silva. His speed and ju jitsu might need some tightening up as well….but i still would bet on jones.

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