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Monday, 09/19/2011, 03:39 pm


VIDEO: UFC 135 Extended Preview


6 Comments to VIDEO: UFC 135 Extended Preview

  1. mpage says:

    @24 sec into the vide they replaced deigo sanchez’s name with josh koshcheck

    • CALI says:

      lol good catch. That was some poor editing, it stuck out like koscheck’s wig. Joe Rogan must’ve been shooting some more FearFactor episodes and couldn’t come in for a re-shoot.

  2. jonesinagain says:

    @ 6:11 Koscheck is hittin’ pads with an 8 year old!

  3. JOSH C says:

    @6.23 dana white says that koscheck is never been in a boring fight. obviously dana was talking bout diego or that dana has never seen the TUF #1 or the daley fight, or the GSP fight or many other koscheck fights

  4. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Hughes is a smart dude not fighting Koscheck’s fight. My heart wants him and Rampage to win their events. My head says differently….

  5. jacob lee says:

    Jones has the striking, grappling, and cardio advantage. Fighting Rampage is like fighting a street fighter. And Matt Hughes will treat Koscheck like Frank Trigg.

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