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Thursday, 09/26/2013, 09:55 am

VIDEO | TUF Replay: Assistant Coaches Square Off

The gym erupts as opposing assistant coaches head to the Octagon to sort out their differences., however, cooler heads prevail.


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  1. why says:

    wow I can honestly say I don’t like Rhonda or her head coach they look like and act like such jerks and are so full of themselves.

  2. squid says:

    haha ronda’s a bitch. dennis hallman would wipe the floor with no-name assistant coach.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      100% who the fu$k is that guy anyway, her striking coach?!? FYI her striking sucks, even on promos she throws punches like she’s never hit anyone before.

      I was even rooting for Carraway last week! Yeah I just said it I would rooting for Bryan Carraway…

  3. slip slap says:

    Who would have thought… Roussey is actually a mentally unstable, grumpy, unpleasant biarch.

    No class.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      Dude, she’s bat shit crazy, I think she seriously might be bipolar.

      The UFC have helped build and protect her image even sort of making Tate out to be the bad girl, except Tate seems like genuinely nice person and Ronda belongs in therapy.

  4. Matt Hudson says:

    I really like Ronda but honestly I can’t stand how she is on this show.

  5. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Bahahahahah Ronda is so fucking crazy and stupid. Her coach is the one start all this fucking bullshit; Hallman comes in and is treated with hostility… Treat a fighter with hostility – see what happens? Ronda can barely fucking stand someone sniffing her air without trying to act tough.

  6. Rhonda Sucks says:

    I fucking hate this bitch with a passion…

    what a horrible human being… :(

    Her and her whole crew are just douche bags to the max… they should team up with Jon Jones and create a DBag awards.

  7. Tomiomio says:

    Man, Ronda is mental. I used to like her but now I want to see her lose.

  8. ron says:

    ronda’s assistant coach is an idiot. who is that camel jock looking guy anyways. fcukr likes to challenge opposing coaches, then uses the excuse “oh i can’t. i’m gonna get kicked out of the show. he and ronda just need to stfu.

  9. mark says:

    Ronda’s mother would submit that Hallman. Hallman did what again? The reason Rousey comes across arrogant is that she has a solid martial art background, whereas Tate and Hallman learned bits and pieces. Rousey knows this. Rousey has accomplished far more than both of them combined. Rousey told it straight. If Hallman was a real man he wouldn’t call someone out on a show when he knows full well fighting outside the ring is automatic removal from the competition. Hallman still touts his high school wrestling and the dude is 37. what does that tell you? Rousey plays psychological games with her opponents and she does it well. Playing into it lets her know what you are all about. And, Edmond, her assistant coach, has a solid boxing and Muay Thai background. I’ve seen the guy fight a few times many years back. He is solid and would be a handful for Hallman. Edmond is very technical and knows how to box for real, not the stuff that most MMA people call boxing.

    • Big Daddy says:

      Rhonda’s mother would either be out cold or writhing on the mat in agony after the first punch/kick from Hallman, mate! Hallman is an experienced and active MMA fighter, and show or no show, he does not need to take shit from some moron who is disrespecting him and just looking to stir up trouble to get his fucking ugly mug on TV.

      And Edmond has a “solid” background does he, LOL? If he is such a solid and experienced martial arts practioner, then why is he harassing Team Tate and acting like a spoilt brat on every episode? Ill tell you why, bc he has just as big a chip on his shoulder as Rousey does.

      FYI, James Toney knows how to “box for real” too, and we all know how long he lasted!

      I cant wait to see them both taught a lesson!

  10. To Ronda... says:

    We all know that even if they say “nah, I don’t read reviews on my fights, I don’t pay attention to what people say..” ..they do read the comments, the do get it,.they know when people dislike them. .that being said..just like any other ‘one-trick pony’ you will be forgotten, even more, you will be disliked not only for the classless way you carry yourself, but for the constant display of lack of personality, what an unpleasant person to watch.

  11. Corey says:

    I love how he goes from want to go to you know this is gonna get me kicked off the show… tough guy till the guys agrees and then immediately has an excuse bahahahahahahahaha

  12. Dddddddddd says:

    Wow. Way worse than I thought and I thought she was retarded.

  13. 757 says:

    Agreed she is an idiot…wow what a bitch

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