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Monday, 07/09/2012, 02:11 am

Video | Tito Ortiz Hall of Fame Induction | UFC News

Tito Ortiz is inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame Saturday at the UFC Fan Expo before his final fight at UFC 148.


8 Responses to “Video | Tito Ortiz Hall of Fame Induction | UFC News”

  1. 757 says:

    Thank God Tito is done …He did allot in the sport and bla bla bla,,,,His problem is he is still that attention craving cry baby. CYA later! You are a legend in your own mind!!

    • Badboykilla says:

      Tito did do a lot for the sport, he was the face when zuffa purchased the UFC. Yeah his skills were not the greatest when the sport started evolving but he was the person everyone talked about in the beginning. So yes he does have his place in history. As for attention grabbing who wouldn’t want it, the more people know you the more $ you make, simple,

    • Mike b says:

      a lot of people don’t like Tito so I understand ur point but the guy is a legend and deserves respect bro….

  2. Xaninho says:

    He did have a role in MMA, but damn the postfight press conference he was annoying. I thought he’d start crying at one point.

  3. m says:

    surprised he never fought rampage. would have been a good matchup

  4. Dean says:

    anderson, gsp, bj, forrrest, mir, nog, vitor, rampage, shogun, rashad, and hendo are all future hall of famers imo. frank shamrock should be in the hall of fame.

    • DP713 says:

      Don Frye, Macro Ruas, Bas Rutten and Pedro Rizzo deserve a spot in as well as those guys you named. Its a shame Frank Shamrock will not be in while dana white has his finger in the pot.

  5. the Natural says:

    ThAnx dean but wrong!!

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