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Tuesday, 07/17/2012, 09:15 am

VIDEO | Tito Ortiz Goes On Rant About TRT In MMA – Unhappy With Griffin’s Use | UFC NEWS

“[MMA] has come so far in such a short amount of time, I hope this doesn’t happen to become an epidemic. What type of message are we trying to send to the youths that are watching our sport? This is the same thing we’ve been trying to stop from happening. And all of a sudden, in the last six months it’s legal to do? You’re allowed to be 6 times over average? Since day one that I’ve been competing in the last 15 years, I’ve always been on an even field. Now other fighters can be on a higher [field], 6 times more than the average person. But I think we’re sending the wrong message to the fans and the kids that want to be UFC fighters or Mixed Martial Arts fighters.”

Tito Ortiz is not pleased that Forrest Griffin was using TRT before “The People’s Champ’s” retirement fight. Here he lets Inside MMA know how he feels about the upward trend in TRT use.


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