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Saturday, 07/28/2012, 05:20 am

VIDEO | Tito Ortiz Calls Forrest Griffin A Terrible Role Model Following TRT Exemption | UFC NEWS

“I think the sport has gone so far with mixed martial arts that we try to do a good example for kids and for fans in general to watch this sport of mixed martial arts. For Forrest to be able to use testosterone, you look at professional baseball, you got Barry Bonds and all the guys in baseball that were looked down upon and are now allowed into the Hall of Fame because of it. Guys in our sport are allowed to do it and I don’t understand the reasoning behind it. I don’t think it’s showing a good light on us athletes who have worked so hard to get the sport where it is today. I don’t know about the win overturned because he let them know that he was doing it, but, I don’t think it’s a good thing that we show our kids as athletes, you know what I mean? Setting a good example is doing the right things, and that is being drug free and showing what a person’s body can really do.”


26 Responses to “VIDEO | Tito Ortiz Calls Forrest Griffin A Terrible Role Model Following TRT Exemption | UFC NEWS”

  1. Quitcrying says:

    Too late Tito, pretend like you care about something else.

    • Bob says:

      LOL terrible role model?? Yes TRT is crossing the line but Tito forgot hes wife fucked over a million guys and was a porn star for a while.. How the hell is Tito going to talk when he has kids to a popular whore??

      Tito make sure your nose is clean before you open your mouth big headed over rated faggot

  2. Quitcrying says:

    HAh how about a role model who has nothing but excuses when he loses. It was always an injury with Tito. How about you set a good example and go into a fight at 100% and win. Only former champ to lose to body shots on his back

  3. AJ says:

    you two are little fairies, tito has turned into a better person over the last few years. an actual role model, and you two dipshits probably still live at home with mom. go fuck yourselves.

  4. A.James says:

    Tito got ripped off. It is what it is. Let’s move forward.

    • danielrchargers says:

      tito threw two punches.
      and could not finish.

      dont get me wrong Forrest did not look good either, but no way in fucking hell can you win from throwing two punches. what the fuck.

  5. Whatever says:

    Tito is the last person to be talking about being a role model with his home life. The reason everyone looked down on baseball players is because they were juicing beyond the normal limit. You don’t see Forrest walking around with 20′ arms. TRT is doing nothing but putting your 25 year old body into you 35 year old body. If this is wrong then we should ban the guys who are lucky enough that there body hasn’t slowed down in making Test. We all talk about wanting to see the best fighter fight the best but sometimes age dosent let us see those fights because they were born in diff decades. Now we might be able to see the 37 year old champ take on the rising 25 year old stare and not worry about him being to slow. TRT is not cheating if you are at a normal leave it’s like saying you shouldn’t drink shakes because it’s adding to your body.

    • Matt says:

      Your argument is absurd. So based on your logic, then a 35 yr old fighter whose muscles don’t respond to training the way they did when he was 25 should be able to take steroids right? All in the name of making the fight happen for the fans right? A fighter’s ability to fight at an older age without substances and still win should be a testament to their greatness as a fighter – it should be considered another elite attribute.

    • Rob sansoo says:

      Whatever must be real old lol

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Yeah right protein shakes are same as STEROIDS. TRT IS ANABOLIC STEROIDS plain and simple ask any doctor. trust me when i tell you TRT makes a 50 year old feel 25 again and makes you intoabetter athlete than your body could have ever done in 10 lifetimes. I swear to you on my mothers grave TRT makes you into superman compared to before TRT. The results are so friggen fast and keep in mind MOST OLDER men in late 4’s, 50’s who are on LEGIT TRT are taking at least 10 times LESS than what Sonnen, Nate THE CHEAT, Hallman, 20 others are. They are shooting up 200 MG twice a week where as LEGIT men on TRT are taking 100MG of less amonth and it would blow your mind on how friggen strong and ripped you get within ONE month. I can’t even firiggen imagine me at 50 taking anywhere near what these 30 year olds in UFC are. Its already scary just taking100mg a month. my sex life is off the charts even better than when i was 25 so all you who know nothing about TRT can sit here all day and say it doesn’t help 30 year olds in ufc when i know for a FACT it makes you SUPERHUMAN strong and not big muscles just ripped

  6. Balls McGee says:

    Bad examples for kids? How about your wife takes dicks to the face for a living, good example?

  7. Mark Munoz is a joke says:

    Tito isn’t even a has been … He’s a never was

  8. Drew says:

    Fuck Forrest he was an ex piggy anyway he is a straight up tool

  9. maurice says:

    i said it once and ill say it again, this site has went down the drain big time. all the good ppl that used to be on this site are all replaced by trolls who for sum reason choose to bash a man for trying to clean the sport. who give a fuck if tito made excuses and blah blah blah after fights. his fight to clean up the sport is so far beyond that other stuff. and for the record i dont like tito never have. i enjoyed his win over bader tho, that win really helped put tito at ease. and tito got robbed against forrest. even when tito was gassed, he was still landing cleaner and harder shots. forrest best success came in the last 3 mins of the 3rd round.

  10. Nick says:

    Yeah I’m not gonna talk about his wife. That’s a cheap shot. But for real, he lost that fight.

  11. slacker says:

    Yeah, he did lose, although in impressive fashion. Those 2 knock – downs looked pretty good!

  12. Specylady says:

    DUDE!!! you fucking beat your wife….why are you even talking. How many times have you been arrested for assault?

  13. Benster says:

    Tito seriously needs to shut up and “Move on” like he said he was gonna do right after the Forrest fight but no instead he continues to talk about Forrest this and Forrest that. Shut up and go away you big cry baby.

  14. BRobs007 says:

    I guess beating your ex-pornstar wife is much more “child friendly” than TRT…

  15. Tony Nolan says:

    trt should b banned 100% . so wat if another person has a little more testosterone than another fighter . deal with it

  16. Mike cannon jr. says:

    Tito won that fight…….forrest knew….thats why he left the cage……..and we all fuqn know it…..all u tuff….groupies….sicken me……u all suck….and have the same ammount of mma knowledge….as the normal..wwe idiot…..

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